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    Business for Startups

    I am planning to put up my first real business, what enterprise would you recommend that you think would be a sure hit? I'm just starting with a very small capital.

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    It's not what's "the best" business.. It's something that you like and will enjoy.

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    Dear Sir / Madam,

    Tindahan Ventures is a manufacturing company of Home Care Products like; liquid hand soaps, dishwashing liquid, powder detergent, fabric softener, glass cleaners and all-purpose cleaner. Our strength lies in good quality, competitive prices and on time delivery. We have already established clients in Pateros area and in Tanauan, Batangas.

    We are also diversifying ourselves into producing Personal Care Products like perfumes, massage oils and hand sanitizer. We are gradually developing in this area too.

    You can contact our office at the below mention address for any business inquiries. We will guarantee high quality and on time delivery of your goods.

    We hope to hear from you soon.

    Sincerely yours,

    Engr. Jayson O. Catedral
    Vice President for Operation
    Tindahan Ventures
    46C M. Lozada Street,
    Pateros, Metro Manila
    [email protected]

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    With the increasing prices in fuels and seems like the government has little effective intervention to control the prices, we are offering a solution to every Filipinos problem. F2020 Fuel Saver guarantees safe usage with a certification from DOE as a fuel additive and big savings of up to 35%. Just send me a message for interested users and resellers. 09175387054

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    hi po! a pisopsio internet would be a sure hit. it's hassle free. ROI is great even if you only have 3 pc's. Before po i started with 3 pc's after a year of operation i got 15 pcs. you dont have to rent a space if you have a space right at your own home it would be much better.

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    Why invest in a fully equipped office,
    when you can have a flexible office
    on “as-needed” basis?

    Invest on your business,
    not on an office space.

    Alchemy offers business address lease, office spaces, and virtual office services perfect for start-up businesses.

    Check out our facebook page:

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    hi, pls visit this fb community. you can post and advertise your business here. thanks!

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    The answer can only dome from you. I have taught plenty of people get ideas for their start up since I am a business coach. If you want to know more on how I can help you. PM me here

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    You can attend uniload orientation to our office. This is an ideal business for start ups. You can visit my website or text me 09228167565. Marami na po kami natulungang umasenso.

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    Jacob Farms: Piggery – Looking for Investors

    Jacob Farms: Piggery – Looking for Investors

    For more than three decades now in the farming business, we are now aiming to expand in livestock farming, particularly expand our hog farm to a new location.

    We are now inviting potential investors to become stakeholders in our piggery business located at San Miguel Bulacan.

    Email us at [email protected] and we will send you the details of an “affordable” and “simple” investment scheme or schedule for those who wish to place their investment with us and earn great profits by trusting the experts in farming.

    We are open for investors for a very minimal investment from P75,000, P149,000 to P292,000.

    Return of investment (ROI) every 3 1/2months - 4months is from 10.96% to 35.62%, please email us @ [email protected] so i can send you the complete details.

    Read more:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wromar View Post
    It's not what's "the best" business.. It's something that you like and will enjoy.

    Agree with this also. Wag ka makiuso.

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    If you want an enjoyable business, try internet marketing. Pwede ka kumita by writing about things you enjoy, then promote affiliate products. We can talk more about this if you want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joshua526 View Post
    I am planning to put up my first real business, what enterprise would you recommend that you think would be a sure hit? I'm just starting with a very small capital.

    baka gusto mo po try PERFUME business? 580 pesos lang po capital.

    PM me for details po.

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    Quote Originally Posted by carm_talkatee View Post
    Tshirt Selling Business this is my sample image of design.
    just want to ask po if *** 319 is for two shirts na at magkano po if wholesale?

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    chicharon biz small capital sure ka dito bebenta tnx!

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