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    Post Saan Makakabili Ng Murang Damit....????


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    try bazaars and tiangges. there are also good and cheap buys in the dept. stores of major malls like sm and robinsons esp. when they have sales.

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    Bat ka pa bibili.... mang hingi ka na lang ng damit.... hehehehehehhe sigurado naman may mga kaibigan ka... mang-hingi ka sa kanila

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    Department stores, Greenhills, Penshoppe.

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    Thumbs up bargain clothes!

    you can buy cheap clothes that are fashionable at:

    Greenhills, Dept. stores, malls (kapg SALE), boutiques na hindi mashadong popular

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    Post right here!

    Hi there! I am selling overuns clothes. Good quality. Affordable prices! PM me!

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    Post Re: right here!

    Originally posted by cookiemonster
    Hi there! I am selling overuns clothes. Good quality. Affordable prices! PM me!
    ====>>> oh my really?? where's your place???

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    ..try CORSO MARCONI..daming mura and magaganda pa ang's very near our place!!!

    ..or try DESIGNER DEPOT in quirino corner south super highway, i've been there many times ang sarap mamili mura talaga...

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    Thumbs up add ko lang mga di pa na-mention..


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    Try goin to Virramall-Greenhills, Prime Block-Tutuban, & Redlane-Glorietta.

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    sa mga sm department stores. clothes there are really gud kung marunong kang pumili. coz usually, ginagaya lang ng mga merchandisers yung mga syle sa mga expensive and imported clothes, then ipapagaya nila yung style sa suppliers nila. so ang dating parang mamahalin at nasa moda yung damit mo.

    meron rin sa greenhills. dapat matiyaga ka lang maghanap.

    and i think marami ring magagandang c lothes sa edsa central.

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    Thumbs up

    I usually buy my clothes at Greenhills (Shoppesville), Star Mall (previously Manuela in Mandaluyong) & the lower Greenbelt shopping arcade (yung sa ilalim ng Chow King & KFC yung entrance).

    Fortunately, my current 'fave' brands (F&H, Migo -- for tops, at least) are available at all the abovementioned.

    Oh, except for my dress slacks -- those I've been exclusively buying from Wall Street in Galleria for the past several years. OC ako eh.

    Kung gusto niyo talagang mura, there's Tutuban, Divisoria, and Ukay-ukay in Baguio.

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    yup! ukay ukay in baguio is the best!!!

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    Ukay Ukay
    Surplus Shop sa mega-yung sa building A ha...mas maayos dun kaysa sa building B
    Sm department stores

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    Thumbs up

    Red Lane sa Glorietta
    Shoppesville and Shoppesville Plus sa GH
    Robinson's Department Store

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    Marami!!! Bazaars talaga the best! Tutuban is okay, but you have to be very patient and you really have to inspect the clothes. There's this area near Greenbelt (under Chowking, Greenwich, etc.) - they have nice and cheap clothes there.

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    Corso Marconi in Pasay and Galleria
    You can get a blouse for as low as 50 bucks, the italian shoes n sandals are the best buys.

    Surplus shop in Megamall
    Bambang Market for Retro stuff
    Tutuban Cluster Mall (ingatan lang ang wallet n cellphone)
    Ukay-ukay in Baguio and Davao City
    Designer Depot sa may Quirino highway/SShighway

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    sa min din meron , bandang las pinas, malapit sa ayala alabang, meron dun bagong bukas, parang divisoria styl,e ok ya lumipat ata yung iba na taga Dv dun eh . malapit sa LLANAS yun!
    advantage para sa mga malapit dito especially south pipol

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    sm dept stores, surplus shop.

    also, there's this place in front of holy family in qc. they sell overruns, the one's you'll find in greenhills but for a much cheaper price since they don't pay rent anymore. it looks like a garage. blouses-80-180, esprit, gap or banana rep capris at 360. kung mahal pa ito, please tell me kung saan mas mura

    for side-a:
    saan ang designer depot? how do you get there?

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