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  1. #561
    Adele’s 25 is officially the UK’s biggest selling Number 1 album ever
    The singer enters at Number 1 with record breaking sales

    congrats Adele.

    Bow to the Queen

  2. #562
    Thank you for posting. I have always been a huge fan of Adele since she started. I love her recent single and enjoy it almost everyday,

  3. #563
    Adele is a gift from God <3

  4. #564

    badtrip yung tech..
    pero ang galing pa rin!

  5. #565

  6. #566
    25 is nice, but no single can top Rolling in the Deep for me

  7. #567
    not music-related, but this is hilarious..

    I'm a celebrity, do I have to pay?

  8. #568

    ayan wala nang tech issues..

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  13. #573

  14. #574
    happy birthday Adele..

  15. #575

  16. #576
    wow, thanks for sharing!
    sana magpunta rin siya rito sa ph..

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