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    Hello COOKistas!!


    Muka wala na masyadong napapadaan dito a... no more updates kay cooky..

    eniweys, musta sa lahat!!

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    Good morning cookies

    There's a poll. Actually round 3 na ito and and it's Dave vs AL : Popdust's Reality TV's Greatest Music Star of All Time is.gd/SRp4xU

    C'mon team David gotta vote vote vote!!!

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    'American Idol' winner David Cook gets out of his kitchen

    'American Idol' winner David Cook gets out of his kitchen

    The singer-songwriter sells his house in the Hollywood Hills for $1.365 million.


    "American Idol" winner David Cook has sold his house in the Hollywood Hills for $1.365 million.

    The tricked-out Beachwood Canyon-area house, built in 1979, has views of the Hollywood sign and Griffith Observatory, a recording studio and a custom-designed dog yard, according to the listing. There are two corner fireplaces, three bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms in nearly 3,100 square feet. The updated kitchen features a large center island and granite counters.

    Cook, 30, won the seventh season of the singing competition show in 2008. Since his win on "Idol," he has toured and released the albums "David Cook" and "This Loud Morning." Cook has performed on "Idol" and "So You Think You Can Dance."

    The singer-songwriter paid $1.318 million for the property in 2010, public records show. He sold because he relocated to Tennessee.

    Michelle Kaplan of Pinnacle Estate Properties was the listing agent. Anthony Diaz-Perez of Teles Properties represented the buyer.
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    If you love dogs and you love "American Idol" ... then you just missed the opportunity of a lifetime, because David Cook unloaded his Hollywood mansion -- and it came with it's own customized DOG YARD!!!!

    The Season 7 "Idol" champ recently sold off his Beachwood Canyon pad -- which has a killer view of the Hollywood sign -- for a cool $1,365,0000.

    The 3,000-sqaure-foot house is pretty amazing too ... it's rockin' 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, wrap-around decks, and a FULL recording studio.

    But best of all, it features a specially-designed dog yard -- which non-dog owners would call ... a yard.

    Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2012/12/12/david-...#ixzz2JLLZwD41
    Visit the TMZ Store: http://tmzstore.com

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    from david's official site -----------------

    TEENS Magazine – Entertainment


    As I entered a room at Ink Bar, David Cook got up from his seat to exchange a warm handshake while bearing bright eyes and a wide grin. I was immediately taken with him. Beneath all his rocker coolness and confidence lies an unmistakable genuineness that made me momentarily forget that he was the guy who competed on the American Idol stage four years ago, blew the audience away week after week with his unique, rock-infused covers and eventually emerged as Season 7's victor.

    With two solid records under his belt, including a Platinum-certified debut album, David's post-Idol career is proving to be a successful one. The 30-year-old singer-songwriter has set his sights on even greater things as he embarks on a new chapter of his music journey as an independent artiste. The crooner let us in on everything from his creative inspirations to his comfort food in an exclusive interview.

    Thank you so much! It's incredible. When I first started playing in bands, it wasn't in the forefront of my mind that one day I [would] get a Gold plaque in another country. It's very surreal, but I've been fortunate in the last few years to get to go to so many amazing places, and I've been able to add Singapore to the list this year. The plaque is a big deal and I'm very honoured by it.

    I'm really enjoying it there. Nashville is an incredible city, and it gets the moniker as the home of country music, but there's [also] a very diverse and very great music scene there. … The move there was inspired by a lot of reasons – some professional, some personal. There's definitely a creative community there that I felt like I really wanted to be a part of. I think that as I get older, living in LA is just really far away from family. [They're] in Indiana and Kansas City, so [Nashville] is at most a 10-hour drive away.

    I remember that! It was hot and sweaty and there was hairspray in my eye (laughs)! But it is a song that I'm really proud of. I wrote that with Zac Maloy, whom I also wrote "Lie" and "Life on the Moon" with. [We] have really good creative rapport. The song itself … is about two people against the world, and their love is going to last until the clock hits zero.

    Yeah. I think the creative process is different now, and I'm really enjoying it. I've kind of just reinvested myself emotionally in the creative process, and it's great to be able to feel like I can really do whatever I want to do – that's a powerful feeling. I'm just focused on embracing it and I'll see what comes out of it.

    There are always challenges. I think the inherent challenge of an independent artiste revolves around making sure that you can do all the things you need to do. But the most imperative thing for me, personally, is to just try to get on the road as much as possible and have this connection with fans. I would say that until the last breath I've got in my body – nothing is as adequate substitution for the live experience, so that's really what I try to [focus] on.

    I have a pretty bad sweet tooth. Cookies, cakes, pies – I can't stop eating them (laughs). I enjoy a good dessert.

    Yeah. The first night we were here, we went to have black pepper crab and sweet chilli crab. I really liked it … but there was one thing I thought I'd really like that I didn't like at all – plum sauce ribs. I thought I'd like that because I come from Kansas City and I'm a big BBQ snob, but I didn't like that.

    INSET: LOL! When we asked him if he's tried durian, he misheard it as "urine", prompting hysterical laughter to break out in the room. We might have really tickled his funny bone on this one because it took him quite a while to regain his composure from laughing. And yes, he has tried our infamous local fruit, though he doesn't seem too fond of it.

    Off the first RCA record is a song called "Permanent". Being able to just pointedly talk about my brother [in my music] was very therapeutic. When I write songs, I hear them in my head a certain way, and a lot of times … the [sound] gets changed somewhere in the process. It's not that it's a bad thing; it's just a natural progression. "Permanent" was the only song that I can recall where the way I heard it in my head was the exact same way it ended up sounding. That was a very vindicating, very powerful moment in the process of making the first record.

    Absolutely! We're writing for a new record, and I'm also just enjoying the creative process, be it writing for myself or for other artistes.

    I'm just trying to progress and update the sound a little bit, but I'm a guitar player – I'll always be a guitar player – so I'm not putting the guitar down. I think it's an exciting time in music. There are so many different avenues from which [I can] be heard, and right now I'm just trying to find the best formula for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by imogen_ph View Post


    Welcome to our new balay, Cookistas and all David Cook fans!

    These are exciting times for us! For finally, after a long, agonizing wait (what, let's be honest here, heh!), David is set to release his new album, This Loud Morning, on June 28! Most of you already know where the album title (and our thread title) come from. But for those who don't - it's from the song Rapid Eye Movement, the closing track of the album. More specifically, it’s from a line which David has said is the best two-line lyric he's penned in his 15+ year career as a songwriter. It reads -

    Give me one more quiet night before this loud morning gets it right and does me in

    And so yes, now you get the pun in our titles, yes? The wait nearly killed us, so I’m sure finally getting to listen to it will do us all in *cue canned laughter* Note the "quiet night" phrase in that same line, btw. The David Cook Official Music Store offers a This Loud Morning Fan Edition which includes, in addition to a 14-track CD (12 tracks of regular edition + 2 bonus tracks) and a Making Of This Loud Morning DVD, a special acoustic EP entitled This Quiet Night. Pretty clever, that David Cook, eh?

    Before we begin, a little history lesson for those new to the fandom (or those who are curious as to who or what the Cookistas are):

    David Cook 1.0 The True Rocker of AI7: David Cook : Where it all started. Midway through American Idol season 7, David Cook already had a strong, vocal following whom he earned through sheer talent and hard work, but at the time it was a well-known fact that he was not the Chosen One. All through the thread, more and more fans joined in the fray, dedicated enough to log in hundreds and hundreds of votes from across cyberspace. By the end of the thread, we already had our American Idol.

    David Cook 2.0 Consider Yourselves Cookified! : Where we ooh’d and aah’d over DC’s American Idol tour performances, awaited developments and news about his upcoming album – the label (RCA), producer (Rob Cavallo), collaborators (too many to mention, see Wiki) -- and marvelled at that sneaky little Magic Rainbow which has since then turned into Platinum Rainbow

    David Cook 3.0 Thread Still Untitled, Just Like His Album : Where we talked about the then much-anticipated yet-untitled debut album

    David Cook 4.0 `Cause we love, and we bleed, and we stole his soul to set him free : Where anticipation for the debut album was at its height, and where album release day finally came. It took us only a little over a month to finish the thread.

    David Cook 5.0 He’ll be GOLD for Christmas!: Where we eagerly monitored HDD and Soundscan sales figures for DCTR, celebrated David’s birthday and the album’s GOLD status, and basically enjoyed the holidays and looked forward to a new year with high hopes for David Cook’s success in the music industry.

    http://www.pinoyexchange.com/forums/showthread.php?t=377439]David Cook 6.0 We’re Crashing Down In His Davalanche[/url]: Which we started earlier than anyone expected, and where we started 2009 in high spirits. This was made especially memorable as we ended 2008 with Magic 89.9’s Yearend Countdown, where Time of My Life landed at #3 (to everyone’s surprise!), and Always Be My Baby at #1. In the following weeks we showed our support for Avalanche, then newly added to the playlist of Magic 89.9, and Max 103.5. We began the thread with Avalanche at #4 in Magic’s Top [email protected] daily countdown. We ended the thread with Avalanche ruling both Magic 89.9 and Max 103.5’s weekly countdowns.

    http://www.pinoyexchange.com/forums/showthread.php?t=380486]David Cook 7.0 Cook Out, On the Lookout[/url]: Where we continued to support Avalanche on Magic and Max, and eagerly awaited news on The Declaration Tour. Thread 7.0 saw the creation of Ang Cookistang Miron, which logs the best videos from the concert tour.

    http://www.pinoyexchange.com/forums/showthread.php?t=385606]David Cook 8.0 To Platinum and Beyond!!![/url]: Where we continued to follow the Declaration Tour via cellcasts and Cookistang Miron, and saw the addition of Come Back to Me (aka Windy) to the playlists of Magic 89.9, RX 93.1, and Max 103.5. Come Back To Me climbed the charts in no time, achieving the first grandslam of the year on Philippine radio for 2009, as we ended the thread.

    David Cook 9.0: So is this the David Cook Concert thread? Yes. Yes. Yes!!!: Which we began with confidence, for we had already received official confirmation of the Manila concert. Anticipation went sky high, and preparations were made for the concert. At the same time, we continued to support Come Back to Me, which logged an amazing amount of #1s on Magic 89.9, RX 93.1, and Max 103.5. The Come Back to Me music video (aka ydniW/Windy video) debuted in the US at the end of March also, and so we joined our American counterparts in supporting it. David Cook finally arrived in Manila as we reached the final pages.

    http://www.pinoyexchange.com/forums/showthread.php?t=394949 ]David Cook 9.1: So is this the David Cook Concert thread? Yes. Yes. Yes!!![/url]: Which started on the very day David set foot on Philippine soil. This thread saw an insane amount of traffic as all eyes in the DC fanverse were on Manila, and this thread. Long time lurkers and new visitors began posting as well as updates kept coming in – it was the concert week, and there was just so much to report and talk about. The thread abounds with news, pictures, and links to articles, videos, every tidbit of information that had to do with the concert and Cooky’s appearances during his 5-day stay in Manila. We saw the birth of http://cookistachronicles.blogspot.com/ ]The Cookista Chronicles[/url], meant to contain inside stories and reports of events that transpired during the concert week.

    David Cook 10.0 ♪ ♫ ♪ He Came. He Conquered. He's Permanent!!! ♫ ♪ ♫: Where we continued to support Permanent on Magic 89.9 and RX 93.1, making it chart for 18 and 8 weeks respectively. Permanent has since gotten airplay in several other radio stations. News of a publishing deal with Cherry Lane Music Publishing, Inc. turned up, hopefully starting what will become a lucrative songwriting career for David. In mid-July the Philippine flag was added to DCO, acknowledging our presence as one of the biggest international fan groups that frequent the site. Things got crazy for a while, as saging talk went on and on (blame it on DJ Suzy), Dave joined the dark side (twitter), the Cherry Lane unreleased song snippets were discovered, and interviews with the stage chicken (aka Crazy Legs), Dave as Green Man and Dave as drummer videos turned up. It was a significant period also for the band, as Joey Clement left, to be replaced by Monty Anderson (initially set to work with David for 6 weeks, but he’s still with them as of this writing), and a band name was announced: The Anthemic. The Declaration Tour continued, going past the 100th show mark (where it happened depends on whether you want to follow the official tour stop count or fans’ show count), and letting David break the standing record for most number of shows for an Idol debut tour. Fans grew ever more enamored by the tour as songs like IDIFY and Lie were continuously tweaked, and acoustic numbers were sometimes inserted into shows, most notably in the Canada concerts. A Cookista, clandestine12, made the Pinoy presence felt in the Dakotas concerts, successfully carrying out a mission to let David know that Bar-ba-sol was #1 in 99.5 RT’s RT30 countdown, which began sometime in August. Light On went platinum, and TOML nabbed the Nashville Song of the Year Award. Towards the end of the thread, Dave’s involvement in Carrie Underwood’s Xmas Special was a cause for celebration, as well as the announcement of his participation in Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, to be aired sometime in January 2010. Lastly, Bar-ba-sol finally cracked the Top [email protected], during a season where a lot of great, radio-friendly songs have been scrambling for a place in Magic 89.9’s charts.

    http://www.pinoyexchange.com/forums/showthread.php?t=414033]David Cook 11.0: You’re Still Standing[/url]: Where we awaited and finally saw David guesting in the Carrie Underwood Holiday Special and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. We continued to support Bar-ba-sol in Magic 89.9 and 99.5RT where it had quite a successful run. The never-ending Declaration Tour continued, until we saw some remarkable events such as: the live performance debut of new songs Make Believe and You & I, and the memorable DCTR Anniversary Concert show in Hammond, IN, which let us have our own live DCTR. Magic 89.9 named David as the Male Artist of the Year, and the David and David Concert as the Concert of the Year. CBTM was the Song of the Year, and most of his songs charted in the Yearend Charts of both Magic 89.9 and 99.5RT. Somewhere along the line, David started going to the gym, and getting button allergy (yes, I had to mention that. Heh.). David guested twice on American Idol Season 9, first to perform a Rolling Stone cover, which was highly-praised by both fans and the media, and second to present his trip to Ethiopia in partnership with the UN Foundation. We also began to track many songwriting sessions spanning many countries (several states in the US, the UK, Sweden, Canada), leading to us to where we are now – eagerly anticipating the recording, production, and release of DCTR2.

    David Cook 12.0 DCTR2 It's Only A Matter Of Time: As it happens, it was a whole lotta time *smirk*. This time marked the long process in which David wrote his sophomore album, which we now know as This Loud Morning. We followed as he traveled to New York, Vancouver, London, Sweden, and such other cities to collaborate with well-known and respected names in the music business. During this time too, David joined the Chris Evans Pro-Celebrity Tennis Classic, and continued to support the Race for Hope for a third time. For American Idol Season 10, Simon Fuller handpicked David to sing the boot-song, Don’t You (Forget About Me). The new single, The Last Goodbye, also premiered on the show.

    Some of our best-loved and most frequented David Cook websites:

    David Cook Official – The place to be. Also fondly referred to as “kabila”, “kabilang bahay”. Of special note are the following threads:

    • DWoP Thread -formerly the TWoP thread, where the snarkiest, smartest and funniest of fans gather and discuss everything and anything Cook-related under the sun. Warning though: not for light readers, as the thread runs at the speed of light. Don’t blink or else you might find pages and pages worth of backreading.

    • Billboard & Soundscan Thread - aka BB or CJT (Chart James Thread) - The DWoP thread’s sister Billboard and Soundscan thread, is also a favourite haunt for those who are curious about the numbers – charts and sales information, airplay, station adds and the like.

    • Everything Thread - sort of a map to finding everything you need to know about David Cook, and important threads in DCO. Includes media links and all kinds of information like articles, interviews, videos, transcripts, indeed everything under the sun.

    • All About the Voice - where fans appreciate just that, David's incredible voice. Resident vocal coach magicalbeck shares thoughts on what makes David's voice unique.

    David Cook Livejournal community – Gives a very useful overview of Must-Know DC-related events across the internet. LJ members are a very resourceful, creative, and witty bunch. If you need or want something, ask and you will most probably get it.

    david-cook.org aka The Dash - One of the largest and better-organized DC communities out there, this forum provides a wealth of resources for fans.


    MJ’s Big Blog – aka MJs. A veritable institution for all American Idol lovers, MJ keeps tabs on all things Idol. Naturally, that also means keeping track of AI winners. MJ gives up to date information on Idol news and appearances, as well as sales and chart information.

    David Cook Links:

    Wiki page
    twitter page
    RCA page
    Billboard page
    Cherry Lane page
    Official Youtube Channel


    Unofficial Songwriting Discography. (Prepared by QTTaquito.) A listing of all known David Cook songs. Has extensive information on songwriting credits, with links to the songs as found on youtube.

    MsDarcy's Declaration Tour Album Covers. Fantastic album covers to go along with our Declaration Tour mp3s.

    Downloadable Pre-Idol Recordings: Analog Heart, Axium Albums & Tracks

    livehead16's Axium Resource Post (All you need to know about Axium)

    Prepared by closeyoureyes of DCO:
    Online Interviews, 1999-2008
    Online Interviews, 2009-present
    Index 2008 Multimedia by Source
    Index 2008 Multimedia by Date
    Index 2009 Multimedia by Source
    Index 2009 Multimedia by Date
    Index to Audio and Video Interviews

    Cookista Links:

    Ang Cookistang Miron. Declaration Tour videos, mp3s and other media.
    http://cookistachronicles.blogspot.com/]The Cookista Chronicles[/url]. Inside stories surrounding the David Cook Manila concert week.
    Cookista Media Library 1. mediafire, Declaration Tour mp3s and assorted media.
    Cookista Media Library 2. 4shared, Declaration Tour mp3s.
    http://www.youtube.com/group/cookistas]Cookistas Youtube Channel[/url]
    http://twitter.com/cookistas]Cookistas Twitter[/url]

    (Photochops courtesy of riverhorse.)
    I remember him asking for a bottle of beer at the bar where I used to work with.

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    May mga cookistas pa ba dito sa thread? Buhayin natin tong thread ni DC. Hehe.

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