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    [AI10] Thia Megia : We are all as much as we can Dream. ~ ♥ TeamTheeThee [Thread 2]

    Thia Megia, TeamTheeThee, Thianatics, Guests and Lurkers!

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    Fan Listing <3

    --the Official Fanlist--
    1.   iFly
    2.   sashie003 (sash) 
    3.   asil411 (asil) 
    4.   kimberly19 (kim) 
    5.   calculusBUNSO (julie) 
    6.   yvee (ivy) 
    7.   awesome (connie) 
    8.   r1chard0 (rich) 
    9.   cheche_bureche (che) 
    10. ishtar_006 (ish) 
    11. paddylast (paddy) 
    12. heyitsmjustine (justine) 
    13. garfield_&_nemo
    14. groovez10 (dred) 
    15. robi_07(robi) 
    16. Chihir0
    17. cctopnotcher2011 (c) 
    18. FanTHIAstic (Torri)
    19. jeng12 (Jeng)
    20. Jigs03 (Jigs)
    21. thenameiscath (Cath)
    22. happyjam (James)
    23. ironradiobeat (Tin)
    24. kalev813(Caleb)
    25. infinite_dreams0 (Infi)
    26. musicismylife
    dun sa mga nasa list na then walang nickname.. sabihin na lang then yung wala pa.. feel free na eh-add ang sarili nyo..

    to the lurkers who wants to join us! go!

    welcome kayo dito!

    Repost Every Page

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    Thia Megia 'Jazz Princess' (Thialorei Lising Megia)


    We Love You THIA MEGIA!
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    Thia EW.com Photo Shoot interview


    Thia Megia Fox 50


    Thia Megia Fox 40


    Thia Megia Interview 4.8.11


    Thia Megia Interview 4.6.11


    Thia Megia 4.5.11 Good Day New York


    Thia & Naima People - Up Close 4.4.11


    Thia Megia 4.1.11 Good Day LA


    Thia Megia Interview 3.3.11


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    Chasing Pavements 4.4.11


    Out Here On My Own 4.1.11


    Daniel 4.1.11


    credits to laziee2ann2 YT

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    Ang fierce ni Thia sa "So What" number ah. Di ko siya narecognize agad.

    Saka tuwang tuwa si Scotty nung bumalik si Thia. (or inassume ko lang? :lol)

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    Welcome Thia Megia Festivities in Mountain House

    Thia will be on hand to sign autographs and for photo opportunities. However, the word is that she is under contract and will most likely not perform.

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    Pitching for the San Jose Giants Opening

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    Filipino American Idol Thia Megia learning Baybayin (aka Alibata)

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    Question: How has music inspired you?

    Answer: Describing the person I am would best be through music. When I'm up on stage and I'm singing my heart out, I am always reminded of life's best things.

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