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    musta naman si rebecca?

    may new video na ba?

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    natatawa ako kapag naririnig ko siyang binibigkas ang "yeah." parang kiking bibe ang kumakanta.

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    disabled na yung pag comment sa vid nya.

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    The one who knocks seether05's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Akeenator View Post
    disabled na yung pag comment sa vid nya.
    eh yung sound dinisable na? baka rumami nang kaunti yung like dun sa video niya pag ganun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JunreyCio View Post
    in-fairness this song is better than friday

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    Quote Originally Posted by rickart View Post
    in-fairness this song is better than friday

    1000000000000000000000x better...

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    Quote Originally Posted by JunreyCio View Post
    1000000000000000000000x better...
    yeah..yung friday ang sakit sa tenga mukhang tunog lata..yung latest nya mas may laman yung lyrics eh..

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    mas magaling pa kumanta yung mga products ng disney: Jonas Bros, Miley Cyrus, etc.. Trying hard nya maging singer. Mag artista nalang sya.

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    hmm... pogi ba talaga? jaypogi's Avatar
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    parang ang tanda tanda na niya..

    ganun na ba talaga ngayon, dapat mukang super mature!!!

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    My Moment, is kind of, um, to quote Simon Cowell... "self-indulgent"?

    Though I guess the song is "inspirational", but her voice is still quite generic, even though this song is much better than Friday.

    I am happy (I guess) that she is famous (or infamous) now but if you can find fame with her, well there are better singers that deserve more of a break and support than her, IMO.

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    She is beautiful. nice improvement

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    Is this true? ibang iba boses nya ah..laki pala talaga naitutulong ng auto tune

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    After Friday.. It's saturday! I find it better...

    Saturday - Rebecca Black & Dave Days

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    Alaska, Mclaren, Clippers angel_thegame11's Avatar
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    Much better than friday

    Rebecca Black - Sing It

    Rebecca Black - We Can't Stop Cover

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