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    Quote Originally Posted by hitorigurashi View Post
    ito yun oh!!!! gustong-gusto ko talaga 'to. sheeeet lang!
    ---> bwahahaha ayan yung malanding step na si hae ang una kong nakitang pumitik... sorry sa word pero anlandi lang eh projek kung projek si koya!

    Quote Originally Posted by hitorigurashi View Post
    Super love ko yung MV.
    This time no need na yung paulit-ulit na i-play para lang ma-apprciate ko siya.
    Ang ganda ng box , panalo ang choreo, especially yung footwork, napaka-sharp at perfect na perfect sa beat; ang g-gwapo at sexy ng boys.

    ang dami kong favorite sa MV...

    1. Kyu's Let's Go! - ang astig. binatang-binata na talaga ang bebe ko. pede na tingnan nang me malisya
    2. Hyukjae's solo part - panalo yung moves, especially yung 'locking' churva niya. ang galing sobra
    3. Donghae sa 1st part, 0:11-0:13, yung nitaas yung right arm. parang babae, parang ang landi-landi
    4. Sungmin solo part - nice moves, gwapo
    4. Kyuhyun's longs legs in super tight skinny jeans
    5. Yesung's blazer - yung black, yun suot sya nung solo niya sa bridge
    6. Sungmin - in all shots, in all angles. ang gwapo/ganda na, fumi-fierce pa!

    yan ang faves ko... for now kekeke....

    ang dislike ko na naman...
    1. cameo na naman si wonnie at halos puro oblation lang gngawa niya dun
    2. almost no Shindong solo exposure. seriously, the guy needs more screentime/exposure. nakapa-underrated nitong mamang nito. he's super talented but is not given enough chance to show it
    ---> unang nood ko sa MV ang una kong napansin talaga si eunhyuk at sungmin dun napukaw at hindi na naalis ang tingin ko sa kanila... perfect!

    Quote Originally Posted by hitorigurashi View Post
    shutdown na kayo lahat? 3rd page pa lang pero spamming nako
    po-post pa ko ha...

    @dancingkyu: kyu's reaction when he heard the reporter speaking in mandarin sdkfjwefwef qt

    ---> hindi na ako magugulat in the future ang mapapangasawa ng bebe ay ******... ahahaha gustong gusto niya talaga bakit kaya? hmmm

    Quote Originally Posted by chengker View Post
    -- Nga pala.. I checked Hanteo, we're on top.. as expected pero wala pang figures.. I wonder how well we're doing.. Hmm
    ---> yay! nakakatuwang malaman kung ganyan nga ang status sa Hanteo ngayon pero ano nanamang aberya nangyari kaya sa SM... hmmmm


    long time no post aketch... chiing!

  2. #82
    let's watch it again guys....


    may nakita ako... ehehehe naiintindihan ko na ang bebe ang binibili niya palang make up ay hindi pampasalubong kundi para sa kanya.... wahahaha buti naman!

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    may ENG SUB na...

    Credit: NayaOnewLuv
    Posted by: supergirlRain (


    parang may something kay heenim??? nag gain ng weight, maladora ang hair, yung ilong niya siguro dahil sa operation parang umiba... pero GWAPO pa din... LOVE PA DIN KITA KIM HEECHUL... mas maganda ka sana kay Sungmin kung nasa 6jib ka... ;p

    Credit: Lee Jung Hyun’s Weibo
    Reupload & Posted by: supergirlRain (

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    120704 Super Junior hosts press conference for new album

    On July 3rd at the Imperial Palace Hotel, Super Junior held a press conference to celebrate the release of their sixth studio album “Sexy, Free & Single.” The press conference, which had more than 200 domestic and international media outlets in attendance, gave Super Junior members the opportunity to share their own personal thoughts on the new album.

    The first person to speak was Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk, who opened the press conference by stating that although he was a nervous about the release of their new album, he was happy to have the opportunity to work with all his fellow members once again. After Leeteuk finished speaking, Shindong said, “Since Super Junior can also be considered a performance group, we hope that we can present even more exciting stages and performances through our new album.”

    After each member briefly introduced himself, the various media outlets were able to ask Super Junior a few questions. The first question was regarding Super Junior’s photo teasers and the order in which they were released.

    Leeteuk responded, “I really liked the theme behind Super Junior’s photo teasers. Before they were released, I had actually asked my manager what would determine the order in which the teasers would be revealed. My manager said that the first photo teaser to be released would have to be the most incredible and mind-blowing one.”

    “Who knew it would have been Eunhyuk! You see, there are only two circumstances in which Eunhyuk looks handsome. The first one is where his bangs are so long that they cover his eyes, and the second one is when he is wearing sunglasses.”

    Upon hearing Leeteuk’s response, Eunhyuk stated, “Actually, I heard that the teasers were released in the order of how good-looking each member was, so I was really excited when I heard that my photo teaser would be released first! However, when I saw the photo, I realized my eyes were covered, which also disappointed my parents a little.”

    Fellow member Siwon then playfully rebutted Eunhyuk’s statement by saying, “Oh really? I heard that the photos were released based on who was the ugliest,” to which Eunyuk replied, “When the photo teasers for our fifth album [Mr. Simple] came out, everyone was discussing whether the order of the releases were based on appearances. I had initially thought that when the photos for our sixth album [Sexy, Free & Single] were released, no one would link appearances to the order of teasers, but it seems like I’ve been framed!”

    After a few chuckles towards Eunhyuk’s response, the media proceeded to ask a second question, which was about the members’ reactions to the music video for “Sexy, Free & Single.”

    Siwon immediately took this opportunity to apologize to Eunhyuk by saying, “After I saw the music video, I was amazed by how handsome Eunhyuk was!”

    Leeteuk then immediately added, “Actually, we were all very handsome! I think that’s why we’re such a popular group…In fact, I think a safe estimate for the number of views we will get for our music video would be around 50,000,000!”

    Fellow member Eunhyuk then said, “When I watched the music video in private, I really thought I was very good-looking, but now that I’m watching the music video with all these media outlets, I feel a little shy.”

    Shindong then continued the conversation by saying, “Filming this music video took four days of hard work, so everyone, please support it!”

    The next question came from a Taiwanese media representative who asked Super Junior, “Super Junior holds the record of a 109 week championship on Taiwan’s KKBOX. Do you guys have anything you want to say to your Taiwanese fans?”

    Leeteuk responded, “We were all very surprised that we maintained the number one spot on KKBOX for 109 weeks. We’ve actually discussed whether or not we would be able to receive fans’ support for long, so we really hope that ‘Sexy, Free & Single’ can continue to top the charts and find favor with all of the listeners.”

    “But ultimately, the ranking of Super Junior songs on music charts isn’t that important, what’s more important is that we thank the fans for their everlasting love and support. Super Junior will definitely visit Taiwan sometime soon to personally thank all the fans there!”

    The next question of the press conference was, “How do Super Junior members maintain their health in the midst of such a busy schedule?”

    Leeteuk once more took the mike and said, “Well, I just turned 30, but I’ve been exercising a lot to maintain my health. Furthermore, I take a lot of health supplements such as vitamin C pills and Omega 3 supplements. I also eat a lot of fruit and vegetables and foods that will give me a lot of energy.”

    Upon hearing Leeteuk’s response, Siwon added, “Yeah, you can really tell when Leeteuk has been eating regularly or not. When Leeteuk doesn’t eat, his face turns super pale.”

    Following Siwon’s statement, Eunhyuk suddenly blurted out, “I just need to eat the love of all my fans, and I will be fine,” to which Leeteuk added, “Me, too! I can eat everything and anything,” causing laughter to erupt in the room.

    The next question was directed towards Kangin, who had just returned to Super Junior after completing his mandatory military service.

    Kangin was asked to share his feelings on returning to Super Junior. Kangin said, “It’s been three years that I have not been in front of the public eye. During my military service, I often reflected on my past actions and choices, and I have realized that I have many bad habits that I need to change. I have been trying very hard to improve myself everyday as a person.”

    “When I returned to Super Junior after my military service, I also saw how much each of my fellow members have changed as well and how much they have matured. In fact, right now, I feel like I am a student awaiting graduation, for I’m awaiting the time to finally step on the stage and perform once more. I’m very grateful to all my fellow members and SM for always supporting me and loving me.”

    When Kangin finished his response, Leeteuk also shared his own thoughts on military service, as he is planning to enter the military after the promotions for “Sexy, Free & Single.”

    Leeteuk stated, “In my opinion, I think Super Junior is like one big family. We may have our own personal business to deal with, but once we finish whatever it is we need to do, we always come back together. When I thought about my military service, I initially couldn’t sleep well at night, for I was nervous about going to a place where I’ve never gone before.”

    “But once I thought of the military service as just one long personal activity like my all my other work activities outside of Super Junior, I felt more comfortable. Now I just want to quickly finish my service and return to Super Junior and release a new album!”

    After Leeteuk’s response, all the members talked about how Leeteuk was a great leader and that if there was ever any issue, Leeteuk would gather all the members, listen to all the suggestions, and then relay the final consensus to the company. Therefore, the members stated they were worried about who would be the substitute leader when Leeteuk leaves for the army and whether the substitute could do as good of a job as Leeteuk.

    When Leeteuk heard his members’ worries, he jokingly replied, “Well, if there is a substitute leader, it would be awkward once I return from the military because both of us would technically be leaders. So I declare that once I leave for the military, no one can take my spot as leader!”

    It was with this light atmosphere that the press conference ended. Let’s wish Super Junior all the best for their sixth album “Sexy, Free & Single!”

    Source: Avex Taiwan Facebook, Koreaboo
    Shared on by elf101586

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    verified na yung twitter nina Wookie, Shindong & Hyuk

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    may strategy na din ako paano aangat yung views sa MV at MV teaser... bwahahaha

    SAPILITAN kong pinapanuod sa mga classmates, friends at kapatid ko yung videos.. wahahaha nagustuhan naman nila impernes maganda daw yung choreo at lalakeng lalake daw silang tignan ngayon.. yey!!!!

    hanap pa ko ng ibang mabibiktima... ehehehe :P :P :P

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    120703 Super Junior on Saksi

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    がキュヒョンを愛してる <3 hitorigurashi's Avatar
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    Aug 2007
    may mga naka-ignore ba o hindi lang nagb-backread kaya nauulit yung posts? na-post ko na yan kagabi eh

    Quote Originally Posted by simply_08_anne View Post
    may nakita ako... ehehehe naiintindihan ko na ang bebe ang binibili niya palang make up ay hindi pampasalubong kundi para sa kanya.... wahahaha buti naman!
    kakakita ko lang nito sa twitter. kaya ako napadpad dito kasi ipo-post ko sana eh.

    bye ulet

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    Quote Originally Posted by hitorigurashi View Post
    may mga naka-ignore ba o hindi lang nagb-backread kaya nauulit yung posts? na-post ko na yan kagabi eh

    kakakita ko lang nito sa twitter. kaya ako napadpad dito kasi ipo-post ko sana eh.

    bye ulet
    bakit ano dapat sasabihin mo? ahahaha ni-retweet lang yan ni daph eh kaya ko nakita.. ahahaha

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    Attention ELF ~ A method on how to beat the most viewed video on Youtube: "Baby" by Justin Beiber with about 700,000,000 views. The video for "Sexy, Free and Single" can be played by one person (a team) 288 times in 24 hours. For this, the video must be put in a playlist and playing left open continuamente.Esto means that the video can be played all night, but make sure your computer does not stop when left alone. Considering that the aim is 700 million views and each fan is watching the



    stumbled upon this on YT when i clicked on the medley..

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    700 Million Views^^ that would be a Dream come true^^ the boys will be very Happy if that happens^^

    RealTime Charts:
    15:00 KST

    Melon #18
    Olleh #9 [up 1 spot]
    Bugs #13 [up 6 spots]
    Daum #6 [up 1 spot]
    Naver #18 [up 12 spots]
    soribada #2

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    From U ba yung kakantahin na isa pang single sa comeback stage? Kung oo excited nako Second fave song ko yun sa 6jib

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    Quote Originally Posted by hitorigurashi View Post
    SJ featured in 24 Oras and Saksi kanina
    awwww che... ako ba ang may sala?
    Last edited by spoliarium98; Jul 4, 2012 at 03:36 PM.

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    @K-storyfamily birthday coming

    ayun oh! may napadpad na t-shirt from the Philippines... ang saya lang ng Pinoy Petal na yan...

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    Quote Originally Posted by zikatt View Post
    From U ba yung kakantahin na isa pang single sa comeback stage? Kung oo excited nako Second fave song ko yun sa 6jib
    ayon doon sa eng sub na presscon na napanuod ko *** SFS at FROM U ang kakantahin nga nila...

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    120704 Super Junior Leeteuk Chased Down ‘Sasaeng Fans’

    Sasaeng fans are fans who are overly obsessed with their stars and will do anything to get close to them, such as stalking them by car, waiting for them at home, stealing their phones and even social security numbers.

    With so many sasaeg fans, stars get stressed, but Super Junior’s Leeteuk decided to play around with them and switch the game around.

    During the July 3 press conference for the release of Super Junior’s sixth album Sexy, Free & Single, Leeteuk said, “A couple of days ago on my birthday, I noticed that sasaeng fans were chasing me in taxis, so I decided to follow after them instead.”

    “A couple of days ago when I went to see director Jang Jin about tvN’s Saturday Night Live Korea, I noticed that five cabs were chasing after me. Out of curiosity, I decided to squeeze in between them.”

    The singer said, “Then one of the taxi drivers stopped and got out, yelling, ‘What are you doing?’ It was actually kind of fun (now that the tables were turned).”

    Although sasaeng fans do disrupt the peaceful life of a star, Leeteuk still showed his gratitude towards them.

    “A while before, we used to fight and I would tell them not to follow me anymore, but now, I’m even thankful for that. I even wrote on my Twitter, ‘If you’re going to follow me, have many people follow.’”

    He said, “If I see them now, I even give them my autograph. When else would they follow? I actually thankful that they do. I hope they continue follow while in their 40’s and 50’s.”

    Leeteuk also talked about his upcoming military enlistment and promised to resume as a Super Junior member when he fulfills his army duties.

    Super Junior will make its stage comeback on July 5 on Mnet’s M Countdown.

    Shared at by supergirlRain

    LMAAAAAAOOOOO sira ka talaga teukie... pero i like the way you handled it ha, "reversed psychology" kekeke...
    uy teukie, hinay lang... baka naman dahil dyan dumami ang mga sasaeng fans nyo. mahirap pag umariba ng bongga ang mga yan, ayoko naman na maranasan nyo yung katulad ng mga sasaeng fans ng DBSK... kinda scary at di mo alam kung ano ang tumatakbo sa utak nila... it's ok to be friendly with them pero ingat-ingat pa rin.

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    120704 Kangin Twitter Update: Let us quickly meet ^^

    @Himsenkangin: Finally, tomorrow. Really missed everyone, many of you will come tomorrow

    right? Really want to meet quickly. Let us quickly meet ^^

    Source: @Himsenkangin
    Translation by: @13elieveSG
    Shared at by supergirlRain

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    Member joKYUte's Avatar
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    in kyu's house ^^
    Quote Originally Posted by hitorigurashi View Post
    shutdown na kayo lahat? 3rd page pa lang pero spamming nako
    po-post pa ko ha...

    @dancingkyu: kyu's reaction when he heard the reporter speaking in mandarin sdkfjwefwef qt

    sige lang che! post lang ng post.. ako nga minsan ganyan eh.. tsaka di naman spamming yun.. news or updates naman yung pinopost mo.. kaya go go lang!

    ang cute ng reaction ni bebe kyu diyan..

    di ko pa nawawatch yung presscon nila.. tinatamad ako magkilos-kilos ngayon.. ewan ko ba..

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