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    Kim Chiu Covers Total Fitness Magazine October 2012 Issue

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    @styleListinc: BTS: @InaKapatidAnak star Kim Chiu at the #StarMagicCatalogue2013 styled by @cruzkatrina & @rexatienza + the Team!

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    Good night Lukaretzsee you tomorrow..

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    Quote Originally Posted by littleKG View Post
    Good evening to all just passing by to greet, then exit ulit ako sleep mode. I was quite busy today driving my youngest daughter from her extra curricular activities in school. See you all tomorrow.

    Goodnight Frances...see you tomorrow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boysie46 View Post
    Good night Lukaretzsee you tomorrow..

    Good night Ruth...see you later.

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    audrey garcia ‏@audreygarcia088
    "5 years 10 years 30 years till d day i die" keep believing kimerald

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    Kim Chiu Global/Fans ‏@teamKCG
    "@OneKimNation: #InaKapatidAnak special screening tonight in trinoma cinema 7!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RegCahu View Post

    Hello Reg...

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