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    Certified Good/Bad Boy izzzzzlaw's Avatar
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    Jul 2007
    sa Pinto
    I had fun watching this movie, I never thought it would be like this beautiful. The casting was perfect. JLaw is awesome, I prefer her winning the Oscars than Jessica Chastain.. I saw both silver lining and zero dark but Jlaw portrayed her role better than jessica imo,..

  2. #42
    I reaaaaaally loved the movie. This is definitely one of my favorites na sa RomCom genre.

  3. #43
    Nakakita na ako ng mga posters nito sa sinehan. Sana nirelease nila this week pang Valentines sana although madami ka competition nga lang

  4. #44
    Oo nga no, mas bagay sa Valentine's ito!

  5. #45
    watched this 2x na and i still loved the movie. i agree most of them na may chemistry si JLaw at si Bradley Cooper. this is JLaw's best performance yet and i hope she can win Best Actress sa Oscar.

    Rating: 9/10

  6. #46
    My Sleeper Pick for Best Picture and David O. Russell for best director. I'm fine with either this or Argo winning.

  7. #47
    bakit kino-compare ito ng iba sa "As Good As It Gets" starring Helen Hunt and Jack Nicholson?

  8. Feb 19, 2013, 01:51 AM
    Posting of Illegal Downloading/Streaming link of Copyrighted Content

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    watched this already...sana may team-up pa ulit sila na movie...ganda ng chemistry nila...

    kelan kaya ito ipapalabas sa big screen??? ito yung isa sa mga movies na maganda panuorin sa big screen...

  10. #49
    Quote Originally Posted by mars07 View Post
    watched this already...sana may team-up pa ulit sila na movie...ganda ng chemistry nila...

    kelan kaya ito ipapalabas sa big screen??? ito yung isa sa mga movies na maganda panuorin sa big screen...
    sa 27 ang showing dito.

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    Meron ng HD sa Online nito.. but I cant post the link kasi baka i block yung account ko

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    saging lang ang may puso. peculiar_chick's Avatar
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    Apr 2010
    i already watched this. but i wont mind if ill watch it again. favorite ko na sya!

  14. #52
    finally finished watching this


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    Love, love, LOOOOOOOOVE this movie. I hope it surprises tonight at the Oscars.

    The casting was perfect. From its lead actors (Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper), secondary characters (Robert de Niro, Jacki Weaver), to its supporting cast (Chris Tucker, John Ortiz): all were amazing.

  16. #54
    Silver Linings doesn't need an Oscar. It's already Golden!!! David O. Russell Three Kings and The Fighter!!

  17. #55
    it showed me a different way of telling a love story especially in the romcom genre..
    awesome chemistry by bradley cooper & jennifer lawrence
    and superb supporting casts!

  18. #56
    Opens tomorrow, excited to see this one!

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    IMPERSONATED Lola_Rose's Avatar
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    Jun 2008
    The Arctic Boosh

    Lola_Rose's Spoiler-free Movie Review: SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK (2012)

    Comedy | Drama | Romance

    Silver Linings Playbook, which competed in this year's Oscars, including for Best Picture, Best Director, as well as in all four acting categories, is a romantic comedy set in the midst of mental disorders.

    Bipolar and garbage bag-wearing Pat Solatano (Bradley Coper) is released from a mental institution and returns to live with his mom (Jacki Weaver) and his superstitious, OCD father (Robert De Niro), a bookie favoring the Philadelphia Eagles. Pat only wants one thing: to win his wife, Nikki, back, who's gotten a restraining order against him. Pat is full of hope and positivity, and firmly holds on to the belief that every cloud has a silver lining. But then Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence), with her own mental issues, suddenly enters Pat's life-- and derails his plans.

    Jennifer Lawrence wins Oscar Best Actress for her role.

    Written and directed by the meticulous David O. Russell, based on Matthew Quick's debut novel of the same title, Silver Linings Playbook is smart enough, fairly witty, and has that trademark of Russell's overlapping exchanges in dialogue to project natural conversations. The entire cast deliver effective performances, except for Paul Herman, who plays Randy, the family friend, and you wonder if Russell was too lenient on him. Bradley Cooper, who earned a nomination in this year's Oscars for Actor in a Leading Role, was engaging and competent and funny, but it was Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence's performance that was truly Oscar gold; she was effortless and exceptional as the brooding, broken, depressed widow.

    Jacki Weaver and Robert De Niro - Oscar nominees for their supporting roles as Pat's parents.

    Silver Linings Playbook is entertaining, romantic, fast-paced and funny, and there are definitely great, memorable moments-- both hilarious and touching. However, the screenplay is nothing special. Dysfunctional families and people with mental issues are always great material for a multilayered, dark comedy, but Silver Linings Playbook is a bit wanting, lacking in impact, which leaves you a bit mentally and emotionally shortchanged. There are definitely funnier and more delicious comedies out there on mental issues. Jennifer Lawrence, though, is the real gem of the film--- the main reason to head to the cinemas.

    8 out of 10 stars
    In Philippine Cinemas February 27, 2013

    From the Official PEx Movie Reviews thread.
    Last edited by Lola_Rose; Feb 28, 2013 at 01:39 PM.

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    ^ Sana nga noong Valentines nila nirelease. A sort of fresh air. Di tulad ng mga local films na may formula na minsan nakakaumay.

    Paano naman di magkakaroon ng chemistry sina JLaw at Bradley Cooper, sila ata in real-life.

    I am excited in JLaw's next big movie "Catching Fire".

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    omg. I'm gonna watch this on weekend! Bilang fan din ako ni JLaw

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    IMPERSONATED Lola_Rose's Avatar
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    Jun 2008
    The Arctic Boosh
    Magaling si Jennifer Lawrence talaga. Alam mo nang winner.

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