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    Quote Originally Posted by theboracaybeach View Post
    gano ba katagal ang event na yun?
    Whole day po siya. If my memory serves me right, from 5:30am - around 7:30pm nagrarun yung event per day. Visit nyo po ito baka po makatulong senyo: http://geejaytravellog.blogspot.com/...on-fiesta.html


    Click the image below to redirect you to my Travel Blog:

  2. #42
    sana okay ang weather! we'll be there on the 24th...excited na !

  3. #43
    hay sana makapunta ako.. *fingers crossed*

  4. #44

    Feb 21-22

    Who will be here on those dates? Me and my friend will be here by that time. then Feb 22, will be going to go tree top adventure sa subic.

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  6. #46
    I'm still convincing myself if I should go to this year's PIHAB Festival. Kung sipagin man ako at makahanap ng kasama, I'm looking forward to an amazing weather (sunny).

  7. #47
    will be here this sat. my 4th time with other pexers and di pa rin nawawala excitement

  8. #48
    Quote Originally Posted by phil_trophy View Post
    will be here this sat. my 4th time with other pexers and di pa rin nawawala excitement
    wow! ang cool naman. ako 3rd time ko palang pag natuloy kami sa sunday

    - http://geejaytravellog.blogspot.com/

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    ill try to go here next year. hehehe!

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    im planning to go this sunday feb 24.

    kaso may nakapagsabi sa akin (second hand info) na hanggang sa saturday na lang daw ang balloon flights.

    is this true? can someone verify this?

    all the phone numbers i can find on the web are useless.


  12. Feb 22, 2013, 03:33 PM

  13. #52
    financial problem na naman ang problema ko dito, gustong gusto ko pumunta sa event na ito kaso wala akong pera o sapat na budget para dyan, 250 plus pamasahe at pagkain meron akong pambili ng ticket kaso pamasahe pa man at panggastos sa pagkain talo na ako kaya hindi na congrats na lang sa mga makakapunta !

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    thoughts of gibberish grayfox's Avatar
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    May 2011
    never never land
    May nagpunta ba kanina? How was th3 weather? Punta ako bukas eh sana hindi maulan

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    Quote Originally Posted by grayfox View Post
    May nagpunta ba kanina? How was th3 weather? Punta ako bukas eh sana hindi maulan
    The weather was perfect today - all 26 balloons flew except for the Space Shuttle balloon which experienced techncal problems. Mahabang lakaran from the parking lot paputang entrance!

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    faves ko yung Sun at Elephant balloon

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    Administrator Nakura's Avatar
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    May 2005
    Activities in Pampanga is included in the Wander List!

    Did you attend any of the Hot Air Balloon festivals? Do vote in this poll and share us your stories here http://www.pinoyexchange.com/forums/...d.php?t=613765

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    for 2014, wala talagang "Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta" and it will be held next year pa. see this statement by PIHABF

    from their website:

    We will not hold the 19th PIHABF this year, but instead prepare for a bigger event scheduled for February 12-15, 2015.

    We are aware of reports of a balloon event in Clark, Pampanga in April 2014 and have raised serious safety concerns for balloon flying.

    We will not be part of the April 2014 event, nor did we, nor will we participate in its planning, organization, or staging. We disclaim any association with its management.
    so, yung event for April is organized mainly by DOT

    I thought na na-move yung Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta as per below:

    DOT to host Hot Air Balloon Festival 2014

    but it is a different one pala.

    the event in April will be called 2014 Philippine Friendship Balloon Festival

    quite confusing lang.

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    I'm sure walang display ng AFP assets ito since hindi sa Clark gagawin.. hayyy sayang first time ko pa naman pupunta....

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