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    Nakura, how do I get the "My First PEx Pin!" pin: ?

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    @galactic ninja

    There are no special conditions for that one, you earn them by logging in and out You can check your profile page to see if you have the pin

    @FUSCHIA and ^pusa^

    We are currently fixing the old-timer badge. Testing na lang para sure na talaga

    And ang cute naman, parehas kayong pusa hehe

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    Quote Originally Posted by shamashu9 View Post
    san po makikita yun requirements to earn these.
    Tingin ko, makakakuha ka ng specific pin kung mami-meet mo yung isang condition gaya ng number of post sa isang forum.


    1000 movie posts = movie pin
    1000 Electronic Gaming posts = gamer pin
    1000 NBA posts = NBA pin

    Kung ganito nga yun, parang eto din yung "number of post" na tinanggal ng PEx dati because of spam and useless posts. Mas pinaganda lang.

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    That's what you think Its not just about the posts.

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    How about having a best troll pin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nakura View Post

    That's what you think Its not just about the posts.
    Ok thanks, now I know the requirements. That's the only hint I'm looking for

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    I want my old timer pin and that gamer pin.

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    Yey lumabas na din sa wakas yung Old Timer pin!! Salamat Nakura

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    thank god for the atheist einhander's Avatar
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    how about alternick pin? para sa mga alternick user

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    There is only one bug that we have to fix. Not very major though

    On next batch of PINS!:

    Yes ! We still don't know all the PINS! yet but am actually getting ready for the 2nd and the 3rd batch. I admit not all forums have their own PINS! yet but eventually we will get everything covered. We will also have other cool PINS! that will be available

    Remember, its not just about the volume of posts, there will be cooler ones real soon.


    Just throw in your suggestions All of them will be noted and we will see if they are possible!

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    Wahey ! I got a Messenger pin May nakakuha na ba nito ?

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    Sana meron pin gallery so we know what the other pins are hehe

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    Quote Originally Posted by NagoNago View Post
    Wahey ! I got a Messenger pin May nakakuha na ba nito ?
    hmm siguro po mahilig kayo mag message

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    Quote Originally Posted by rey_pinyoko View Post
    How about having a best troll pin
    sana nga meron nito at unang makakakuha e si.......

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    Got the old-timer pin already. Next goal: Otaku pin. Hope I could have one. Most of my posts here on PEX is in the Anime and Manga section.

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    suggestion: increase the limit to 5 pins.

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    UAAP/NCAA pins sana.

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    I want an InP HOME pin!

    parang you need to have made 75% of your posts in InP dapat.

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