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    ♥Be Careful with my Heart Thread 10:Ser Chief & Maya's Wine☺You were amazing tonight♥


    The Phenomenon that is ‘Be Careful With My Heart’
    By Kristhoff Cagape on March 6, 2013

    When in Manila, noontime viewing has never been the same since ‘Sir Chief” (Richard Yap) and ‘Maya’ (Jodie Sta. Maria) of ‘Be Careful with My Heart’ hit our TV screens and swoon us over their charming chemistry! They have truly revolutionized our TV viewing experience. This cute love story of a housekeeper who’s been crushing over his boss has dominated the hearts of the many and exploded into an unprecedented massive phenomenon!

    During the show’s recent presscon in ABS-CBN, Jodie Sta. Maria and Richard Yap have expressed how overwhelming the support is that’s been pouring in for the show. “Nakakatuwa na maraming naiinspire. At naiinsipire din kami na bigyan sila ng mas maraming kilig moments tuwing umaga,” Jodie commented. “Overwhelmed kami sa support. It makes us happy to see them happy. It gives us a better reason to do a better show,” Richard added.

    The two lead stars never expected that the show will received such an astounding support and recognition. The daytime teleserye enjoyed high TV ratings nationwide that are comparable to primetime shows. Its soundtrack scored a gold status. Also, the show has become a daily hot topic on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. The show is the most viewed program as well on the video-on-demand site iWantTV with more than 25 million page views. It also gained 3.2 million page views as of January 2013 in the ‘The Filipino Channel” (TFC). It was also listed as one of the finalists in the prestigious New York Festivals.

    On what they think is the reason why the show has hit big, Jodie said, “With the other series, karamihan heavy drama. So I think the viewers also wanted something new from ABS-CBN. Habang nagflood ang television ng heavy drama, dumating ang isang serye na binigyan ang mga tao ng kilig at katatawanan.” Richard, popularly known as “Sir Chief” commented, “I think it is the product itself. I think we’ve come out with a story that’s very sincere, full of love and inspiration. The sincerity of the story itself draws the viewers.”

    Moreover, it’s not only the fresh concept or the cute love story that draws many folks to this show. This TV series is such a feel-good one that it radiates the necessary vabriance and positivity that the viewers need. Aside from optimism, it is commendable how the show radiates good values that people can learn from. Jodie herself learns a lots from her role, “I am learning a lot from my character. I am inspired by her. Happy po ako na gumanap sa role ni Maya dela Rosa.”

    ‘Be Careful My Heart’ has also secured Richard Yap’s name in the roster of the most popular show business actors today, though he never foreseen that he will be as famous as he is today. “I thought ‘Binondo Girl’ (his former teleserye) was a one time thing. It took some convincing to continue on this path.” Now that he is the famous “Sir Chief”, the actor still remains the person that he is before, “It doesn’t really affect me. I just try to do my best. I don’t take it all in because those things disappear.”

    This year, to give back and to be closer to all of the Filipinos who have supported them and the show, Richard, Jodie and the whole team of ‘BCWMH’ will be on a world tour! The cast will fly to the Middle East in March, USA and Canada in May, Europe in August, and Japan in November.

    “Be Careful with My Heart” has truly captured the hearts of the many Filipinos here and around the globe. It has truly spark a new kind of movement in the local entertainment scene. As they reap all the successes, the cast is very thankful for the outpouring support and promises that they will continually make us fall head over heels on TV or in their soon-to-be world tour!

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    Congratulations sa BCWMH! Ang galing - dami na nilang recognition...

    Ang aming tagumpay ay tagumpay ng bawat Kapamilya!

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    March 11 and 12, 2013

    Total Philippines (Urban + Rural)
    Source: Kantar Media / TNS

    11 March 2013 Comparative Total Philippines (Urban+ Rural) RatingsData:
    ABS-CBN vs. GMA7 and TV5

    12 March 2013 Comparative Total Philippines (Urban+ Rural) RatingsData: ABS-CBN vs. GMA7 and TV5

    trending sa twitter!☺

    march 12

    march 13

    more than 12mn viewers in views in iwantv last march 12!☺

    Guess which teaser hits a 100k in just a few days and finally passed Rafi's dress teaser
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    Be Careful
    with My Heart Official Soundtrack NOW GOLD RECORD NA!

    Soundtrack 2 coming soon!!!

    Be Careful
    with My Heart DVDs Vol.1 to 10 available at Astrovision, Odyssey & other record bars!!!


    Special video message from Maya!! Manood daw tayo ng new movie niya na Aparisyon, showing in Metro Manila and Cebu cinemas starting Wednesday, March 20. Kakapanalo lang sa French film festival. For updated list of list of theaters, visit www.aparisyonmovie.com. See JODI transform from Maya to madre!



    (c) Mama_Francia
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    Starring: Jodi Sta. Maria as Maya dela Rosa

    Richard Yap as Ricardo Lim/Sir Chief


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    Also Starring

    The Lim Siblings

    Jerome Ponce as Luke

    Janella Salvador as Nikki

    Mutya Orquia as Abby

    The Dela Rosa Family

    Aiza Seguerra as Kute/Cristina Rose dela Rosa

    Sylvia Sanchez as Teresita dela Rosa
    Divina Valencia as Mamang

    JM Ibanez as Cho/Pocholo

    The Lim Household Helpers

    Gloria Sevilla as Manang Fe

    Micah Munoz as Joma
    Tart Carlos as Doris
    Viveka Ravanes as Sabel

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    Supporting Casts

    Marlo Mortel as Niccolo

    Claire Ruiz as Joey

    Marc Carlos De Leon as Inigo

    Paul Jake Castillo as Simon
    Kalila Aguilos as Liza

    Ya Chang as Engineer Yamaguchi
    Nathan Lopez as Emman

    Special Participation

    Tom Rodriguez as Jeff D. Macavinta/Papa Pards

    Vandolph Quizon as Lino

    Maricar Reyes as Rafi Agustin

    Cris Villanueva as Ryan Molino






    joma-liza (JOZA)

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    Credits to: skitbook

    The Prom Night!♥

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    After the kiss...


    Seir Chief:

    Quote Originally Posted by beppu10 View Post

    Anxious Maya
    Brooded, blundered as she
    Came up with fake alibis to
    Deny Sir Chief of her presence.
    Emergency, my foot! She
    Fled as fast as she can, poor Sir Chief who
    Gave a lot of thought to
    His perfume.
    I feel for him this time, but cut to
    Jeff being the man to
    Kute…I miss you both in my screen!
    Luke and Nikki, cute as always; but
    Manang Fe, ever-the keenest
    Noted the flustered Princess,
    Observed how happy our King was since
    Prom night, where Maya looked like a
    Queen (by Abby’s take) and
    Richard re-defined
    Surprise to greater heights!
    Tulaley Maya was
    Up until she got home, still
    Visually perplexed…but alas, Sir Chief called,
    With all the “whys” to ask, ends our viewing pleasure by:
    “Iniiwasan mo ba ko?”
    XOXOXO (hug and kisses) is already near, methinks, so
    You two, just date, get married and bring on the

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    ♥Official list of Members in Kapit Bisig University (feel free to add youselves)♥

    ♥Mga Opisyal na KBU Tambayan (KBU Annex? haha!)♥

    Excess Baggage

    KBUpexedition on Chwirrer
    followed by our dear Mahal na Hari & Mahal na Prinsesa!♥♥♥
    Ms. Jodi Sta. Maria

    her posts in pinoyexchange!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Simoune_Renee View Post
    I would like to thank all of you for the love and support you've given and continue to give our show BCWMH. It really means a lot to me. To my #KBU family, #Jodinatics, and #Mayanatics you guys are my inspiration Wag kayong magsasawa na suportahan po kaming lahat sa show. If you want to know more about me kindly visit my website www.jodistamaria.com also you can follow me on ig and twitter @jodistamaria love you all!! Kapit bisig!
    Quote Originally Posted by Simoune_Renee View Post
    Dont worry i'll drop by this thread once in a while para kamustahin lahat kayo. Nakakatuwang basahin ang mga comments ninyo. Maraming salamat talaga
    Quote Originally Posted by Simoune_Renee View Post
    Hello KBU students Pls grab a copy of Preview Magazine March issue yours truly is on the cover. Thank you. - Jodi
    Mr.Richard Yap


    Ang Wonderland ni Gorgeous Geek (napaka AYUS ng videos mo kapatid! )

    Kapit Bisig University: PEX Edition on Facebook

    Quote Originally Posted by lycheecandy View Post

    Hello KaBisyU!

    For those who are interested in the tshirt, just PM me (lycheecandy) or CE (czycee)

    For other details you can visit our KBU students FB page..


    a message from doris& sabel to kbu

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    Everyone is welcome to post your opinions, pictures, videos and updates on their mall tours. There are no rules in posting but only, avoid such offensive remarks.

    Any suggestions/opinions for the show's improvement are most welcome. Even Fanfics, stories can be shared thru Excess Baggage. Who knows, Writers of the show are lurking or even posting on this thread.

    notice lang pala sa mga bagong dating naming mga kakosa (late enrollees / passengers)

    mga KaBisYu, huwag namang senti 'pag hindi kaagad na pansin ng mga kabisigers, kakosa, kaadikan, KaBisYuhan.. At kung anu-ano pa man... isa lang ang nasisiguro namin... welcome lahat dito... walang halang na bituka rito ... kahit magka ubusan na ng buhok sa pagsasabunutan dito, tuloy pa rin ang hithitan ... go lang ng go rito ... rest assured lahat dito ay masayang masaya na marami ang nag-e-enroll, mapapatumbling pa nga sa kaligayahan ... 'di man maka react sa agad-agad sa mga saloobin ng inyong puso ...ang suporta ay buong-buo... kaya, ano pa ang hinihintay niyo? pasok na ... huwag diyang umistambay sa pakpak ... mabibingi kayo diyan...

    Enjoy and Kapit Bisig Lang!

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    Ser Chief’s Top ‘Dumada-Moves’ Lines To Maya
    By: Rowena Joy A. Sanchez
    Published: March 16, 2013

    It’s getting pretty obvious: the “Mahal na Hari” is falling for the “Mahal na Prinsesa,” slowly but surely.

    Viewers have gotten all the more hooked on ABS-CBN’s daytime kilig-serye “Be Careful With My Heart,” with its feel-good, value-laden story and lovable characters. If you have not joined the bandwagon, these “kilig” lines that Ser Chief has been dishing out to Maya just might inspire you to do so. (And for the fans, indulge. There’s no harm getting into another “kilig” comatose with these memorable lines):

    Giving Maya an optimistic boost over her “terror” teacher Ms. Belmonte:

    “Don’t worry about your instructor, she’ll like you. (Abby, whispering, ‘Just like daddy?’) Yes baby, that’s right. (Maya, interjecting, ‘Ano po ‘yun, Ser Chief?’) You won me over… She’ll like you, gaya ko.”

    During one of their COCOL (coffee-coffee lang) sessions at the mansion’s veranda:

    “You’re beautiful Maya. Yes, inside and out. You’re a rare find.”

    On celebrating Valentine’s Day:

    “If I were to have a Valentine’s date, gagawin ko sa bahay. Mas intimate, mas relaxed. You don’t need a special day to show someone you love them, Maya. Every day is an occasion to show them that mahal mo sila, ’di ba?”

    While waiting for take-out order at the restaurant with Maya on Valentine’s Day:

    “You’re smiling like you’re on a date, too. I mean, this isn’t a date, right? Kasi kung date ’to you should have flowers. (Maya was holding the rose he gave her.) I mean, dapat sunduin ka… Sa bahay. (He did pick her up from the training school.) Dapat may chocolates… May chocolates din. (He later on handed her the complimentary chocolate from the restaurant).

    Inside his car, after Maya almost offered the chocolates he gave her to a girl begging for alms:

    “When someone gives you something, you don’t give it away.”

    On dating Maya:

    “Kanina pa tayo napagkakamalang nagde-date. So, might as well, right? Friends’ date. Happy Valentine’s Day, Maya.”

    While talking to his best friend Rafi after the “date” with Maya:

    (Rafi says, “Chard, you hate Valentine’s Day!”) “Not today.”

    Upon seeing Maya in her Audrey Hepburn-inspired ensemble at the prom:

    “Wow. (Maya coyly replied, ‘Nadala lang po ng damit.’) No, it’s you.”

    In explaining to Maya why he doesn’t want his daughter Nikki to befriend other guys for now:

    “A girl and a guy can’t remain friends forever. Lalo na ’pag single sila at nagiging close… Hindi mo naman tayo puwedeng i-compare kay Nikki. Iba tayo eh.”

    A random request to Maya, during prom night:

    “Can you drop the ‘po’ and ‘opo’? You don’t work for me anymore. Pumayag na nga ako sa Ser Chief mo eh.”

    In convincing Maya she’s attractive (during prom night):

    “Why is it so hard for you to believe that you look great? If I didn’t know you or if this was the first time I met you, I’d say you’re a very attractive woman.”


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    Woooohooooo, lasingan na tayo sa wine ni Maya at Ser Chief! Partey partey na mga classmates... Ang confetti, isaboy ng muli....

    Sinong may hawak ng susi ng elevator sa balur ni Emman? Pakilock na po para dumiretso na dito sa party ang mga classmates natin....

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    hello kaway kaway sa bagong bahay

    ang saya naman pang 10 na thread na pala

    maraming salamat sa bagong bahay ate suzie ,,ganda2

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    hello everyone, welcome sa new haus natin

    (gifs credit right owner, credit as tagged)

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    bago pa maiwan sa kabila 'to.



    What : Kapit Bisig University Students Students' Assembly!
    When : April 28, 2013
    Where: No exact location for now but preferably around Quezon City area only.
    Time : 5 pm to 8 or 9 pm

    *PLEASE only those who are SURE to come/join the event can fill up their name.
    (We will be having exact head count.)
    *KBU shirt is strictly a requirement.
    *There will be some sharing/contribution for food and other expenses.
    (details to follow)

    Pledges are heartily and will be thankfully accepted..

    Program includes Students oath taking, games, video presentation, special numbers (song/dance), & special awards for top students..

    It will be a fun get together and bonding of KBU students!

    For other detail please feel free to ask Lycheecandy or Baby Baks.

    Note: First 35 only.

    1. super_gem
    2. RMR61
    3. CupcakeAdik
    4. Oriator
    5. mypurpleheart
    6. lycheecandy
    7. ProjectAnon13
    8. CharmTaz24
    9. GorgeousGeek
    10. Keemriel
    11. Georgelitte
    12. itsmekhaye12
    13. lhynne05
    14. enola2007

    roll call lang ulit + bulletin board

    Pa-double check ng names.

    Sa mga hindi pa nagsisign-up... SIGURADO BA KAYONG AYAW NIYO PUMUNTA?

    those interested for Glee Club please contact ProjectAnon13 for details.

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    Goodnight classmates! need to sleep na at may maagang work bukas. pag Friday lang ako merong night class ahihihihi.

    sa mga beterano ng night class, please be gentle sa ating mga freshmen at baka naman matigalgal ang mga yan sa matutunan nila sa night class

    sa mga newbies naman, makinig lang muna at makiramdam. Para sa sunod na pa-attendance nyo sa night class ay di na rin kayo pahuhuli sa discussions and recitations.

    paki abot nga ang huling tagay ko for tonight....hik!

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