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    Post if you can have 5 dogs what would be your choices?

    with the exeption of mongrels, what are the 5 breeds you would like to have if you had the money, space, and all other conditions??

    here are mine:
    1. Goldren retriever cute and very friendly great companion
    2. basset hound kahit maingay they are very malambing
    3. pug cute sobra
    4 great dane good watchdog and a gret companion
    5 siberian husky very playful and elegant looking

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    Tainted Thoughts
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    Jun 2001
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    • Chihuahua
    • Akita
    • Dalmatian
    • Labrador Retriever
    • Shetland Sheepdog

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    Now, dream doggy ko talaga Beagle.

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    Spearo Schmero simonesez's Avatar
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    1. German Sheperd Dog - Show Type (American or German progeny) and Sports/Protection (German, esp. East)
    2. Rottweiler - German bloodlines only please (breeders of AKC registered Rotts had bred out the salient qualities)
    3. Belgian Malinois - Never mind the form (mukhang askal). Function is beauty in itself
    4. Bull Terrier - High prey drive more than makes up for size
    5. Doberman Pinscher - See no. 3

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    Shadow of Death
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    Thumbs up

    -Siberian Husky
    -Old English sheepdog
    -German Sheperd

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    1. American Bulldog
    2. Siberian Husky
    3. Noepolitan Mastiff
    4. Rottweiler
    5. Golden Retriever

    Any1 selling a dog? Please Pvt Msg me.

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    dekra3: Check out the Classifieds forum. Dami nagtitinda ng dogs doon.

    My top 5 breed choices [in no particular order]:

    1. Shih-Tzu
    2. Labrador Retriever
    3. Beagle
    4. Maltese
    5. Siberian Husky

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    1. Collie- very beautiful, great with kids and other people, and i love the color!
    2. Golden Retriever- same with #1.
    3. Pomeranian- very cute,small,cuddly and furry!
    4. Long haired Chihuahua- same with #3 basta kakulay nya ang collie o kaya pomeranian o kaya 2 ang color nya, plus very matapang despite of its size.
    5. Siberian Husky- gusto ko blue color, saka maganda sya,mukhang wolf, pwedeng guard dog.

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    If I could have 5 dogs I'd want the ff:
    1) Chow Chow, dream dog ko!
    2) Golden Retriever, sobrang friendly
    3) Bassett Hound, cute din grabe
    4) English Bulldog, ala Mr. Magoo's
    5) Husky, angas eh

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    1)Siberian Husky
    5)Golden Retriever


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    1. american pit bull terrier (meron ako 1, gusto ko 3)
    2. rottweiler
    3. bull terrier (yung aso sa next friday na movie)
    4. jack russell terrier (si wishbone)
    5. american mastiff

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    da cranky ferret!
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    Nov 1999
    Kingdom of Pretty



    1. PUG
    2. Pomeranian
    3. Yorkshire Terrier
    4. Afghan Hound (I saw one in this petshop in Proj 8, it was PINK! but it was cute cute cute!!!)
    5. Basset Hound

    i love dogs!

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    5 na siberian husky hehe gagawa ako ng dog sled team sa pinas kahit walang snow lagyan ko ng gulong yung sled

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    1. St. Bernard
    2. German Shepherd
    3. Siberian Husky
    4. Beagle
    5. Shih-Tzu

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    German Shepherd
    Mini Pinchster

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    1. shetland sheepdog
    2. yorkshire terrier
    3. siberian husky
    4. shih-tzu
    5. a mixed dog, preferably half lhasa apso (like all my mixed dogs right now)

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    1. ChowChow (meron kami kaso nde pure 75% lang )
    2. Siberian Husky /Pug ang cute sobra
    3. Rottweiler
    4. PitBull (meron na kami same age ng chowchow namin)
    5. Shih-Tzu (or any toy dog, para madala ko sa manila)

    sino ang nagbebenta ng shih-tzu na mura lang as in murang mura lang..

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    1. beagle --> i want one that looks exactly like lou in cats & dogs

    2. german shepherd --> to guard the house

    3. golden retriever --> to entertain kids

    4. shih tzu --> same reason, to entertain kids

    5. siberian husky --> parang ang sarap yakapin e

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    1. Labrador Retriever (i love black)
    2. Rottweiler (Guard dog)
    3. Pitbull - Dozer Line (para macho)
    4. Pitbull - Carver Line (small but terrible)
    5. Mini-Pin (para cute)

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    1) Labrador Retriever
    2) Golden Retriever
    3) Shih-tzu
    4) Chow Chow
    5) Toy Poodle

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