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    Quote Originally Posted by spectacular View Post
    Kung hindi nila kayang tapusin o ilipat ang CB, dapat ikli-an nalang ng oras. Instead na 45 mins, gawing 30 mins nalang at yung 15 mins na nabawas, idagdag sa Amaya para 1 oras na! Mas masaya diba??

    Hahahaha. Kung tayo lang ang may ari ng network e di yan na ang ginawa natin. At kung tayo din ang may-ari ng network baka hindi na natin binigyan ng green light ang CB book 2. Choz!

    Lesson na yan sa GMA7.

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    Quote Originally Posted by noodle15 View Post
    AHA na!

    nanonood na din ako..

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    tama corn snake nga ang kambal ahas ni amaya.

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    nyek yun na yun. mas marami pa pakita sa ahas lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by rajah_mangubat View Post
    paki report nalang si kakabitanv3 sa admin guys
    hayaan mo na si kakabitan. bumibilis naman ang thread kahit pano dahil sa kanya ikaw na rin nagsabi, nakakaawang ipaban ang mga trolls. gawin na lang natin syang resident troll. pero isang troll lang, hehehe. wag na nating dagdagan pa

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    Good Sunday Morning sa mga kabanwas na nasa Pilipinas at Hi naman sa mga kabanwa from different side of the world...

    Napansin ko lang...mukhang ako lang ang gumagamit ng 'eh' sa mga posts dito.. sorry caviteno kasi ako eh..

    natawa naman ako sa uma-alternick na writer..
    uso na ba sa journalism yan?.. pero sabagay may mga ghost writers nga akong naririnig eh..

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    Quote Originally Posted by noodle15 View Post
    Culture scholars say ‘Amaya’ is inaccurate, misleading
    By: Nestor P. Burgos Jr.
    Inquirer Visayas
    8:23 pm | 8:23 pm

    ILOILO CITY – An award-winning epic-chanter who belongs to an indigenous group on Panay Island has raised concerns over the depiction of its cultural beliefs and practices on GMA 7’s new series, “Amaya.”

    Federico Caballero, 73, an elder of the Panay-Bukidnon community, said that, while the show may be fictional, the portrayal of its people’s practices, terms and beliefs are inaccurate. “Some of the things depicted do not reflect our culture,” Caballero told the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

    Caballero is among 12 National Living Treasure awardees of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA). He was recognized in 2000 for his work in the documentation of the oral literature, particularly the epics, of his people which was nearing extinction, according to a citation posted on the NCAA website.

    About the Kapuso series, Caballero objected to the characterization of a supposed binukot (well-kept maiden) – Amaya, played by actress Marian Rivera.

    At times offensive

    In an article posted on the network’s website,, the show’s producers and writers said Amaya’s character was inspired by the binukot of the Panay-Bukidnon indigenous people. The show, which premiered on May 30, liberally uses words in Hiligaynon and Kiniray, languages associated with the Panay-Bukidnon people.

    Caballero said it was inaccurate, at times offensive, to show supposed binukot and members of the community half-naked or wearing skimpy clothes. “Our people, most especially the binukot, are conservative. We wear clothes that hardly expose skin,” he stressed.

    Caballero’s mother, Preciosa Cataluna-Caballero, was a binukot from birth until she was (engaged to be married at 8 years old and) wed at 12 to a 15-year-old. She died in 1993.

    Called Panay-Bukidnon or Sulodnon by scholars, the community is the largest indigenous group on Panay Island, living in the mountains of Tapaz and Jamindan towns in Capiz and in the towns of Calinog and Lambunao in Iloilo. The National Commission on Indigenous People (NCIP) estimates their number at 15,000 in Tapaz, 12,000 in Calinog and 6,000 in Jamindan.

    The community, which also refers to its members as Tumanduk, has a rich oral tradition that consists of legends, epics and recorded events. The sugidanon (epics chanted in the archaic Panay language called the Dagil or Ligbok) tell the story and exploits of their local heroes.

    The community’s rich oral literature is likewise expressed in the dilot (love songs), talda (repartee) and ulawhay (chanted narrative).

    Anthropologists have recorded nine epics chanted for at least 162 hours. These epics are known to provide insights into the history, psyche and culture of the pre-Hispanic Panay Bisayan.

    Caballero said Amaya’s character becoming a warrior, is particularly misleading because binukot are not allowed to be exposed even to sunlight – which accounts for their often fair complexion. They are trained to be adept epic-chanters and dancers, and to play native musical instruments, he said, adding that binukot command a much higher dowry than most maidens because of these physical attributes and skills.

    Dr. Alicia Magos, a noted anthropologist and retired professor of the University of the Philippines in the Visayas, has conducted extensive studies on the Panay-Bukidnon community. She said she has received complaints about the portrayal of the indigenous people, and especially the binukot, in “Amaya.” Magos said, “The use of the word binukot, detached from its proper historical and cultural context to represent characters in a fictional story, may be deceptive.”

    GMA 7 rejoinder

    Suzette Doctolero, the show’s head writer,” told the Inquirer last Friday: “‘Amaya’ is a work of historical fiction. We did research on pre-Hispanic times and found that there were binukot throughout the archipelago and in other Southeast Asian countries, as well as areas populated by Austronesian peoples. There’s a similar practice among Samoans.”

    Doctolero said the show did not depict just the Panay-Bukidnon tribe. “It’s about the islands before the Spaniards arrived.”
    re the headline: federico caballero may be an award-winning epic chanter and transmitter of his cultural heritage but i don't think he's a "culture scholar" (for one who studies cultures). if he was he would have been aware of the existence of binukot in other places and times and that the portrayal of binukot in amaya does not hint on being a facsimile of the binukots of panay bukidnon. dr. magos, whom i can say fits the description of "culture scholar" better, has a more reserved statement as per this article, and it's not complaint at all.

    as to the people whom magos says she received complaints from, people in this thread know who these people are. the fb-ranting pseudo-intellectuals driven by nothing else but network loyalty that masquerades behind loyalty to cultural heritage.

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    nabasa ko to kaninang madaling-araw and while reading i thought na hindi naman specified kung anong tribal group nina Amaya eh, kaya hindi pwedeng sabihin na inaccurate ang mga nasa amaya dahil hindi sila nagbigay ng isang spedific tribe. sa tribe nila pwedeng ganito ganyan ang mga binukot pero it doest mean na lahat ng tribe sa pilipinas ay parehong-pareho ang treatment sa mga binukot nila. kung may tinarget na specific group ang writers ng amaya then dun dapat sila mag react kung mali ang mga ipinapakita sa show. hindi nila naisip na kung hindi pa gumawa ng ganito ang GMA hindi malalaman ng karamihan ng mga pilipino ang tungkol sa kultura natin nung sinaunang panahon. tsk tsk tsk

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    my comments has been deleted on that article lol anobayun wala naman akong sinabing bad or foul words

  11. Jun 12, 2011

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    Agang. Gamitin mo ito upang sampalin ang iyong kaibigan ng paulit-ulit.
    Lakasan mo.
    Sa bibig, hanggang sa ito'y magdugo.

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    EPISODE NO. 3: June 1, 2011

    ANG PAGPAPATULOY NG IKATLONG KABANATA: Si Bakunawa at ang Sanggol Na May Kambal Ahas

    a. Rajah Mangubat

    Nagpatuloy ang rajah sa paghahanap sa sanggol na babae na may kambal ahas hanggang sa napunta siya sa banwa ni Datu Bugna at Lamitan. Hiniling niyang masilayan ang anak nito na babae pati na rin ang anak ng datu sa uripon na si Dal’ Lang.

    b. Datu Bugna – Dal’Lang – Amaya – Kambal Ahas

    Inakala ni Datu Bugna na isang masamang pangitain ang pagdating ni BAKUNAWA. Nalaman niyang nanganak nga ang asawa niyang si Dian Lamitan, pero babae (na hindi maaaring gawing tagapagmana) pa rin ang kanyang isinilang. Nalaman din niya mula kay Awi na si Lamitan ay hindi muli pang magkakaanak (ayon sa kumadronang tumulong sa panganganak ni Lamitan). Ibinalita ni Agang kay Datu Bugna na nanganak na rin ng sanggol na babae si Dal’Lang. Hindi na sana masisiyahan ang datu sa balita, pero dinagdag ni Agang na ang sanggol ay may kakambal na ahas. Dali-daling nagpunta si Datu Bugna sa kinaroroonan ni Dal’Lang at labis-labis ang katuwaan ang naramdaman ng datu sa nakita. Alam niya na isinilang si Amaya na may gagampanang mahalagang tungkulin, bukod pa sa posibilidad na ito ay ang kanyang tagapagmana.

    Dahil sa paghahanap ni Rajah Mangubat sa sanggol na may kambal ahas ay dali-daling hiniwalay ni Datu Bugna ang kambal na ahas o ang umalagad kay Amaya at nilagay sa gubat. Pinakiusapan ng datu na ang umalagad ay magpakita lamang kung kinakailangan ito ni Amaya. Pinagpasiyahan din ng datu na kunin kay Dal’ Lang si Amaya upang gawing isang binukot (o prinsesang nakatago). Ang pagkuha kay Amaya ay labis na nagdulot ng hinagpis at lungkot kay Dal’Lang.

    c. Dian Lamitan – Binayaan – Marikit

    Pinangalanang Binayaan ni Lamitan ang kanyang bagong panganak na sanggol dahil sa ‘pinabayaan’ at hindi ito inintindi ng kanyang ama (dahil sa kasarian). Makikilala natin dito si Marikit, ang panganay na anak ni Lamitan at Datu Bugna na isa ring binukot. Nang napadpad si Rajah Mangubat sa banwa nina Lamitan at Bugna at hiniling na makita ang anak ng dalawa ay duon nalaman ni Lamitan na nanganak na rin si Dal’ Lang na labis nitong pinag-alala at ikinatangis nang husto. Tinangka ni Mantal na kumbinsihin ang kanyang kapatid na walang halaga din ang anak ni Dal’ Lang kay Bugna dahil isa rin itong babae.

    d. Bayang – Bagani

    Si Bayang na alabay ng pinaslang na babaylan ay isa nang hayohay sa pamamahay ni Rajah Mangubat at naatasan na magbantay sa anak nitong si Bagani. Sa pagpapakita ng pagkakaiba ng anak sa ama ay pinangakuan ni Bagani si Bayang na kapag siya ay naging Datu ay tutubusin niya si Bayang upang hindi na itong maging hayohay.

    Mga Napansin:

    A. Written in the Stars...or why a diwata should not eat while on duty - Luma nang istilo ang paggamit ng mga bagay na nagaganap sa kalangitan upang magsilbing hudyat ng pagdating ng isang natatanging nilalang o ang tinakda (Hello! Bible...Star of Bethlehem). Dito sa Amaya ay isang lunar eclipse. Pero dito sa palabas na ito ay maganda ang paggamit.

    Akala ng marami, kaya lumabas agad si Amaya ay dahil sa “dramatic effect” dahil sabay na manganganak si Lamitan at Dal’ Lang, o dahil si Dal’ Lang ay pinahirapan ng uripon ni Lamitan sa bukid kaya parang “almost miscarriage,” o kaya e dahil parating na si Mangubat. Maaalala natin na nagtaka si Agang at si Uray Gurang kung bakit parang nagpupumilit lumabas ang bata bagama’t hindi pa nito kabuwanan.

    Nabanggit ni Atubang kay Rajah Mangubat na “…….Nilisan ni Bakunawa ang SULAD (land of the dead) upang pagtangkaing kainin ang buwan. Dahil duon…walang nagbabantay sa sulad kangina....kaya maaring may mga umalagad o kaluluwa ng mga ninuno na duon ay tumakas. At kung may makakatakas na umalagad at kaluluwa ng mga nangamatay na ninuno maarii siyang magbalat-kayong isang ahas…..isang ahas na isisilang kasama ang isang sanggol na sinasabi sa hula.”

    Ang paglabas ni Bakunawa kung ganun ay ang dahilan kung bakit nakalabas kaagad si hindi yung kaya lumabas si Bakunawa ay dahil lalabas na ang sanggol.

    B. Amaya is safe…for now. - Hindi na pinag-aksayahan ng panahon ni Mangubat si Amaya na makita at hindi na rin niya ito mapaghihinalaang ito ang sanggol na babaeng may kambal-ahas dahil na rin sa sinabi ni Lamitan na “Hindi nasisiran ng bait ang mga umalagad upang piliin ang isang uripon na magsilang ng may kakambal na ahas.” Maiksi lang ang sinabi pero sapat na para matanggap ng audience kung bakit maliligtas si Amaya sa posibleng kapahamakan kung nagpumilit si Mangubat na makita ito. Tandaan na nung sinabi ito ni Lamitan ay hindi pa naihihiwalay ni Bugna ang ahas sa gubat.

    C. Kabugin si Bugna (or why I feel for Lamitan) – Mabait na tao si Datu Bugna, pero like all men nung panahon na iyon….mahalaga pa rin ang magkaroon ng anak na lalaki kesa sa babae….lalo na kung datu ka at naghihintay ka ng tagapagmana. Kaya naintindihan ko rin ang naramdaman ni Lamitan na galit nang hindi nito pinansin si Binayaan. Aba e lalo na kung nalaman ni Lamitan na bagama’t babae rin si Amaya e mas mahal ito ng kanyang asawa dahil lang sa nagkaroon ito ng kambal ahas o umalagad. So tinanggap ni Bugna ang isang babaeng anak o tigapagmana dahil lang sa may special twin ito. Oh you're so unfair Bugna.

    Itong flaw ni Bugna na ito na dahil na rin sa dinikta ng kanilang society nuon ay isa sa mga magiging solidong dahilan sa likod ng mga babalakin ng character ni Lamitan laban kay Bugna.

    So far….natutuwa ako sa kuwento. Ipagpatuloy nawa.

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    AdventuresOfTinTin jammerakwaii10's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by kambal_Aso View Post
    I'm sure that GMA and Amaya team is expecting this kind of situation. Its kinda predictable

    They shouldn't compare modern society to pre-Hispanic period

    Kahit sa ibang bansa, pag gumawa ka na ganitong project, you have to expect na may mga critics, doubters, media wh0res, etc.

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    Regionalism Blinds, True Historical Meaning Convoluted by Illogism

    Quote Originally Posted by basuraka View Post
    naaasar ako sa article na to..

    pinairal nanaman ang pagiging Regionalistic.
    And a man wearing clothes that hardly expose skin?? Noong panahon na 'yon? I don't believe that!!

    Hindi ba halatang promo pics lang at yung plot lang na Amaya would go from a Binukot to being a great warrior ang alam nung tao?..kasi never naman naging half-naked si Amaya nitong binukot pa siya eh except nalang nung scene na hinuhulaan ni Bayang si wala pa nga sa phase na naging warrior na si Amaya yung tinatakbo ng storya sa TV eh...sana panoorin muna nang malaman talaga ang kwento behind all these..
    Hi Guys,
    sandali ha....when writing fiction based on history, you take liberties in creating some amalgamation of events, peoples and cultures to present a story...Take for instance Mel Gibson's 'Braveheart' - it was based on a real character, his life and times but it was 'expanded' with other characters, created from imagination but based on the realities of that period. Writers do this not with the intent of rewriting history, they do this for entertainment value and to depict the 'social context' that the Historical Figure - imagined or real - lived in. This is the same with the Scott Brother's Russel Crowe starrer 'Gladiator'. Was there a real Roman general of said name and life in that period? How about it's villain? There weren't but they were, once again an amalgamation (pinagtagpi-tagpi) na mga attributes ng mga historical figures like for Maximus si Gen. Varus at ang Caesar na nicharacterize ni Joaquin Phoenix - si Nero. This is already Hollywood and this is the stock method used by writers to present the social context of a historical time period where life can only be based on artifacts, records and documents. In stories like this, historians and archaeologists help writers recreate a 'lost world'.

    Ganito rin ang nangyayari sa Amaya. Much worse pa kasi walang halos records noon. The centuries that gap our time and the setting is divided by almost 600 years and in between we have had the Spanish, the Americans, Wars and our recent chaotic history as a nation. As a Historian, I can say this. Whatever 'Binukot' and ethnic practice even the purest of 'tribes' have in this day and age all over Panay and South-EAst Asia - they will not be 'TRUE TO THE 15th CENTURY'. Historians know this - history is situated in time and in social context. The conditions then are different from the conditions now. Even in the most far flung barrios Western ideas are ever present and our folklores as well as ethnic practices (consider Pagbabarang) already include Christian and modern elements. What we have, in the practice of said 73-year old is an 'Artifact' - a remainder of an ancient practice and is only a very minute rendition and element to the Original.

    So, what does this mean? That even by simply claiming what is seen on TV is not true, the old chanter, much respect to her ethnic traditions, is judging AMAYA from an Ethnocentric perspective. This is to be expected. Ethnocentricism in the Philippines is very regionalistic. Kung ano ang alam nila, yun lang ang tama, hindi nila naiisip na mas MAlaki pa ang Mundo kesa sa Aninipay and many cultures can claim the same root traditions from the Indones to the Malay. But can we blame them? After the Spanish arrived they have been very defensive of ancient practices. They have had to keep their copies of the MAragtas and ancient writings away from prying eyes in lieu of being accused as a witch/pagan-satanic worshipper and then killed. They were forced to shed their old narratives in relation to who they are and then given a new one by the Spanish. In the confusion, whatever they have salvaged becomes 'only theirs' not thinking that many have gone through the same oppression who have lost just what they have lost all over the Philippines under the Spanish, Indonesia under the Dutch, Malaysia under the French and the British. It will be pointless to argue to the old chantress that she is a little misinformed because this is the truth she has known since birth. She, like so many others, had been disconnected completely to our shared Pan-Asian Heritage. What she holds is a version of the truth but not the entire truth because she only sees a very small part of the canvas. This is is what ethnocentricism and regionalism (as well as Network wars) do to people - they see the world through blinders, like horses in a race so that they cannot see the entire picture and the wider world around them. Sadly, people in the rival network, so-called critics and those envious of Amaya's success will exploit her claim being themselves fallen to self-interest. This is what is sad about our country, salita muna bago isip. Kaya Banana republic tayo at mauunahan pa tayo ng Vietnam at Indonesia sa development.

    Misskopinas (feeling the pain of ethnocentric loyalties is a harsh reality - mode)

    P.S. Daan lang ako...currently on the Road I will try my best to catch up with the monday episode and my heart is heavy with the anticipation of the tragic events to unfold....I just imagine Lamitan's future misery and it helps a little....
    Last edited by misskopinas; Jun 12, 2011 at 12:18 PM.

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    Oh and anyone complaining about the problem of language with the Kandon - I am from Panay and I can understand it, not an issue...There are many versions and one version cannot claim to be the true version for culture is interpretative and differentiates from social group to social group even if they are part of one wider cultural practice....

    And yes, SVadhistana my friend, you are right...the so called fellow is knowleageable about localized practices of a particular people in this particular time-period only - the present (late 20th-early 21st century), coming from only one or two specific 'tribes'...It is very 'Narrow' and does not speak to the entire culture shared, say, by the former Mahardlika nation and their related Pan-Asian cultural shared source....He is no cultural scholar for sure but only an expert of one of 'them', hence his opinion will be biased for it will only speak of what he knows and not of what he does not know, has not studied or uncovered and doesn't understand. If said fellow is a Cultural scholar and is an expert in Pan-Asian Pre-Colonial history and Culture with Archaeological and Anthropological Training ala Malinowski with a hint of Zeus Zalasar, then yes, take said opinion as an Acamedic aside coming from an informed and strong position. But it isn't so whoever is pushing the idea is only using it to pepper the show with negative criticisms...I am prepared to put my name beside my opinions in this thread as it comes from a decade of academic training in History, Anthropology and Sociology both in Asia and in Europe...If need be, I will contest said writer's claims - who is by the way not trained in Historiography or Social Scientific Methods to verify the purported peddled truth' of the chanter...still, unvalidated, writer is pushing it as if it was....

    Ms. Suzi - just message me if you need my help and any of your informed Kapungsods here, at least academically, regarding this. It annoys me just reading it because of the flaws in reasoning it presents (and this does not include the cultural claims as yet, mind...pero nagboboil na dugo ko)...I am not being prideful but marami po kami dito na nanonuod ng dahil sa tamang mix ng fiction at anthropological and historic elements at recognized namin na eto ay Valid via the process of research and then writing you used...But we know you have the UP Historians by your side and they would quite easily rebut said obvious smear campaign dressed up as criticisms down to their invalid shell.

    Misskopinas (Can't believe how some people are so stupid - mode)

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    O siya mga Kabanwa....I'll catch up with you all Later....I hope kakayanin niyo ang episode bukas....I am not sure if kakayanin ko hanggang first gap na di dumaloy ang aking luha....Bruhang Lamitan yan! OMG Gina alajar you are so good at being so evil! But not as effective as your sister, Umbo Mantal...Ikaw na Umbo, Ikaw na!

  19. Jun 12, 2011

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    mababa talaga gma shows pag Friday, mataas naman ang sa kabila
    June 03, 2011 12.9 tas ***** June 10, 2011 13.2 mababa talaga ang GMA pero okay lang iyan paganda ng paganda ang istorya yahoo ..

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    'Amaya' pageantry well received
    By SHIRLEY MATIAS-PIZARROJune 12, 2011, 11:49am

    Marian Rivera as Amaya

    MANILA, Philippines -- “Amaya” is probably the biggest project GMA-7’s primetime lead actress Marian Rivera faced in her young career.

    Touted as the only epic series that debuted on national television equipped with grand production values and ambitious acting ensemble, “Amaya” has been slowly but surely proving itself worthy of all the build-up since it piloted more than a week ago.

    Positive reviews are heard and read. The pre-pageantry is well received.

    Kudos should be given to Mac Alejandre who obviously gave his best to this production. And the ratings are good, too.

    We can just imagine the pressure all these must be bringing to Marian, on whose shoulder rests the series’ make or break. But the good news is, it looks like the actress has been rising up to the challenge.

    For starters, Marian agreed to do topless scenes for the series which may be the hardest part for her.

    She also had to learn martial arts.

    But the promotion of the series is another thing. We see Marian in each “Amaya” event, present and in the moment. She cooperated through it all, without complaints. We take our hat off to her for her dedication. No wonder she is a “favorite” among the network bigwigs, as they say. She will be my favorite, too, if I were in their shoes.

    Congratulations to Marian Rivera and the cast and crew of “Amaya.”

  22. Jun 12, 2011

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattimeo View Post

    Agang. Gamitin mo ito upang sampalin ang iyong kaibigan ng paulit-ulit.
    Lakasan mo.
    Sa bibig, hanggang sa ito'y magdugo.
    epic win ito! classic!

    walang dialogue si ana capri dito pero pasok. kung silent movie ito panalo na syang best actress dito!

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