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    Colton Dixon ‏@CDixonAI11

    @kimberlyiowa of course not. And I don't believe I'm doing anything different. Tweeting lyrics, scripture, and the occasional funny thing..

    Colton Dixon ‏@CDixonAI11

    I don't really care if they label me a #jesusfreak cuz there ain't no denying the truth.

    Colton Dixon ‏@CDixonAI11

    Hoping all the dads out there had an amazing day. Can't wait to see my dad:-) #HappyFathersDay

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    Sa hindi pa nakakaboto sa "GMTV PExers Awards 2012" pede pang humabol until tomorrow na lang po.

    Follow this link lang:

    Then vote for me by posting:
    IVOTE J5

    For Tami

    IVOTE U7
    IVOTE W2
    IVOTE X14

    For Fanty

    IVOTE z5
    IVOTE D-2
    IVOTE P6
    IVOTE K11
    IVOTE Q3

    Salamat po.

    #OT parang "Regent Fun Run" post lang
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    Colton Dixon ‏@CDixonAI11

    @NekaLB I'd better see you!

    Colton Dixon ‏@CDixonAI11

    I let go of your hand To help you understand With you all along Oh, I was never gone

    Colton Dixon ‏@CDixonAI11

    I'm still standing here No, I didn't disappear Now the lights are on See I was never gone

    Colton Dixon ‏@CDixonAI11

    @NekaLB um....how come I haven't seen you at rehearsals yet?

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    Colton Dixon ‏@CDixonAI11

    Ok. A for effort.haha. Want #NeverGone lyrics?

    Colton Dixon ‏@CDixonAI11

    listening to my new song #nevergone right now. Seriously, great job @adamwattsmusic @ganninarnold and Andy Dodd. Killer stuff

    Colton Dixon ‏@CDixonAI11

    Ok.....new plan. If #NeverGone trends. You get lyrics. I see some of you trying already! Best fans in the world. Thanks!

    Colton Dixon ‏@CDixonAI11

    The coolest gift ever. Thanks @ChickfilA !!!! http://pic.twitter.com/fVj2jO4o

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    Colton Dixon Shares Advice For 'Idol’ Auditioners

    “Calm down, breathe, and be you…pour your heart out in the first audition and show them your personality,” Colton says.
    Jun 18, 2012

    The “American Idol” crew will be in Charlotte, North Carolina tomorrow holding auditions for season 12. Now one guy who’s unquestionably a master of the “Idol” audition process is Colton Dixon, who made it through to Vegas in season 10 before being cut. Then got a golden ticket again last year finally finishing in 7th place.

    So what is Colton’s advice to anybody who might be trying out tomorrow? “Calm down, breathe, and be you. Nerves are going to run through you like crazy, but let that adrenaline push you even further than you would normally go, pour your heart out in the first audition and show them your personality,” he says.

    If you dream of being the next “Idol” and you think you have what it takes, come belt your heart out at one of the open auditions! Check out the dates below (all cities, venues, and dates are subject to change).

    Charlotte, NC
    Venue: Time Warner Cable Arena
    Reg. Day 1: 6/17/12
    Reg. Day 2: 6/18/12
    Audition Day: 6/19/12

    Newark, NJ
    Venue: PRUDENTIAL Center
    Reg. Day 1: 6/21/12
    Reg. Day 2: 6/22/12
    Audition Day: 6/23/12

    Chicago, IL
    Venue: United Center
    Reg. Day 1: 7/10/12
    Reg. Day 2: 7/11/12
    Audition Day: 7/12/12

    New Orleans, LA
    Venue: New Orleans Arena
    Reg. Day 1: 7/15/12
    Reg. Day 2: 7/16/12
    Audition Day: 7/17/12

    Oklahoma City, OK
    Venue: Chesapeake Energy Arena
    Reg. Day 1: 7/18/12
    Reg. Day 2: 7/19/12
    Audition Day: 7/20/12

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    Heejun Han, Colton Dixon BFFs Go Wild

    The Hollywood Reporter – 3 hours ago

    Heejun Han and Colton Dixon interview each other and viewers are left to wonder: is it getting hot in here? Heejun and Colton’s bromance certainly makes one of two uncomfortable, but even while Heejun grills him, Colton proclaims it the best interview ever.

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    Colton Dixon ‏@CDixonAI11

    @Mrsdaughtry @chris_daughtry hahaha. I totally think I could do some of that stuff!

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    Pia Toscano ‏@PiaToscano

    @CDixonAI11 is such a Star.. His single #NeverGone is incredible. That album is going to be very special #Idoltour

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    thank you for sharing the link.

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    HOLLAND RODEN IS QUEEN shin_raito14's Avatar
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    kainis di ako makakapunta sa concert ng AI11 dito ((

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    Colton Dixon Announces Label Signing, First Single (VIDEO)
    By mj On 09/04/2012

    American Idol 11 alum, Colton Dixon makes a few big announcements. He is signed to EMI CMG/Sparrow records (but we knew that already)

    His song, “Never Gone,” which Colton has been singing on tour all summer, goes to iTunes on September 25.

    But his first SINGLE is called “You Are” a worship song he co-wrote with some friends, is set to go to radio very soon, so stay tuned.

    Other artists on EMI CMG include Season 5 Idol alum, Mandisa, Matthew West, Toby Mac and more.

    Watch Colton’s announcement below:

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    Nandito na sila!

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    Colton Dixon via facebook
    ‎7 days til NEVER GONE is available on iTunes!

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    Eto pinakagusto ko..
    Everything by Lifehouse

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