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    Memphis all smiles when they beat the Mavs..

    Rudy Gay with a great game..

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    hmm... pogi ba talaga? jaypogi's Avatar
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    itong team lang ang medyo takot ako makatapat sa first round.

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    Kapampangan Pride dakilangungaz's Avatar
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    OJ Mayo!!!!!

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    the darkhorse of the western conference.. they have the chance to get homecourt advantage(4th place), let' go memphis...

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    Alaska, Mclaren, Clippers angel_thegame11's Avatar
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    Go Memphis sila darkhorse sa west ngayon, sana sila mag champion favorite ko na team. sana memphis vs. new york sa finals

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    Just Tune In sTaRter_01's Avatar
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    Michael Heisley said 15 minutes ago: It has happened in the last 30 minutes or so that contract to sell Grizzlies to Robert Pera signed

    Michael Heisley on why hes selling the Grizzlies now: I have stepped aside from my companies. Im 75 years of age I had a couple of medical problems this year (heart). I thought the team was in good shape. Fan base was in good shape. I thought if the opportunity presented itself, I would sell the team.

    expect changes for the grizzlies especially for Mayo and Gay..
    its time to trade Non Performing assets.

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    He didn't even stretch doe! DrewBynumfan's Avatar
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    So they gonna get rid of the Gay guy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrewBynumfan View Post
    So they gonna get rid of the Gay guy?
    I wish Memphis try to trade Gay, especially now, there's a lot of suitors for him...

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    Memphis Beats Miami today 104-86

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    Just Tune In sTaRter_01's Avatar
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    wow am impressed they are good!! they just outplayed my Okc to a ground. iba laro ni Gay and Memphis bench..

    especially Like how Conley controlled the game...

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    grabe Memphis is for real... first Miami then today the Thunder....

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    They sort of remind me of Detroit 2004-07. Well rounded team with no true superstar. If they were in the East they'd probably give Miami fits for sure. Won't be surprised if they finish at the top 3 in the west this year as long as Zbo, Gay, Marc and Conley are healthy.

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    Nagsuntukan daw si Z-Bo at Perk

    involved pa ang police

    Pa kwento naman

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    ^Wala pa clear na report kung talagang nagkasuntukan. Iniimbestigahan pa mga post-game incidents.

    Anyway, grats to the Griz for beating a unbeaten team in NYK. Una, MIAMI then OKC then now NYK? nice.

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    Go Celtics!!! Riddikulus's Avatar
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    I believe law of averages will play on this team. I think may kulang pa sa kanila para masabing pure contenders.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riddikulus View Post
    I believe law of averages will play on this team. I think may kulang pa sa kanila para masabing pure contenders.
    The "kulang" you are talking about I believe is that they don't have a superstar and calls will probably go against them in the playoffs. Other than that they are a great well-balanced team. But yeah, the shooting percentages of their bench look unsustainable. IMO they can reach top 1-4 in the west.

    Their starting lineup:

    • Defensive and rebounding center, great passer for a big man and considered 3rd-4th best in the NBA.
    • Great post player and rebounder for a PF. Very strong and tough to guard and is now finally healthy and playing like he did in 2011.
    • Athletic, decent shooting SF, great slasher, seems to have improved chemistry with the team.
    • Perimeter defensive specialist SG
    • Great playmaker and defender for a PG, can also shoot and penetrate.

    They look great to me, their size, athleticism and defense will cause problems to other teams for sure.

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    This team gets better and better

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    Memphis on a Roll!! 8 game winning streak after beating New York and Charlotte..

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    NBA: Grizzlies' Randolph fined $25,000 for 'confronting' player
    November 20, 2012 10:03am

    Memphis Grizzlies forward Zach Randolph has been fined $25,000 for "confronting" Oklahoma City Thunder's Kendrick Perkins following their ejections from a game last week, the National Basketball Association said on Monday (Tuesday, PHL time).

    The players were hit with technical fouls and ejected last Wednesday (Thursday, PHL time) after a verbal altercation with 2:05 remaining in the fourth quarter of the Grizzlies' 107-97 win in Oklahoma City.

    Former All-Star Randolph, who had 20 points and 11 rebounds in the game, then challenged Perkins near the locker room, the NBA said.

    According to local reporters, Randolph and Perkins had to be separated by other players following a second altercation in a hallway near the locker rooms. - Reuters


  21. Nov 21, 2012

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