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PHOTOS: TNT Dismantle NLEX to Get First Win

The Talk N Text Tropang Texters made quick work of the NLEX Road Warriors, getting their first win of the Phillipine Cup, 103-81.

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REVIEW: The Judge

Robert Downey Jr. takes off his iron suit and stars in this legal drama. Read our review here!

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PBA: Still 'Liga ng Bayan' after 40 Years

We list down ten compelling reasons, on why the PBA has remained relevant to Filipinos today since its inception in 1975.

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Big Hero 6 Pins!

New movie pin alert! Join the movie discussion thread and collect all five Big Hero 6 pins!

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PHOTOS: Rain or Shine Rallies Past Blackwater

The Rain or Shine Elasto Painters avoided an upset loss to the Blackwater Elite thanks to a late rally in the 4th quarter, 82-75.

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    Manggagamot: Rituals, Orasyon, Family, Relationship Healer, Card Reading


    Those people who've been rejected, suffered pain caused by others. Those who feel empty because of they were left by the people they love; those who are emotionally distressed, feel hopeless because life is unfair and still wishes to make things better, you may still find a solution for all your problems.

    Traditional witchcraft, spiritual healing, spell casting, ancient knowledge, oracions and rituals exist and are real. It may be the last resort but it can really work as long as you have patience and very strong faith in this. Spell casting, rituals, witchcraft even curses are not instant magics and it takes a period of time. Time frame 1-3 months maximum but it will be granted as long as you can wait. Some people get results in weeks. It depends how you abide the rules and how complicated the case is.

    A true authentic traditional spiritual healer can help you with your problems. True and sincere to her work and has really the intention to help those people who are desperately in need. Still it depends on how difficult your case is. One time payment but rituals are not done once but several times until you get good results. Major rituals are done every Tues and Friday, daily rituals are also included. She also performs work her openly to her clients. Package includes the materials and free reading.

    Do not be fooled by those who offer their service whose price ranges start from 10k to 40 or even 60k, without even being sure that your request will be done.

    She has customers from abroad: Qatar,Singapore,Canada,Italy,Japan, Dubai,Taiwan, US and alot can testify how true her work is.

    Mga nagagwa niyang ritual para sa sumusunod:

    Nais mabuo ang nasirang pamilya.

    Nais bigyan ng liksyon ang mga asawa o kasintahan na nangaliwa o nanloko

    Nais bigyan ng liksyon ang mga taong mapangabuso, mapangapi, manloloko, mga manggagantso

    Nais magpahiwalay sa mga querida, kabit ng inyong mga kapartner o asawa

    Nais pabalikin ang nahiwalay na mahal sa buhay; asawa, kasintahan, kapamilya

    Nais magpagamot ng kulam, barang

    Nais magpaamo, pabalisa, pakonsesiya at magpanawag ng kapwa

    Nais umangat sa buhay at palakasin ang negosyo (prosperity rituals)

    Nais mAgpataboy ng masamang spirito sa tahanan

    Nais magpatanggal ng malas at mapasukan ng swerte sa buhay, tahanan o trabaho at negosyo

    Nais magpagamot ng di pangkaraniwang sakit

    Nais makapangaakit ng kapwang matagl ng nininnais/ paamo

    Feng Shui

    Nais mgpabalik ng loob, tiwala ng isang kapwa, kasintahan kamaganak o kung sino pa

    Nais magpataboy ng mga taong nanggugulo

    Nais magpabalik ng lumayas

    Nais maging harmonized ang pamilya

    Nais magpagamot ng pagkabagabag, depression

    Nagbabasa ng kapalaran (present, or intuition in the future)- tungkol sa career, family, everyday life, kaibigan, relationships

    Pagbabahagi ng tamang panangga or proteksyon sa masasamang elemento o tao at marami pang iba..

    Tarot Reading: P1000 (takes about almost an hour)

    Card Reading: P500 (takes about almost an hour)

    All in one (luck sa negosyo,trabaho,proteksyon,pampaamo,para sa relationship,trabaho,family)-4corners

    Perfume/Amulets/ Pananngga (originally all from siquijor)

    email me at

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    as-long-as-i-know-how-to NeoDyn's Avatar
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    Naku,very interesting yan ah!

    !Kaya mo ba akong palakarin after one minute orasyon?

    Huwag mo akong papahiran ng laway,walang papainumin na kung ano-anong damo-damo dyan?

    May katabi ako habang nagseseremonya ka(takot ko lang mag-isa noh!) para may alalay ako?

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    Oblivion/Fresnel Z

    Naging advertisement tuloy ang dating ng post mo, TS.

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    Banned by Admin - banned papla ito e. not true? who said so? this is so real. itry namin sayo DatupSister ha. gusto mo????

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    meron sana ako papakulam kaso nung nakita ko ang presyo 40k and up nagbago ang isip ko bahala na dyos sa kanya!

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