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    Red face Paano ba magpapayat ng mabilis at ano ang tamang process?


    Any suggestion about how to lose weight..?
    I am so desperate na kasi.. pano marami na ako damit na di na kasya sakin. as in fit na talaga. tapos na shock ako nung bumili ako ng jeans.. yung dati binibili ko size 27 di na kasya..ngayon size 30 na
    sabi ko pa dun sa sales lady mali yata yung size na nakalagay sa pants.. huhuhu..

    Homebased kasi ang work ko. inaabot ako ng madaling araw sa computer. feeling ko nga kaya siguro ko tumaba pano para hindi antukin..kain ako ng kain ng kung ano-ano.. plus pa d na tagtag katawan ko.d na ko bumabyahe since nasa house lang ako work. d tulad nung nasa office pako. tagtag sa byahe..*** na makipag balyahan sa LRT araw araw d ka ba mamamayat nun..

    What will i do guys?..

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    You need to burn more calories than you are taking in.

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    dapat di ka nagpapagutom. try mo lang wag magrice.. and get lots of exercise. been trying it.. i also try eating healthy pero syempre daming temptations mahirap haha minsan talaga di maiwasan ang cheat days. try mo din mga sandwiches sa tsg. it's good and healthy. minsan pag kumakain ako dun nawawala yung craving ko for rice.

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    time to go to the gm, and hit the treadmill. or go out and walk/ jog/ run. pag nasa village ka naka tira mas okay dahil wala gaanong sasakyan.

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    burn what you eat ...

    and learn and accept your body frame and bone structure ... advise given by my PT

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    Count your calorie intake.

    You need to take off 500 calories in your daily intake so that you could shed a pound.

    Make sure you still get enough nutrients though.

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    lessen your intake of carbs. LESSEN but do not deprive yourself of carbs. important pa rin ang carbs.

    you can consume all the carbs you can during daytime.

    puro come nighttime, totally ZERO carbs.

    as in wala talaga.

    try substituting rice with veggies or eggs.

    skip the desserts. try nuts instead.

    been doing that for the past three years.

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    and of course, there's always XENICAL.

    or Chinese Diet Pills... and yes, they work. i have a friend who took those and lost one pound per day.

    btw, parang mali ang forum ng thread na ito.

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    ^ ayan na ... lumabas din yun totoo

    OnT: less rice, more fiber, eat bread

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    You can easily shed off some pounds fast, but because of the method, you'll likely gain it fast as well. Remember, you didn't gain weight in a matter of days, so you can't just lose the excess weight right away.

    It's a mixture of proper diet (this does not necessarily mean you deprive yourself of food) and lots of exercise. There's no secret. Just your willingness to be better is a big step.

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    walang fix na process, naka depende kasi yun sa lifestyle mo, obese ako dati now hindi na, hindi ako nag gym, ginawa ko *** is hindi ako nag diet, secret is, eat anything but less, then make sure na 4 lbs *** mababawas sayo in 1 month para hindi mag starvation modem katawan mo kasi pag nangyari yun babagal metabolism, so dapat reduce the amoung and do it slowly

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    #Young #Scrappy #Hungry thelonius92's Avatar
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    portion control and exercise

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    wala ka na ron.o~O
    cardio the best and drink water

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    Magjogging ka ng gabi (nakakatamad ng umaga e). *** bandang 6pm. Haha. Lapet lang kase circle dito samen e. Ganun ginagawa ko dati. Then, wag kakaen na ng gabi. More on water. Wag masyadong magpuyat.

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    Should have time for exercise and drink lot of water.

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    Do not skip meals, moderate mo lang ang intake mo ng carbo and oily food. Tapos gradual wag deretsong totally wala. Pangit ang resulta

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    losing weight

    Normally, kapag gusto mo magpapayat eh you should decrease your intake ng carbs (like rice, bread, fries,...etc), and sinasabayan ng exercise, kaso most of us do not have time in doing exercises.

    if gusto niyong pumayat without exercising, you should try our company's 5-day reset program, it's super effective kasi ito ginamit ng friend ko para pumayat. text me through my number 09175402240 (ayala makati).

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    more sex..

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    Meal replacement

    Since wala ka time mag work out, maraming meal replacement shakes/drinks na pwede mong inomin.. just do a Google search and maraming products na ganyan dito sa pinas.. I've tried it, and nakakabusog na man siya and nacocontrol ang appetite mo..

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