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    chowchow na mataray... si minkie

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    two golden retrievers, linus and bo
    a siberian husky named max

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    I have 2 Jap Spitz and a Pomeranian! Luv em!

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    mine's a japanese spitz named Pam

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    Alam mo NA!!! :-p EcKo_01's Avatar
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    Cuenca, Batangas

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    I have a pitbull named Meatball!

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    a pitbull crossed with a shitshu named bull-****

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    I have three jap spitz(es?? ) and one dachsund. Grabe. Super kooolit noong dachsund. Unlike the japanese spitz na kuntento na naka higa all day, yung dachsund dapat may kinakalikot. Ang gulo gulo tuloy ng bahay namin parati.

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    my last dog was Shih Tzu... maybe I'll get one again soon

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    Tragically Beautiful HiPPiEcHiC's Avatar
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    ChowChow Dogg! Here's my *BaBy*

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    Me pug kami that give's litter to 6 cute puppies share ko lang pics nila . Pug breed are the best for me friendly active and smart would you believe di pasya nagagalit kahit minsan wala kasing temperental side and pugs toy breed kasi. Her name is Dapne.

    Pictures for sharing
    Information on pugs

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    *crossbreed ng jap spitz and poodle name nia moi moi...yung sister nia nsa baby ko! name nmn nun mai mai

    *yung isa nmn dalmatian name nia dalmasyo! hek hek wala n *** maicip name e!

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    Doberman, German Shep, Dachshund, Am Cocker Spaniel, Jap Spitz, Labrador, Dalmatian, some askals too. Care for a trade anyone? I'll have some Dachshund pups after 1 month and some **** Spaniel in 2-3 months.

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    I have a Pomeranian and a German Shepherd. I used to have a Tibetan Terrier pero she died of poisoning.

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    halong japanese spitz chaka pekenese.. tama ba spelling sorry.

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    i have two... si Nero na true-blue askal at si Duday na isang poodle

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    askals na siyempre.. may halong breed ni snoopy at breed ni beethoven

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    3 Chinese Shar Peis - Happy, Lucky and Beauty. Their mom was our pet too, but she died a few years back . May kapatid rin sila, pinamigay namin sa mga pinsan namin.

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    <~Carry!ng On~>
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    a Lab named Deedee and a poodle named Potter

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