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    Apr 2001
    1. Miniature Schnauzer
    2. Labrador (any color)
    3. King Charles Spaniel
    4. chow chow
    5. Shih Tzu - elegant carriage and easy to bring along during flights kasi they allow dogs below 15 lbs. to be carried in duffle bags!

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    Weimariner (spelling, anyone?). People usually refer to them as the "ghost dogs" because their eyes are light-coloured. They're such graceful-looking animals.

    And beagles are great! My mother-in-law has one, she's the sweetest dog on earth!

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    1. ****ER SPANIEL - very affectionate & intelligent

    2. BEAGLE - cute

    3. AFGHAN HOUND - sophisticated looking

    4. SIBERIAN HUSKY - cute ng blue eyed!

    5. SHELTIE - smaller version of a collie

    I have all these breeds before. What is left now is my cute spaniels. My beagle died of cancer... Now, its my uncle who have Afghan hound, husky, sheltie, chow chow, golden ret, great pyreannes (not so sure abt the spelling though). Recently, 2 of his afgan gave birth 7 pups each. I think there's still 5 left. Ang mahal ksi eh!

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    top five dogs i would like to have:

    5. dalmatian (great companion and super sweet)
    4. rottweiler (to scare off other people)
    3. beagle (for the kids)
    2. ****er spaniel (cutie!)
    1. yellow labrador!!! (easy grooming and very friendly)

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    Jan 2001
    1. Beagle - Ever since Lou on Cats & Dogs, I've wanted one so bad. My best friend has one and he's so adorable and hyper!
    2. Golden Retriever - Pero sana puppy forever siya. Hehehe.
    3. Shih Tzu
    4. Jack Russell Terrier
    5. Another beagle

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    1.) lhasa apso - sobrang adorable! parang shih tzu pero pahaba yung mukha.

    2.) pug - sobrang cute din!

    3.) shar pei

    3.) american bulldog

    4.) golden retriever

    5.) st. bernard

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    where moogles f


    ***** sa akin, i would have any of the following (in reandom order):

    [list=1][*]welsh corgi - either pembroke or cardigan[*]basset hound - mahilig ako sa hush puppies, e![*]chow chow - dahil mukha silang teddy bear na naging aso[*]either scottish terrier, bulldog, german shepherd, bull terrier, or labrador retriever - 'la lang --- ang dami kong hilig, ano? [*]boxer or rottweiler - 'la lang --- mababagsik sila na mukhang maamo, e! [/list=1]

    'yun lang! wala na kasi akong iba pang maisip sa ngayon, e! basta 'yun! cge!

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    Just recently, I learned how to love dogs! They're so adorable pala!

    Here's my list of favorite breeds:

    1. PUG - need I say how cute they are!!!
    2. Basset Hound- they're kulit but they are very nice to look at!
    3. Shih Tzu- small but elegant
    4. American Bulldog- stunning
    5. Labs- super noisy but friendly

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    there are only 2 dogs that I really like

    German Shepard - intelligent, loyal

    Labrador Retriever - intelligent, playful

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    Ghost of Ian Rush
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    Aug 2001


    Labrador Retriever
    English Bulldog
    Bull Mastiff
    Shar Pei

  11. #31


    Shih Tzu - very cute and playful... (my dog cooper-a shih tzu)
    Chow Chow - cute...i vow to have one someday...
    Labrador -intellegent and i think they're sweet
    ****er spaniel -cute and endearing
    Retriever -inetellegent

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    Apr 2001


    sus . .ang bilis naman niyan ..

    my choices
    1. chow chow
    2. chow chow
    3. chow chow
    4. chow chow
    5. chow chow

    i wasnt a dog person before. my chow changed my mind completely!!!! if i had a big lawn, i would have 5. . maybe more chows!!!

    gotta love those black tongues

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    ****er spaniel
    german shepard
    siberian husky
    golden retriever

    I was gonna post some more pero 5 lang ang kailangan. I love these dogs based on experience. I actually have these dogs kaso I'm not planning to keep anymore in the near future becoz my work requires me to do a lot of country hopping. Kawawa naman ang mga pets ko coz hindi ko sila maalagaan.

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    yun na lang....

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    top choices

    1. rottwieler
    2. golden retriever
    3. shih-tzu
    4. corgi
    5. pomeranian

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    [Gryffindor Seker]
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    Mar 2001
    Gdric's Hllw


    . golden retriever


    german shepard

    siberian husky


    and i will name them Dogburn

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    May 2000



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    Sep 2001


    shih-tzu - cute kc
    chow chow - gusto din ni mommy e
    lhasa apso - prang shih tzu kso may nguso
    pomeranian - gusto din ni mommy e
    pug - la lang cutie kc e!

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    Aug 2001


    Jack Russell Terrier (like Milo in The Mask) -- super cutie
    German Shepherd
    Welsh Corgi
    Mini Pinscher

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    1. Pug (Ugly pero cute, basta!)
    2. Shih-Tzu (Sobrang lambing! Kunsuwelo sa buhay.)
    3. Jack Russel Terrier (Talino. Sarap i-train.)
    4. Chow Chow (Ala lang)
    5. Labrador Retriever (Sige na nga, kahit ang lalaki nila at hirap alagaan -- ang likot kasi! )

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