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  1. #1321
    From twitter:
    Update: Sarah escorted by Gerald walked around the venue thanking the special guests #24SGConcert

  2. #1322
    Quote Originally Posted by ice_cryst View Post
    allan diones‏@allan_d

    @SGeronimo25 now singing #ItMightBeYou! para kay GEGE ba itey, BABY GIRL???!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! ♥♥♥ #24SGconcert
    sabi na, balimbing ako when it comes sa mga ashteams eh!

    kanina kinilig ako dahil sa ashlloyd...

    then nag-goosebumps dahil sa ashboo...

    ngayon naman----ashrald! ano ba?!

  3. #1323

  4. #1324

    Garlic [email protected]
    @sgeronimo25 on top of the world!

    Garlic [email protected]
    Ur idol @sgeronimo25 on a major ramp that's placed on top of the middle aisle where she can go to her audience

    - wooow!!

  5. #1325
    Spotted sa #24SGConcert: Erik Santos, JLC, Luis, Billy, Rachelle, Maja, Gerald, Kenneth, Fred, Ms. Nhila, and Shalani. Si Yeng, dapat daw pupunta sya kaso namatay daw ata tito nya.

    tsaka Joanne Quintas

  6. #1326
    soooooooooooooooooobrang nakakaproud.
    wala man ako doon ramdam ko ang excitement nang mga nanoood.
    best concert of sarah yet!

    congrats sarah!
    hindi talaga ako nagkamali sa taong iidolohin. ikaw na!
    loooooooooooove youuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!

  7. #1327
    - congrats Sarah and to all 24/SG team! Direk Paul Basinillo, MD Louie Ocampo, Teacher Georcelle and Gforce!! staff and crew!! and guest performers! sa 21 naman hihi!

  8. #1328

  9. #1329

    Moy Ortiz ‏@moyortiz
    Gigantic success comes to a simple, humble and kind person! SARAH GERONIMO - God has rewarded you! http://fb.me/29h9LGrbB

  10. #1330

    and thank you for making us happy... (yes, kahit sa mga updates lang hehehe)


  11. #1331
    kaya pala wala si gerald sa PBB TEEN 4 finale kanina...

    andun pala siya sa Araneta to support SARAH! ayiiiieeeeeeeee!

  12. #1332
    i want a 24/SG DVD soooooooon!

    demanding much?

  13. #1333

  14. #1334

    Jayson E. Sarmiento‏@jaysonsarmient0
    Wow!!! May paganun!!! ‪#24SGConcert‬ pic.twitter.com/LXaq7Rer

    - antawa ko sa fan sa background ipad talaga gamit pang kuha pics/vids d naman siya garapal huh?!

  15. #1335
    alis na ko guys!

    UP UP for SARAH G!

  16. #1336
    Sarah G @SGeronimo25 is definitely the New Concert Queen of this Generation and the ONE and ONLY POP SUPERSTAR #24SGConcert

    Si Sarah lang talaga ang pwedeng mag perform na napaka high ang energy from start to finish! Superb! 24 SG Concert / #24SGConcert

    Sarah G's medley of The Scientist, Breakeven, and Jar Of Hearts is sooooo heartfelt... Damang-dama kita Sarah... *hug* Labyu! #24/SG

    Sarah G is such a phenomenal performer @sgeronimo25 #24SG #24SGConcert

    Wishlist ni Sarah G. 1: Family 2: Freedom 3: Lovelife Waaaaa! #24SGConcert

    wwoooww ang sexy n SARAH G!! Next level n tlaga!!!!! inspired! http://t.co/mCokuVQ3

    Waaaahhh!!! kagulat-gulat ang Bebe @SGeronimo25 ...matured na talga sya, ang sexy kita na... #24SGConcert

    And she nailed it!! ) Grabe goosebumps!! #24SGConcert | 24 SG Concert

    woohoooo! GOOSEBUMPS! Galing sobraaa! D 1 & only Sarah G. #24SGConcert

    kabogera ang prinsesa. @sgeronimo25 singing and i am telling you. #24sgconcert

    Sarah G. with The Company! Perfect combination! Parang Ulalammm with rice!!!

    And I Am Telling You, Sarah Geronimo is the best!!! #24SGConcert

    POPSTAR is the new DIVA!!! Sarah G's rendition of And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going is really good! With surprise fireworks! #24/SG

    A friend said while at the dome watching Sarah G, her vioce has never been this good. definitely in good condition.

    isa pang kabogera. ang mga outfits. super check. eto na ***. fierce. bold. daring. @sgeronimo25 #24sgconcert

    The Company! Walang kupas! ♥☺ #24SGConcert @SGeronimo25

    Sarah G is the brightest star in the whole wide world! Continue to soar high and continue to amaze us! #24SGConcert

    *** kaptid ko prangnsa obng dimemsyon! Cpncert ni Sarah g ang inaabangan )

    Ikaw na Sarah G ang lupet waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

    Winner ang Sarah G. signature songs with The Company!! ) BOW!! #24SGConcert | 24 SG Concert

    Big Dome filled to the rafters..The Company cheering up now the Popsters to sing along with them for "The Edge of Glory". #24SGConcert

    i promise.. i will watch SARAH G concert on July 21 ... reading the tweets ...makes wanna go to Araneta!!

    Si Sarah G. kung mag perform parang naglalaro lang. Hyper na hyper and walang kayang makapantay! #24SGConcert

    Mas maaatooooroooy Sarah singing E-V-E rapping on stage!!!

    Y so galing Sarah G?! #SarahGConcert

    ang sexy mo @SGeronimo25 pwede ba akin na lang legs mo )))

    will buy ticket on Monday! SARAH G !!

    Nakakaloka si Sarah! Nag-JayZ na.. Nag-Ghost town Dj's! I looooove this R&B medley!!!! I'm enjoying this concert!!!

    Like her rendition of MmmBop by Hansons on #24SGConcert

    #SarahG sings hiphop/rnb songs on #24SGConcert

    Araneta is PACKED for @sgeronimo25's concert! There's a repeat coz today's concert is sold out. You have to catch that one =)

    Surprised? Sarah G. can do it all. I told you! #24SGConcert

    Waaaaaaaah super 90's tong si Sarah G donna cruz naman *****... @little_lulu___ you should watch talaga on the 21st

    Manang mana si Sarah G sa dad nya, ganda din ng boses ♥ #24SGConcert

    nakakaiyak dw ang performance duet ng PopStarPrincess Sarah G, at Daddy Delfin nya. #24SGConcert

    i am so impressed with Sarah G.'s lighting effects and sound system. Ang lakas maka beyonce!

    @SGeronimo25 now singing "Sana'y pag-ibig.." Part of her latest album.. ) #24SGConcert | 24 SG

    Very inspiring song. Sana version by Sarah G. #24SGConcert @SGeronimo25

    WOW! Great duet of 'Sa Dulo Ng Walang Hanggan' by Sarah G and Mr Basil Valdez! Ang gandaaaaaa ng blending! *goosebumps* #24/SG

    Naiiyak na ko sa concert na to. Grabe. Grabe. #spellbound #24SGConcert @SGeronimo25 @popsters25 @AshRald

    kumo-Call Me Maybe now si @SGeronimo25!! OA ang hiyawan nang ipakita si GEGE sa music video! SASA-GEGE Fans are going CRAY-CRAY!!!!!! ☺☺☺

    Ganda ng mga damit ni @sgeronimo25 tonight!!! No wonder! They're FURNE ONE!!! :-D

    grabe ang sexy ni @sgeronimo25 ..hnd na kailangan ng leggings.. tnx mommy D dhl pnayagan m na **..#24SGConcert

    Phenomenal!!! @bamboomusiclive + @sgeronimo25. Hands down! #GoogooDolls #Iris

    Holy sh::!!! The bamboo-sarah duet--- a musical genius!!!! Standing ovation! @SGeronimo25 #24SG #24SGConcert

    Nagwala ang BigDome sa prod number ni @Bamboomusiclive and @SGeronimo25 ...gibaan ang nangyari!!!!! #24SGConcert

    OMG!!! This @Bamboomusiclive & @sgeronimo25 duet is one for the books! Intensity was like worshipping! "Iris" http://t.co/yLfTWYCB

    Kilig moment . Gerald a and Sarah G holding hands. They re so cute and bagay. Haay

    STANDING OVATION: Sarah Geronimo and Bamboo #24SGConcert

    Such a powerful number of Sarah G And Bamboo! Super goosebumps. #24SGConcert

    Yup, super jampack ang Araneta. I love the concept of the concert. Bonggels to the nth level #24SG

    haayasar i'm missing sarah g.'s concert... gusto ko talaga manood. aaargh. inggit sa mga nababasang tweets.

    Bottomline tonight! Amazing Concert by Sarah Geronimo!!! Super Bow!!! She is indeed the BEST! #24SGConcert

    Heading back to NAIA Terminal 3 flight to Cebu then Cebu to #Dumaguete! #24/SG was worth to watch! Sarah G. I LOVE.

  17. #1337
    sabi may kakantahin si Sarah from her upcoming album..parang waley naman!

  18. #1338
    Too excited to sleep after watching Sarah's concert! Grabe sa ganda at galing! She was at her best. Sarah and Bamboo rocked the Big Dome. And everyone got so kilig with Sarah and Gerald holding hands while walking on the isle. Ay naku, I want to watch the repeat on the 21st! Payagan kaya ako ng boss ko and ng hubby ko to fly back!!??? I so love Sarah G.

  19. #1339
    Quote Originally Posted by Glacious View Post
    sabi may kakantahin si Sarah from her upcoming album..parang waley naman!
    May nabasa ako na tweet na may kinanta si Sarah sa bagong album. Nakalimutan ko ang title.

    @SGeronimo25 now singing "Sana'y pag-ibig.." Part of her latest album.. ) #24SGConcert | 24 SG

  20. #1340

    Thank you sarah g for making our night one of the best!

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