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    thank god for the atheist einhander's Avatar
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    Induction cooking, cheaper than gas stove?

    Heard it from the radio that induction cooking is cheaper than gas stove, according to meralco studies. I wonder how true is this, any body proved it on their own?

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    I think their basis was the monthly average gas usage of a family cooking meals 3x a day, heating water, etc. Syempre depende rin yun sa wattage nung cooktop.

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    Totoo yan mas cheaper sya at dapat ang mga kalan mo ay pwedi for induction.

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    yun nga iniisip ko. paano yung mga kawali/work na hindi flat ang surface? mahihirapan ata yun

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    travlin light
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    true, but you need induction-compatible(magnetic) pots and pans.

    Not sure if available na dito sa pinas ang induction disc, para magamit ang mga non-magnetic cookware.

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    Guys patulong naman para quicker. Saan ba makakabili ng mga induction cooking top? I've been to Anson's, Automatic Center and SM Appliances pero wala akong makita.

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    sa SM department store meron po nyan. yung stand-alone types. or are you looking yung kitchen counter top?

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    I've briefly considered buying an induction stove before (initially as a backup to my LPG stove). But I couldn't find any power consumption data of locally available brands/models or testimonials from local users.

    An 11kg Petron tank of LPG lasts about a month in our household. Price per tank fluctuates anywhere from Php600+ to php800+. If an induction stove can add substantially less than this amount to my Meralco bill then it would certainly be something to consider.

    What I like about induction stoves is that they're relatively safer than LPG stoves in the sense that:

    -there's no open/naked flame
    -no noxious gases (CO/CO2) that may result from poor combustion
    -no fuel leak/fumes that could potentially cause a fire/explosion
    -induction process ceases when you lift/take away the cookware

    Yun nga lang, you have to invest in induction-compatible cookware.

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    Sorry, I forgot to mention....I'm looking for counter top. I found one already, either from Anson's or Abenson. Only one brand is available, La Germania. Good that I asked because they don't have on display.

    I'm still on the look out for other brands.

    I'll be using it for my condo. The space saving feature and easy usage more than compensates the difference in bills between LPG and electricity.

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    merong promo si meralco sa induction cookers with American home pero i'm not sure kung may counter top na kasama

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    try nyo sa mga home depot. marami din dun. mura pa.

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    Meron na po ba talagang naka gamit ng Induction at talaga bang less than 600/mo lang ang madadagdag sa bill?

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    It seems that gas stove is cheaper and induction cooktop. But in long term, induction cooktop is save more.

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    The funny one in Rom Coms
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    Mar 2002
    Im about to move in to my condo**, I still dont have a stove. Induction, coil or hotplate? Whats best? Some of my friends use the plain old electric coil stove okay lang naman daw (and she cooks regularly too, masarap naman haha). I'm a "prito - pasta - hello Clara Ole ready mix" kinda guy for now so I sont think I'll be doing heavy duty cookery

    **I can't use gas stove

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    go for induction cooker kesa electric stove. Mas madami kasi nae-emit na init ang electric stove, after mo magluto, ang init na din ng singaw sa buong condo mo unlike sa induction, umiinit lang sa cooker mismo.

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    It should be safer to use an induction cooker. You just have less flexibility in executing certain culinary maneouvres.

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    Maybe we should ask Chef Boy Lagro... im sure he will have some good opinion about these.... Yum! Yum! Yum! :-)

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    "It's just a flesh wound.." cyberfunk's Avatar
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    Nov 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by great2find View Post
    Maybe we should ask Chef Boy Lagro... im sure he will have some good opinion about these.... Yum! Yum! Yum! :-)
    High pressure gas stove ang gamit ni Chef Lagro. You can't stir fry with a wok sa induction cooker.

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    Medyo malayo yata yung Lagro mga boss. Boy Logro po kasi name nya. hehe. You can't even heat a florence flask in it if you are experimenting on some flavors or sauces.

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    You also have to invest in cookware na pwede sa induction cooker. Hindi pwede yung normal na cookware natin.

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