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    Quote Originally Posted by CaRaMBa View Post
    I didn't know the Joseph Gordon Levitt was part of the movie! That was a very pleasant surprise.
    Grabe nga yang si JGLevitt eh. Ang daming rinaket na movies for the past 2-3 years. Haha

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    Lincoln opens today

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    Quote Originally Posted by JobyBryant24 View Post
    Grabe nga yang si JGLevitt eh. Ang daming rinaket na movies for the past 2-3 years. Haha
    Yeah though unfortunately he really didn't do anything in this movie. There's like almost a dozen actors here that contributed to the movie more.

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    Movie Review: LINCOLN (2012)

    Biography | Drama | History
    12 Oscar Nominations

    Steven Spielbergís Lincoln runs 149 minutes of talk. Mostly. But before you yawn and say ďboring!Ē you have to know that this could very well be this yearís Oscar Best Picture.

    The movie is set during the final months of Lincolnís second term as US President as he pursues his mighty quest to pass the Thirteenth Amendment to abolish slavery. The movie, thus, plunges us into a series of debates, arguments, and speeches about the Thirteenth Amendment until the historicalóand emotionalómoment of its ratification.

    And when you are presented a film filled with talk, thereís no better screenplay writer than Pulitzer Prize-winner, and literary genius, Tony Kushner (Angels in America). And that is where Lincolnís entertainment and pleasure come from: the words. Mightier than sword. Slicing at your heart and gripping at your soul. Kushner delivers delicious verbal jousting and wordplay that propel you to tears and laughter.

    Movies and literature on black slavery and oppression have always been profoundly affecting, and here is a movie that is not only about moral conviction, but about the Great Emancipator. We see a great man relentlessly fight for equality, freedom, justice, and fairness with extraordinary determination, because it's a self-evident truth that God created men equal.

    Daniel Day-Lewis is no longer Daniel Day-Lewis in this movie, as expected. He is Lincoln come to life; you not only see a physical transformation, but a total one. He is quietly intense, dominating the screen. Tommy Lee Jones as the radical abolitionist congressman Thaddeus Stevens also gives an unforgettable, riveting performance, and itís sheer entertainment watching the striking difference between two men with similar goals: Stevensí ruthless, heedless, overzealous and uncaring pursuit of the good versus Lincolnís slow, wise, and meticulous, loving-kindness approach. Sally Field, as Lincoln's wife Mary, could have been given to any other actress; passable performance but not impressive.

    Lincoln, loosely based on Doris Kearns Goodwin's book Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln, is a cinematic triumph. Important, rewarding, and informative. Thinkers , leaders, idealists, proponents of what is morally right, as well as those who enjoy language and politics, will certainly fall in love with this movie. It is witty, dramatic, resonant, tremendously inspiring and soul-stirring, immersing you in the mind of a great man, a husband, a father, and an exceptional leader who changed the course of history. The rich, powerful words delivered effectively by the actors are the filmís masterpiece and strength, and the rest of its cinematic elements are subtle support that resulted in a truly remarkable film.

    Recommendation: Watch this before you watch Tarantinoís Django Unchained, Lincolnís competition for Oscar Best Picture.

    9.5 out of 10 stars

    Showing in Philippine cinemas February 20th, 2013

    From the Official PEx Movie Reviews thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CaRaMBa View Post
    Just watched it and WOW, what a movie. I did not expect to be moved by it at all, but I was! Riveting! There were several scenes that gave me goosebumps, and well, I cried towards the end. I absolutely did not expect that.

    Daniel Day Lewis and Sally Field were exceptional. Actually, all the actors were great. Daniel Day Lewis WAS Lincoln - no hint of him as an actor at all. And he was brilliant. I didn't know the Joseph Gordon Levitt was part of the movie! That was a very pleasant surprise.

    I was in awe of Abraham Lincoln throughout the movie, and I guess that's what it supposed to be about, right? That's the best thing that can happen. I bought the book Team of Rivals, thinking that I will reading it "sometime in the future". But because of the movie, it will definitely be my next read.

    I don't think it will be appreciated by everybody though. There will probably be some people who might think it's boring.

    For me, it's a 9/10.

    Me too! The movie moved me to tears quite a few times.

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    I'm definitely going to watch this movie.

    When they released a movie last year portraying Abe as a vampire hunter, I was hoping that they would do a "proper" Lincoln movie...looks like the wait is over for me.

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    Will watch this over the weekend

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    true to life ba ito?
    hinde ko kasi gusto yung mga historic movie e. hehehe! nakakatulog ako..

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    Watching Lincoln is like reading The Schindler's List novel. It started very slow but gets pretty interesting once you get the hang of it. You know the plot, the climax and how it'll end but still keeps you interested with the great script and awesome acting from Daniel Day Lewis. Too bad that people prefers watching Twilight over this gem. Lincoln > Zero Dark Thirty

    And by the way, Daniel Hardman from Suits is also in this movie.

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    I can understand why people would get bored over this film. After all, Non-americans will barely connect with Lincoln the same way Americans could connect to one of our national icons like Rizal or Bonifacio.

    But I watched this film with an open mind and fully expecting Daniel Day-Lewis to completely take over the role, and he definitely did not disappoint. Though not as memorable as his role in There Will Be Blood, he certainly convinced me that this was how Lincoln really was during his time.

    It's not a film for everyone but it's for those who appreciate a fine script and superb characterizations.

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    Daniel Day Lewis looks more like Abraham Lincoln than Abraham Lincoln looks like Abraham Lincoln

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