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    Sabi nga di ba you can't teach an old dog new tricks. walang nang ipag babago yan. pramis!

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    ^ ginagawa naman ni kerby lahat para sa team,but WALA TALAGA

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    Sino ba namang coach ang magpapasok ng player na alam na nya ang gagawin pag tumapak sa tabla? pag si Kerby eh pumasok, it's either magte-turn over, magpapatalo, mapipikon, o mag-hero ball mag-isa

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    ^ kadalasan naaagawan sya ng bola.

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    gusto nya lang ipakita ang pagiging tunay na mvp

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay P. Mercado View Post
    I may actually be the only one here who thinks that this series, while physical, may not exactly be as rough and difficult for the referees to call. There will still be some skirmishes - and I bet it will come from the likes of the ROS big men against the GSM bigs - Mamaril, Maierhofer and Ellis. Other than that though, I expect a clean, unadulterated game sparked by many streaks and rallies.

    The reason is simple. In the two games that these two teams played this conference, there wasn't any untoward incident that I recall happening. Someone from ROS mentioned this in an interview a few weeks back - when playing against Ginebra, we play with more focus and determination. Much of this is attributed to the plethora of fans that the Kings have and how they can affect the play of the Painters. Yeng Guiao knows this and understands the difficulty of dealing with a hostile crowd being even more hostile when a physical and untoward incident comes to fore. Which is why the players would toe the line - as Guiao is expected to berate them if they commit stupid things in the court unnecessarily.

    The key to beating Ginebra really is to prevent the crowd from getting involved. Giving cheap fouls will simply fan the flames further, inciting more hostility from the fans. You won't be helping your cause doing this. Hence, the key factor is to stay composed and focused at all times. They did this last season against Ginebra, sweeping them in the QF. And they did so by avoiding the landmines called crowd support.

    Which is why Paul Lee's reentry is extremely crucial for the Painters. He's the type of player that can pose several problems for the Ginebra backcourt. And in times of need, the Painters won't have to rely solely on Jeff Chan to deliver the goods for them. Ginebra's been effective in shackling Chan in the final stretches of the game and not making him take the crucial shot because ROS has no one else to go to. With Lee around, they have a PG who can create and make plays and give open looks to guys like Chan, Tiu, Belga and Norwood to spot up.

    On the other hand, Ginebra's strength is their post game. Kerby Raymundo may be the biggest thorn for the Painters, arguably, a bigger headache for Guiao compared to Mark Caguioa. There is no post defender among the ROS players. Jervy Cruz is a decent defender but may not be able to stop the inside one-on-one forays of Raymundo. Guiao understands this, and his biggest concern would be Raymundo. Note how Billy Mamaril, a weaker one-on-one offensive post player, scored well inside against ROS' big men. What more Raymundo?
    Nabasa siguro ni Coach Siot itong post ni Sir JPM.

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    Happy for ROS. One more game, dejavu.

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    Quote Originally Posted by duncan View Post
    Nabasa siguro ni Coach Siot itong post ni Sir JPM.
    Hehe! Of course, I was assuming that Kerby would be at his elements tonight. He remains to be Ginebra's best post up offensive player though, and is the most unpredictable in the team offensively.

    Guiao also knows where his strength lies - the backcourt, especially with Lee back. His players, while underrated, are no slouches and can compete. Ginebra's backcourt is obviously more talented one-on-one but what the ROS guys are just capable of playing beautiful music together.

    On the other hand, ROS' weakest point in defense is the interior. Tanquincen tried to exploit this earlier with Raymundo but he failed to deliver, falling into one error after another. Unfortunately, Tanquincen isn't also exactly the best coach when it comes to in-game adjustments so when ROS padded their lead, and after the ROS debacle against GSM last time when they lost a huge margin, you know Guiao was ready for them.

    Bottomline though, I felt the key guy in this game compared to ROS' two losses was Lee. His return is very timely and gives them further depth. I'm still amazed at how Guiao can actually field in all 12 of his players (I didn't include perennial benchwarmers Uyloan and Jayme) and expect at least half of them to deliver. Chan didn't perform well tonight but the vacuum was more than adequately filled by the rest of the ROS team. Talk about confidence.

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    wag na tayo umasa sa barangay ... hanggat andyan si sioty .. asahan na natin ang kabiguan .. panalunin na ang ROS para mas match ang laban kung sino makakalaban nila.

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    Tulad ng inaasahan ko. Mahirap kalaban ang ROS sa playoffs, lalo na pag andyan si Paul Lee.

    Saka yung play ng Ginebra paulit ulit lang, basang basa na ni Coach Yeng yun, ang hirap gumawa ng adjustment on a 1 day break, baka dipa tulog si Sioty ngayun. Hehe,

    I would be happy if makaisa Ginebra dito or maka comeback pa sila, pero hindi ako masyado umaasa. Hirap lang talaga Ginebra sa ROS mula nung si Coach Yeng ang naging coach nila.

    Yung nangyare kagabi eh parang tulad ng game 2 last year na massacre yung nangyare, tingnan natin sa game 2 kung kaya ba depensahan ng Kings ang Crisp passing ROS and yung unpredictable offense nila.

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    even in the 5-game win streak i didnt think siot has what it takes to make gsm a champion team. hope we can get chot from mvp. with this guy's sense of vanity, im sure he's dying to coach the most popular team.

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    i think ng si coach jong pa coach ng gsm ei bihira manalo saatin ang ROS kahit c coach yeng na coach nila.nung si siot na,kait papanu nagapanalo parin tayo vs ROS,db *** last 2 conference last yr hindi tayo natalo sa ROS,tapos this conference gsm beat twice ros,mukhang hindi lang talaga prepared ang gsm kagabi,hopefully makabawi sa game 2 and 3 kaya pa yan.

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    Lee is not that athletic and flashy. Put Ellis on him, i think ginebra will neutralize him. The main problem last night is that the bigmen of ginebra are nowhere to be found. All of them played bad both on defense and offense. Cruz is not that tall but he is the top scorer in ros. Ginebra had Taha, Wilson, Hatfield, Mamaril, Raymundo and Maierhoffer? Where are they last night? Caguioa and Tenorio were having a hard time to score because ros defense is concentrating on them. Nganga kasi yung malalaki ng ginebra eh kaya nakatuon yung depensa sa mga gwardya ng ginebra.

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    Isa pang problem ng Ginebra is Rico M. Nawala yung offensive game niya. Nagiging liability siya on offense, andun yung defense and rebounding pero need ng team yung offense niya. He can slash to the hoop but the problem is he can't finish. Anu kaya nangyare sa offensive skills nito? Napunta ba lahat sa defense and rebounding niya? Malaking tulong sana siya para l
    Makaluwang yung mga guards, and also walang bigman ng ROS ang makakahabol sa kanya pag nag slash siya sa basket.

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    ilan minutes nilaro ni TAHA??

    the problem wid ginebra is their coach... and trading away MIKE CORTEZ

    di consistent ang pag rotate ni SIOT ng PLAYERS..

    i am hoping for a MANILA CLASSICO again in the semis!!! please !!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by joenel View Post
    ilan minutes nilaro ni TAHA??

    the problem wid ginebra is their coach... and trading away MIKE CORTEZ

    di consistent ang pag rotate ni SIOT ng PLAYERS..

    i am hoping for a MANILA CLASSICO again in the semis!!! please !!!!
    hindi ko masyado napanood yung game,pero parang maikli lang yata yung minutes ni TAHA last night,nagtrade pa si coach siot dahil need daw ng big man,ei hindi naman ****** pinapasok si TAHA, kaya ang nangyayari babad ****** si big mama at rico m. kaya super pagod narin sila,we have a chance to win this series,but kailangan nila pag aralan ang gagawin nila tomorrow,BACK AGAINST THE WALL tayo tomorrow,sana makabawi tayo

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    12/12/12: Barangay Ginebra vs Rain or Shine Elasto Painters:

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    blaming game again!....


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