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    chinito na moreno bahamut_zero's Avatar
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    MooMoo farm/Cleyra
    Depende nalang yan kung sino ang suswertehin at hindi mahuhulugan sa routines nila.

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    My ranks:

    1. NU
    2. FEU
    3. TSU
    4. Altas
    5. CCP

    It's about time another UAAP Squad take the title since UP had it since its inception.

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    Way to gay up sports events!
    Cheers are to be heard not seen!

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    8 Secs Left in Overtime curiouser's Avatar
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    Congrats to the winners of the NCC!

    College Co-Ed Group Stunts
    2nd Runner-up: Holy Angel University Cheerleading Varsity
    1st Runner-up: CCP Bobcats
    Champion: Tarlac State University Firefox Cheerleading Varsity

    HS Co-Ed
    2nd Runner-up: Paranaque National High School
    1st Runner-up: Immaculate Conception Academy - Dasmarinas All Stars
    Champion: Lanao del Norte NCHS Wildcats

    College All-Girls
    1st Runner-up: CSB Pep Squad
    Champion: DLSU Animo Squad

    College Co-Ed
    2nd Runner-up: UPHSD Perpsquad
    1st Runner-up: CCP Bobcats
    Champion: NU Cheer Squadron
    Last edited by curiouser; Mar 10, 2013 at 09:00 PM.

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    I was rooting for the City University of Pasay, the champions of the 12th National Athletic Associaiton of Schools, Colleges and Universities (NAASCU).

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    National University, National Champion
    Tribute sa UAAP uli sila kanina, well deserved championship

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    Yeeeeeeeeey. So happy that NU won. Hahahaha.

    Sayang FEU.

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    Congratulations NU pep squad!

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    Congrtulations NU Pep Squad!

    Talagang pinanindigan nilang sila ang representative ng UAAP for this year. Galing ng tribute thru music!

    From what I see, NU will continue to be a threat to UAAP CDC in the years to come. Yung skills nila parang FEU circa 2009-2010.

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    ^Grabe! San pinagkukuha ng NU ang mems ng pep nila? Just watched their routine, ang lakas.

    For those who haven't watched NU's routine in the NCC finals, here's a video:

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    ^Nice! Congrats NU!
    /heɪtəs ɡɒnə heɪt. səʊ bʌɪt miː/

    not today Satan, not today

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    Quote Originally Posted by gettingeven10 View Post
    ^Grabe! San pinagkukuha ng NU ang mems ng pep nila? Just watched their routine, ang lakas.

    For those who haven't watched NU's routine in the NCC finals, here's a video:

    sobrang lakas grabe! napabilib ako dun sa 1-1-1 straddle toss to trophy nila.

    yung rewinds nila sobrang lakas din ha, better ng up pep's and feu cs'

    tapos ang galing din nung pyramid nila dun sa magic knight rayearth part (ginamit na rin ng feu cs yung music na yan nung 2009)

    mukhang determinado talaga ang we've got it all for University na idominate lahat ng events sa uaap ah hahaha.

    kwidaw ang up pep at feu cs hehe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by buzzkill View Post
    yung rewinds nila sobrang lakas din ha, better ng up pep's
    I'd still give it to UP. Mas smooth and maganda ang lines ng UP Pep pagdating sa execution compared to NU.
    /heɪtəs ɡɒnə heɪt. səʊ bʌɪt miː/

    not today Satan, not today

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    Congrats again NU. You represented the UAAP league well. Kudos also to FEU for giving a good show.

    Cheerleading wise, the bulldogs have improved a lot. If they can also show the same in other elements in the CDC arena (dances, choreo, etc), I'm sure they'll be a big contender for the crown.

    Natuwa din ako sa 'thousand hands' nila yesterday. haha!

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    grabe walang ka-hype hype pero BOOM, champions! HAHA

    ang nagustuhan ko sa routine nila eh (relatively) restrained. kumpara kasi sa iba na nahihilo ka na kung saan ka titingin at hindi mo alam kung error pa ba or part talaga ng routine (unless strategy talaga yun haha), yung kanila, kita mo talaga yung highlights ng routine.

    at nagustuhan ko din na karamihan sa mga ginawa nila, nagawa na nila before, iniba lang yung mounting, dismount (para sa pyramid nila) at yung order sa routine. Kumbaga hindi pinilit na gumawa ng bago pero prone naman to errors (also, injuries)

    abangan na yan sa September!

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    Yung 2nd pyramid nila akala ko 2-2-1 with half twist mounting, yun pala high split. Nyeta! Surprising nga.

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    Kinakabahan na ako sa NU ha. Bago pa tong members nila ganyan na. Most likely may around 5 competing years pa to sa UAAP. Kalurks. Haha. Tapos buong team kayang mag RO-BT.

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    naghakot ata ng gymnasts ang we've go'rit all for U-niversity. hahaha naghakot sa feu-cs at salinggawi last year hahaha. iba talaga ang sm advantage, maganda for sure ibinibigay nila perks sa mga student athletes nila.

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    ^ Pero Carmi Martin is waiting around the corner for hakoteras. Chos!

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