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    Memphis Grizzlies Thread: Grit N Grind

    Another team na favorite ko ngayon besides Lakers and Clippers, the MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES... This team deserves a thread na din.

    Grabe tong team na to... Currently on a 7-game winning streak.

    Rudy Gay

    Mike Conley

    OJ Mayo

    Tony Allen

    Marc Gasol


    Zach Randolph

    Sa mga updates and comments, dito na tayo mga kapwa fans!!!

    BTW, congrats on the win today versus the GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS. What a come from behind win!!!

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    Grizzlies giving away hilarious Valentine’s Day cards to fans (Pictures)

    Mike Conley

    Rudy Gay

    Tony Allen

    OJ Mayo

    Marc Gasol

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    ^Panalo yang mga V-Cards na yan!!!

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    I don't understand how the Grizzlies manage to have throwback jerseys. ugly ones at that.

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    Dante Cunningham's tip-in with 0.2 sec should be the top play of Friday's games!!

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    Akalain mo nga naman

    Sobrang baho ng start ng season... nainjure pa si Zach... tapos ngayon currently 3rd seed

    akala ko talaga wala na silang pagasa makapasok ng playoffs

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    rooted for this team last year against OKC. imo, from last year up to now, the biggest addition was Tony Allen..intensity, defense, experience, allout passion..
    w/o Zbo majority of their games, big props to an improved allstar play of Gasol and Gay's consistency. possible darkhorse of the west if they continue to win consistently. 4-6 spot is attainable. kulang na lang bench factor minsan, darrell arthur sayang!

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    as of this time..they are #3 in the west..behind OKC and the spurs..

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    Best Player In the Game SamboyLim9's Avatar
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    Mahirap na makalaban itong team na ito sa playoffs. Meron height, shooting and athleticism. May tulog na naman ang Spurs kapag nagkaharap sila sa playoffs.

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    Alaska, Mclaren, Clippers angel_thegame11's Avatar
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    gilbert arenas is now playing in a grizzlies uniform

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    Grizzlies dumping the Heat 97-82..XD


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    Quote Originally Posted by QuincyHernandez View Post
    Grizzlies dumping the Heat 97-82..XD

    Di makaporma si Bosh sa rebounds

    Talo nanaman siya kay Z-Bo 14 reb partida off the bench pa

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    Iba pa rin si Z-Bo!!

    Veteran moves lang pala ibibigay kay Boshabos!! XD

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    mukhang ang MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES ang darkhorse sa Western Conference

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    Quote Originally Posted by ◄◄ The Game ►► View Post
    mukhang ang MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES ang darkhorse sa Western Conference
    add Houston Rockets to the list..XD

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    Basta Houston and Memphis di makakatapat ang Spurs sa 1st round MASAYA SOBRA AKO

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    Harina (Arenas) shooting the lights out off the bench..XD

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    this team beat the Lakers, Thunder and Heat (at Miami) in a week's span. mighty impressive IMO.

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    #5 na pala ang Memphis. Pati yung Indiana #3 na ngayon sa East.

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