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    Smile Chem 16 and Math 17 sa UP?

    What books or resources do you use to study for these subjects? What should one expect from these subjects?
    I'm a third year high school student by the way. Not that I'm very confident that I'll pass the UPCAT but I'd really like to know how you guys prepare for the subjects.

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    Math 17 - most students use College Algebra and Trigonometry by Leithold. It's a difficult subject primarily because of two reasons: 1) Professors expect freshmen to have some level of understanding of the subject, hence the ridiculously difficult exams and; 2) it's a transition period for many students who probably had less-than-desirable study habits back in their high school years.

    There will be more difficult subjects during the course of a student's stay but the sudden shift to the university environment makes it difficult for many students to pass. There's really no other way to prepare for Math 17 other than to study hard and do as many book exercises as possible. 'Pag may di naintindihan, tanungin ang prof or ang peers.

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    ^TCWAG (The Calculus with Analytical geometry) ang libro ni Leithold, used for Math 50 series.

    For Math 17, there is a book suggested, forgot the name but its definitely not by Leithold, but its never actually used in class. You can get by just attending classes and solving sample exams.

    For Chem 16, the book back then was Chemistry by Mortimer, and again, its hardly ever used, pumasok ka lang sa lecture and lab.

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    ^ That's an old edition. College Algebra and Trigonometry (Math 17) and The Calculus 7 (Math 50 series), both by Leithold, na ang reference book ng karamihan ng Math profs as recently as 3 years ago. Not sure now.

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    I used the Leithold one for Math 17 (well, not really used). I lived with just sample exams.

    Sa Chem 16, I used Whitten. Di ko nagamit sa lecture and lab pero nagamit ko magpractice ng exam problems. (sa Stoich, usw)

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    Chem 16. I think they use Silberberg now. Noong panahon ko (parang antanda na), Whitten ang ginagamit kong reference. Depende rin kasi sa prof iyan eh. Minsan kasi nagpapa-problem set sila and galing sa preferred textbook nila yung mga items. Anyway, I think kahit ano namang Gen Chem book (Silberberg, Whitten, Brown and LeMay, Petrucci, Schaum's) ay okay as long as napa-practice ka mag-solve ng problems.

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    Math 17 - Leithold. Pwede rin yung Vance (forgot the title. I think it is College Algebra and Trigonometry. You can search for it in Google. Medyo tinatamad ako eh haha).

    Chem 16 - nakalimutan ko na yung ginamit namin nun pero pangit din yung textbook kaya di ko na lang ire-recommend. I think Brown and LeMay is better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by carlhiro View Post
    I used the Leithold one for Math 17 (well, not really used). I lived with just sample exams.

    Sa Chem 16, I used Whitten. Di ko nagamit sa lecture and lab pero nagamit ko magpractice ng exam problems. (sa Stoich, usw)
    Ditto on using the sample exams. Mas makikita agad yung weakness tapos di ka na magugulat sa hirap ng exams. And the explanations in the solutions are good too. Pwede nang pamalit sa prof na pangit magturo. chos haha

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    I think high school juniors already have enough background to read Leithold on their own.
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    Of course, with "read" I didn't mean just reading it. Try to solve the exercises at the end of each section.

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    During my time in Diliman...

    Math 17 - (well, actually Math 14 lang since nag APE ko ng Math 11 hehe), that book by Vance

    Cjem 16 - That book by Petrucci

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    Math 17- wala kang mahihita kay Vance. Mag Leithold ka. nangapa ako dati sa math 17, muntik ng bumagsak. hindi kasi ako sanay sa high school na pinaghihirapan ang mga subjects. petiks nung high school. nawindang ako sa UP

    Chem 16 - Brown, Chang, Pettruci

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