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    ♦JULIELMO♦ [Julie Anne♥Elmo]: "I Wanna Be Next To Your HEART". T36

    ELLIE/EMJA: 'Julie Anne' and 'Elmo Moses' = "ELLIE/ EMJA"
    T1: ♦JULIELMO♦ [Julie Anne ♥ Elmo]: It just happened.
    T2: ♦JULIELMO♦ [Julie Anne ♥ Elmo]: The Modern Day Romeo & Juliet - WAGAS LOVE STORY.
    T3: ♦JULIELMO♦ [Julie Anne ♥ Elmo]: One Undeniable Chemistry. SAKLI TOL!
    T4: ♦JULIELMO♦ [Julie Anne ♥ Elmo]: "Single?" + "Single!" = PWEDE!!♥ DON'T LIE TO US!
    T5: ♦JULIELMO♦ [Julie Anne♥Elmo]:"Obvious bang love na love namin ang isa't isa?-Elmo"
    T6: ♦JULIELMO♦ [Julie Anne♥Elmo]: The Most Requested Musical Loveteam.
    T7: ♦JULIELMO♦ [Julie Anne♥Elmo]: "May Happy Ending Ang Wazak Love Story Namin"
    T8: ♦JULIELMO♦ [Julie Anne♥Elmo]: Elmo:"Saan Kaya Ako?" Julie:"Eh Di Kung Nasaan Ako!"
    T9: ♦JULIELMO♦ [Julie Anne♥Elmo]: "If Ever It's Gonna Happen,It's Gonna Happen." -Elmo
    T10: ♦JULIELMO♦ [Julie Anne♥Elmo]: Their Voices Are The Soundtrack Of Our Summer.
    T11: ♦JULIELMO♦ [Julie Anne♥Elmo]: "This tandem has yet to reach its full potential."
    T12: ♦JULIELMO♦ [Julie Anne♥Elmo]: This is our moment, and we can tell it's our time.
    T13: ♦JULIELMO♦ [Julie Anne♥Elmo]: Most Promising Love Team.
    T14: ♦JULIELMO♦ [Julie Anne♥Elmo]: We’re the perfect two! Baby me and you.
    T15: ♦JULIELMO♦ [Julie Anne♥Elmo]: "I give you my love, and sky's the limit".
    T16: ♦JULIELMO♦ [Julie Anne♥Elmo]: Our Sunday’s Not Complete Without Them.
    T17: ♦JULIELMO♦ [Julie Anne♥Elmo]: Most Talented TV Couple.
    T18: ♦JULIELMO♦ [Julie Anne♥Elmo]: "May Mas Kilig Pa Ba sa JULIELMO?".
    T19: ♦JULIELMO♦ [Julie Anne♥Elmo]: "Keep Holding On. This is Just The Beginning".
    T20: ♦JULIELMO♦ [Julie Anne♥Elmo]: "It’s All About Them".
    T21: ♦JULIELMO♦ [Julie Anne♥Elmo]: "Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now".
    T22: ♦JULIELMO♦ [Julie Anne♥Elmo]: "This much is true, Baby I'm crazy over you."
    T23: ♦JULIELMO♦ [Julie Anne♥Elmo]: "Look at them now, they teach us how to DOUGIE".
    T24: ♦JULIELMO♦ [Julie Anne♥Elmo]: "All It Takes is Just a Matter of Time".
    T25: ♦JULIELMO♦ [Julie Anne♥Elmo]: "Love Looks Better With Us".
    T26: ♦JULIELMO♦ [Julie Anne♥Elmo]: "Im happy that we get to work,almost everyday."-Elmo
    T27: ♦JULIELMO♦ [Julie Anne♥Elmo]: "Aliw Awards' Best Male and Female Teen Performer".
    T28: ♦JULIELMO♦ [Julie Anne♥Elmo]: "We’re Perfectly Imperfect".
    T29: ♦JULIELMO♦ [Julie Anne♥Elmo]: "We’re So Proud Of You".
    T30: ♦JULIELMO♦ [Julie Anne♥Elmo]: "I Know You Know We Could Be Something".
    T31: ♦JULIELMO♦ [Julie Anne♥Elmo]: "Ignite the Spark for a Bigger and Better 2012".
    T32: ♦JULIELMO♦ [Julie Anne♥Elmo]: "You’re the Harmony to Every Song I Sing".
    T33: ♦JULIELMO♦ [Julie Anne♥Elmo]: "There is SOMETHING in NOTHING".
    T34: ♦JULIELMO♦ [Julie Anne♥Elmo]: "Inch by Inch, They’re Moving Closer".
    T35: ♦JULIELMO♦ [Julie Anne♥Elmo]: "They’re Together Forever not Just One Summer".

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    GMANetwork.com Profile

    She started out in Popstar Kids as one of the finalists, and later on became a member of the group Sugarpop. Today, Julie Anne San Jose has grown up from this sweet little girl to a graceful young lady whose voice captivates the hearts of her fans, and she continues to rise as one of the most promising performers in the industry today. The personal choice of American Idol runner-up David Archuleta to be his front act in his Manila concert, Julie Anne proved once again that she is up to any challenges particularly showcasing her singing prowess.

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    GMANetwork.com Profile

    Hailing from a well-known family of artists in the showbiz industry, Elmo was destined to fit right into the business right from the start. But he intends to make the most of the opportunity he's been given because he's a Magalona - he wants to make his own name and set himself apart from his father, and create his own legend. He is well on his way to proving that he is a great artist and musician on his own as well.

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    click the picture to watch the video

    5 in 5: Julie Anne San Jose

    1. What's your dream project? I want to be like Angelina Jolie. I want to try (making) an action movie... ‘Yon pa lang ‘yong hindi ko pa nagagawa so I want to try that some time.

    2. Who are your local celeb crushes? Richard Gutierrez, Dennis Trillo, and Dingdong Dantes.

    3. How do you stay fit? I (lessen my carb intake) and I exercise daily.

    4. What's your comfort food? Madalas kong kinakain cereals and fruits.

    5. Describe your ideal guy. He's a composed person, a gentleman, sweet, respectful especially to his family and the girl’s family. Most of all, he's (a) God-fearing (person).

    Time: 1 minute and 37 seconds

    5 in 5: Elmo Magalona

    1. Which US TV shows are you excited to see again after the break? I'm very excited to watch the newest season of How I Met Your Mother. It's like a modern kind of Friends.

    2. What's the best concert you've ever attended? I have to say the Miley Cyrus concert because I performed there and it was my first time to do that. It was a really fun experience, seeing everyone in the very big crowd. Sam (Concepcion) and I tried our best to entertain them before the show.

    3. What are your pet peeves? When someone exits my room and doesn't close the door, or when people don't knock before they enter.

    4. Describe Julie Anne San Jose in three words. She is nice. (laughs) Nice, talented, and pretty.

    5. Would you ever date a fan? Of course. Everyone gets a chance... We might have some similarities. As long as we click, that's the thing that matters.

    Time: 1 minute and 48 seconds

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    JuliElmo PEXers Account:

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    • Elmo Magalona - Most Promising Male Singer/Performer (43rd Guillermo Mendoza Award)
    • Julie Anne San Jose - Most Promising Female Singer/Performer (43rd Guillermo Mendoza Award)
    • Julie Anne San Jose - #Thought-Mover (Nominee) (TattAwards 2012)
    • Julie Anne San Jose - Trending Personality (TattAwards 2012)
    • Julie Anne San Jose - People's Choice (TattAwards 2012)
    • Julielmo - Loveteam of The Year (Nominee) (Yahoo OMG Award 2012)
    • Julie Anne San Jose - Female Singer of The Year (Nominee) (Yahoo OMG Award 2012)
    • Elmo Magalona - Male Singer of The Year (Nominee) (Yahoo OMG Award 2012)
    • Elmo Magalona - Most Promising Actor (Nominee) (Yahoo OMG Award 2012)
    • Julielmo - Fanclub of The Year (Nominee) (Yahoo OMG Award 2012)

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    Wazak Lovestory Synopsis:

    The story of star-crossed lovers, Elmo and Julie Anne is set in fictional Barangay Varona, somewhere in the depths of Manila where middle class families share their lives with the urban poor. Elmo (Elmo Magalona) is the son of Aling Francisca "Iska" Montero (Nyko Maca), a market vendor. He falls in love with Julie Anne (Julie Anne San Jose), the daughter of Mrs. Lydia Capule (Radha), a local jeweler and pawnshop owner who happens to be the losing political rival of Aling Iska for a Barangay Kagawad seat. But even before their love can bloom, fate plays a trick on the young couple. On the eve of her 18th birthday, Julie Anne's arranged marriage to the mayor's son, Percival "Percy" Chua (Jay Perillo), is announced.

    Wazak Lovestory Official Poster:

    Wazak Lovestory Teaser:

    PP In-Love Teaser:

    Wazak Lovestory Intro:

    Wazak In 4 Minutes:
    As shown during TedX Talk by DRG

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