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    Nagdadalawang isip ako kung makakasali ako this season. Sobrang busy talaga! No time to tweet na nga e!

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    I checked Hoops and played around with the menus. Looks like pwede na gumawa ng liga and even draft.

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    Buti pa ang BANO magsstart, NBA yata hinde!

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    pwede bang mag-apply ulit?

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    Just checked Hoops website. They actually officially opened the site last September 19. Leagues, joining and drafting are now allowed. Di mo lang nga alam if matutuloy ang season.

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    Happy Birthday, Mike!

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    Happy birthday, Mike.

    Go for the 8-ball!

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    haba birdie Mikey...pogi ng FB profile pic mo

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    looking for applicants for keeper league in Pantasya League.

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    Satan's Alley
    Corey Brewer, Kobe Bryant, Wilson Chandler, Glen Davis, Tim Duncan, Ben Gordon, Richard Jefferson, McRoberts, Outlaw, Paul Pierce, Derrick Rose, Jason Terry

    Barbosa, Vince Carter, Casspi, Cousins, Kidd, Carl Landry, Maggette, Brad Miller, Okafor, Tony Parker, JR Smith, Lou Williams

    Baguio Oilers
    Bonner, Calderon, Fisher, Pau Gasol, LeBron, Wes Johnson, Kirilenko, Okur, Prince, Rajon Rondo, Hedo Turkoglu, Marvin Williams

    Tony Allen, Budinger, Camby, Gallinari, Ginobili, Hansbrough, Hinrich, Kaman, CJ Miles, Scola, Varejao, DWade

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    musta na mga ka-bano? anong pinag-aabalahan nyo ngayon?

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    I suggest that we have to prepare for the coming season now. My gut feeling is that there will be an agreement in place this coming month. And once it happens, magagahol na tayo sa oras sa drafting lalo na isang buwan lang ata gagawin na preparation for the coming season.

    ano kaya, magdecide na muna tayo regarding sa draft order ng liga. what do you think, guys?

    sandali nga pala, nag-roll call na ba kayo?

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    rumors are stating that there could still be a full season starting in December.

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    mag-draft na tyo? i checked hoops, pwede mag-create ng league.

    ok lang sakin magdraft na, pareparehas lang naman newsstream natin e.

    miss ko na mga ka-bano!

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    Game draft na!

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    yeah, I think there's a chance that the NBA season can start on Dec.

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    Quote Originally Posted by galaxy_ram View Post
    teka, mali pala yung listahan. andun si mjrealm eh

    afaik sa banban si mjrealm last year. he still needs to apply for bano.


    01 No_Limit
    02 Zanarkand
    03 Westbound17
    04 squeeze_it_01
    05 mc_316
    06 dakilangungaz
    07 PoeticInjustice
    08 K_G
    09 jaLenpaRk™
    10 gamberro
    11 talunan08
    12 luks7210
    13 dRknGeL
    14 neth_row
    15 beedjhey
    16 supercrapper
    17 galaxy_ram
    18 blitzzero
    19 el_dasik_oo1
    20 duncan
    21 overdrive
    22 lucas


    eto yung last tally. 2 managers di pa nagconfirm. Westbound intends to give his spot to the lucky winner.

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    NBA cancels games through Nov. 30.

    Talks blowup #lockout

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    Sayang amp!

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    sorry mga peeps for acknowledging late. I would like to confirm my participation for this season, short season rather.

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