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    Wink Iba't ibang Tradisyong PINOY sa Kasalan sa Pilipinas saan galing?

    Di ba sa mga probinsya may Kasal na sinasabitan ng pera ang bride habang sumasayaw? Pambawi sa binayad haha saang probinsya ulit yun?

    Yung ipapalupot ang kamay tapos iinom ng wine, Spanish tradition ba yun?

    May na-adopt ba tayong galing sa China?

    Yung dove na nakakulong sa ibabaw, bubuksan ang kulungan tapos huhulihin tapos ipagkikiss... saang probinsya galing?

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    Karamihan ng wedding tradition sa Pinas ay hango sa European tradition.

    Nariyan ang Google at Bing upang matulungan ka.

    --sent from my HTC Cha Cha

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    Ang alam ko ang Sukob ay Chinese.
    Sa WEST ang kinakasal na babae gagastusan ng family ng lalake. Sa EAST, ang magulang ng babae ang gagastos sa lalake. Since lalake ang gumagastos sa Pilipinas, mas maimpluwensya ang WEST.

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    Actually bride kidnapping happens ALL over the world, an ex gf of mine was telling me a story of her family members in the northern jungles of Vietnam was kidnapped in the 60's. Another historical example is the Roman Rape of the Sabines. It probably happened in the Philippines. According to some experts (Freud in Totem and Taboo included----but even more so more modern anthropologist and sociologists ) it's a ritualistic way of making exogamous marriages (so bloodline wouldn't inbreed).

    PS Bride kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan and elsewhere in Central Asia IS NOT ISLAMIC in origin. Kyrgyz (and their neighbors) descended from nomadic horseback people (Turkic, Iranic, Altaic, Tungustic) who practiced it well before the arrival of that religion. There are Mongol written example of it during Genghis Khan's time.

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    Wala namang nagsabing nagoriginate sa Islam ang Bride Kidnapping doon... inadopt lang ng mga muslim ang bride kidnapping sa central asia dahil compatible na compatible sa paniniwala nila since si Muhammad himself nangongolekta ng tinatawag nilang sex slaves sa mga nasasakop nila.

    Wala akong sinabi. Pero lahat ng lokal na tradisyon na yan merong pahintulot ng Imam. Gaya sa video, IMAM kinasal pa rin sila in spite of knowing that the woman who is about to get married was kidnapped and forced to marry some stranger. So any manyakis pwedeng manguha ng girls... kahit ayaw ng girls basta pinahintulutan ng Imam.

    Same thing in our country, ang mga Maranao may tradisyon 2 bata pag-pa-pair, magkakaroon ng kasal. BATA lang mga 7 or 8 ganyan. Si Sandra Aguinaldo nagreport nun.. of course, sasabihin nila hindi buong Islamic world ganyan ang tradisyon... pero Pinapahintulutan lang ng mga Imams. Pano walang sinasalungat sa aral-Islam.

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    Child brides? It's not Islamic either. If you read anthropological records of Mangyan (the book I've read in college was recorded around 1930-1950) they practiced child marriages. Children being married early is actually common place in pre-modern society (Subsaharan Africa, prevalent in rural areas) where life expectancy is short, and women are expected to have and start bearing children early (because of high mortality rates at birth and children). Around 100 years ago, in England and modernized Christian countries, the age of consent of a female (for sex and marriage) was around 13. Today in many Christian societies prostitutes start around the age of 12 (true in the US). Hindu child arranged marriages was actually covered last year in Natl. Geo. still existing in India. (That's why majority of dowry murders are young brides).

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