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    Post pano naging BAWAL sa BUNTIS anG TALONG?

    what's the reason behind that?...

    is it true...

    what will happen to the baby?

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    It's not true.

    No posting of jokes, please. I will delete them.

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    awww.. not fair doc..
    u just popped some fun there.

    just jking doc.

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    no doc!!! im not posting a joke... dami dito sa office namen knows bawal ang eggplant sa mga pregnant... *** 1 officemate ko nga na preggy gustong kumain ng tortang talong ng 1 kong officemate, pinagbawalan sya...

    im not kidding !!! honestly... *** i posted this kc im curious bat ganun sinasabi NILA... ndi lang 1 ang nagsabi e... almost all nag-agree bawal daw ...

    bat nila sasabuhin un dba kung ndi totoo... kaya un, tiis *** officemate ko na di kumain ng tortang talong...

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    I wasn't referrring to you, S_t_R_3_i_6_h_T. I was already anticipating a barrage of jokes after my reply. That myth came about because there is an old wives' tale that says that when you eat eggplant during pregnancy, you will have a blue baby, since the eggplant is sort of blue-violet in color.

    Assassin_Mage: I have been a moderator here long enough to know that jokes will flood this thread. Inuunahan ko na.

    Yes, I'm still going to delete them, guys and girls.

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    actually Doc Ira, considering the thread title, I was expecting it to be flooded also.

    so Doc, Does Blue Baby mean a Dead Baby then?

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    A blue baby would mean cyanosis, which is a symptom of a congenital heart/lung problem. If severe enough, it could bring about death immediately after birth. Of course, eating eggplant wouldn't bring this about.

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    maybe it WAS the talong that brought the baby about?

    i'm serious, doc - please don't hurt me.

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    I just KNEW some people here wouldn't be able to resist.

    You're a dead duck, attorney.

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    so u mean to say it was just only myth?... kala ko pa naman totoo na... dami na kasing naniniwala dun... nuku!!! kung makikita ko lang sino nagsimulang magsabi na bawal eggplant, eto ang sa kanya!!!

    kidding aside, so dapat ndi ako maniwala dun?... affected kasi ako e...i mean, gf ko...

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    As I've said, it's a myth. There's absolutely no truth behind that belief.

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    i don't think there's anything wrong with eating talong during pregnancy (as long as that's all you planned to do with it ) In fact, when my mom was pregnant, she was craving for inihaw na talong which she ate all the time. As far as I know, I turned out pretty normal.

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    Originally posted by dee
    In fact, when my mom was pregnant, she was craving for inihaw na talong which she ate all the time. As far as I know, I turned out pretty normal.
    Uhm, really? Normal's a relative term.

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    woah!!!!!!!!!!! this thread has double meaning! I mean kinda bastos pero i guess alam niyo na yun ... quite interesting

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    Originally posted by RalphLauren18
    woah!!!!!!!!!!! this thread has double meaning! I mean kinda bastos pero i guess alam niyo na yun ... quite interesting
    fyi, this is not bastos naman huh?!? *** do u hav in mond ba?... maybe u shouldbe reading the replies here... tel me san *** bastos dito...

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    S_t_R_3_i_6_h_T : ok sorry for being uncouth. But majority of people who will read this thread might envisage something into their mind.

    Ok BLUNTY speaking, what i visualize in this thread is that pregnant women might use 'talong' as a tool for contentment or satisfaction than using their hubby's.

    Sorry for using foul words but the topic has a double meaning to it ...

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    Tsk...I've already warned people here not to comment on the thread, since obviously comments done in fun can be offensive to people in some situations. What may be fun and inoffensive in other fora obviously doesn't hold true in the medical forum. I was hoping against hope that people will have enough discipline to resist comments like these. Anyway, I think we've pretty much answered S_t_R_3_i_6_h_T's questions already, so I'm locking this thread.

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    Post On The Buntis and Talong Thread

    just an aside -

    "Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter (a chemical which transmits nerve impulses or signals) in the brain and the peripheral nervous system. The enzyme cholinesterase functions to break down acetylcholine. When cholinesterase is inhibited, the continued presence of acetylcholine over-stimulates the post-synaptic nerve cell, causing the symptoms of poisoning that characterize the anti-cholinesterases. Synthetic insecticides in the organophosphate and carbamate group have the same mechanism of action.

    Glycoalkaloids are naturally-occurring anti-cholinesterases, the most common of which are solanine and chaconine. These occur in plants of the genus Solanum, which includes potatoes, tomatoes, and eggplants.

    The occurrence of steroidal alkaloids, usually referred to as glycoalkaloids, in Solanaceous plants was discovered more than 150 years ago. This report reviews our present knowledge about the potential hazard of steroidal alkaloids occurring in tomato, eggplant (aubergine), pepper, bittersweet and black nightshade."

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