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  1. #81
    walang curse yan..e bakit si balse roy..every year pa halimaw ng pa halimaw hehe

  2. #82
    I love this game! niknik088's Avatar
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    May 2009
    sa puso ni Yeye <3
    Sabagay dati si Maica Morada ROY din, at magaling pa rin...

  3. #83
    camille cruz sana e.. kung pwede lang wag muna icount yung rookie year ni camille e, kaso wala e, ganun talaga buhay volleyballl.


    sana manghalimaw sya sa second round and hopefully sa semis

  4. #84

  5. #85
    malupit din iyon Reyes ng UST

    pero gusto ko pa din iyon Reyes ng DLSU at siempre si Galang

  6. #86
    sayang si lastimosa, kung pinaglaro lang sya these past games, siguro malaki chance nya maging ROY

  7. #87
    ^hindi naman eligible yata si lastimosa. nabasa ko dati nagre-residency siya sa ust last year.

    palagay ko mika reyes roy this season.

    AH! AH! AH! AH! AH!

  8. #88
    ah ok.. so kung ganun baka sa lasalle manggagaling ang ROY, its a match up between galang and reyes pero mas consistent si reyes

  9. #89

    Season 74 Rookie of the Year

    I have two candidates for ROY. MIKA REYES and VICTONARA GALANG.

  10. #90

  11. #91
    because Cruz, i think, isn't a contender for ROY anymore,
    Mika Reyes and Ara Galang would be my pick..
    either of the two, pero i would be happier if Reyes gets the award!
    pero ok lang din naman kung si Galang, bsta as long as from DLSU.

  12. #92
    without any biases, Ingrid Reyes of UST will get the ROY award this year. Ive seen, Reyes and Galang of DLSU play but they are not as effective as Reyes of UST

  13. #93
    gusto ko man mapunta kina reyes at de leon ng UST ito mukhang malayo mangyari yun kasi hindi sila masyadong babad di tulad nila mika at galang ng la salle.. pero skill-wise among the four, mas bilib talaga ako kay jessey! ang ganda ng anticipation niya sa blocking at ang lalakas din ng palo niya (hindi nga lang masyadong nabibigyan)

  14. #94
    It's a three-way battle between Galang (DLSU), Reyes (DLSU) and Morado (UST).

  15. #95
    I have not seen the statistics/ sheet but I'm surprised about Morado.

    Anyway my vote still remains to be either of the Reyes.

    I like Galang's face. She looks like a doll in the 80's. Short hair and twinkly eyes.

  16. #96
    maganda ang labanan ng mga rookies ngayon unpredictable kung sino makakakuha parang nung season 72 Santiago-Banaticla-Siy-Maraņo, lahat deserving manalo

  17. #97
    I'm responsible for my rose indigo77's Avatar
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    Nov 2001
    with the Fox :)
    Ara Galang

  18. #98
    Yes. Galang has the edge over Reyes if you will base it from yesterday's game.

  19. #99
    Galang has already 3 POG in this season.. That's something for a rookie

  20. #100
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    Jun 2011
    Under the Bridge
    kudos to Vic Galang. this girl continues to gain confidence as the season goes on. ROY award is not too far to get.

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