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    A review of any CDR King product that you bought

    >network cable pincher/crimping tool..includes rj11.rj45. and yung mas maliit sa rj11//so far ok naman sya

    >network cable tester...ok naman hindi ko masyado nagagamit ...mura sya kasi sa iba around 300+ sya

    >earphones na me metal skull..meron friend ko not bad for 500 pesos mas maganda sound nya kesa skull candy na inkd

    >soldering iron...walang kwenta pagsaksak ko sira agad..dapat test nyo muna sa kanila and keep it plugged for 5min kng ok

    >AP wifi rounter (tomato flashed) ok pa naman sya so far..6 months na..d sya ganun ka ganda performance,pero ang nagustuhan ko eh me usb port for flashdrive,pwede ka mag download sa torrent kahit patay pc mo basta bukas router,,saka pwede sya mag act as FTP server/client,kinabitan ko nung antenna na 9bi ayun nadagdagan ng isang bar ang signal hehehe

    >wire stripper na 50 pesos...ayus naman d ganun ka ganda mag strip pero pwede pag tyagaan

    >kingston/kingmax microSD cards..so far ok naman mga nabili ko i have 4gb,2gb and 8gb

    >kingston compact flash card...2gb ok na ok 3 years na sakin

    willl aaddd some more

    ikaw add ka rin ng reviews/experiences mo hehehe!

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    PQI flash drive, 1 gig - mga 5 yrs ko na yata gamit

    AP router - mga 2 yrs ko nagamit

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    ako din !

    PQI flashdrive 512MB 6years na hehehe

    kingston 4gb flashdrive 3 years
    kingston compact flashcard 3 years

    ok pa sila lahat

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    my CDR-King DVDS are still alive, about 7 years plus still readable and does not rot at all

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    headset, mouse, card reader, 2gb flash drive all a year old still working fine.. no problem at all

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    3yrs and 2 months used.
    Still good as new. 8 power-slot AVR.
    P500 only :P

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    wala pang 6mos bumigay na yung wireless capability. pero usable pa rin yung wired router capability

    2yrs+ and still working

    2yrs+ and still working

    1yr+ and still working

    so far, any electronic item na hindi CD-R King ang tatak, tumatagal. wag lang talaga yung may brand name nila.

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    guys supported ba ang NTFS format ng CDR king usb flash drives?

    I already did the steps here:


    pero windows unable o format pa din.

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    i bought a cdr king digital recorder 1G capacity, after 1 mo., no more power and it is now a flashdrive

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    Quote Originally Posted by wireless View Post
    guys supported ba ang NTFS format ng CDR king usb flash drives?

    I already did the steps here:


    pero windows unable o format pa din.
    Well, we can't blame windows for telling the truth, can we?
    It's simply an unreliable product from them, you can't do anything about it.

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    Just to update everyone, all Encore products and my PQI flashdrive on my previous post are still working.

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    The only things that I buy at CD-R King and not have worries about what I bought not working are the USBs(that do no have the CD-R King brand) and the cd-cases.

    I admit, I still continuously buy CDs and DVDs from the store since it's one of the only ones near where I live. But I always buy extras because there are always CDs which do not work. That is except of course, if the brand of the CD is not CD-R king but another like TDK, HP and etc. The CDs and the DVDs always have problems. Especially those DVDs with 4.7gb memory. You can't place any vid on those DVDs that doesn't play black and white when you play it in any DVD player. You have to buy the 8gb DVD still if you ever want to do so... And it bugs me a lot.

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    Wireless G router....works much better than my crappy 3x more expensive Linksys-Cisco router.

    Card readers...people said their memory cards break if they use CDR King card readers, but I never had a problem with them.

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    I guess you got lucky!

    I bought a card reader and it broke down on me after 2 weeks. At first, it reads my microSD and memory stick duo. Then, it started to act up.

    Although, I still buy DVDs and CDs but definitely not CDR King brand.

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    i bought a lot of cd-r king products

    and so far i've only one item (SD CARD 16GB) that went bad. the rest are all good

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    which AP router is good for torrents?what is the exact model?

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    5.8 in. Pen Tablet - 1 1/2 years old, still working; hindi pwedeng i-adjust ang sensitivity nung pen (na sobrang sensitive). Otherwise, ok naman especially for the price (around P1,400 ata bili ko nun).

    CDs - Ok din naman; mas marami pa akong nakukuhang sira noon from other stores. For some reason, may one week na nawalan ng blank CDs ang Starmall branch nila at DVD lang meron. Ang weird lang talaga, parang pumunta ka ng Pizza Hut tapos sinabi sayo na out of stock sila ng pizza kaya mag-spaghetti ka na lang.

    Mouse - Mas nauna pang bumigay yung Logitech ko na mouse kesa sa CD-R King ko na mouse, badtrip. =))

    Wireless headphones - medyo mahirap lang i-configure at hindi ganun kaganda yung sound quality, but for P300, hindi ka na makakapagreklamo sa sound quality. IMHO mas maganda yung quality ng P180 nila na wired headset kesa sa wireless.

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    Sino na naka bili ng external flash drive sa kanila?

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    bumili na ako sa kanila ng dalawang kingston na flash drive. ok naman yung isa around 3 years na siguro

    lahat ng mouse namin sa bahay CDR-KING tatak. mga 5 na ata na nabili ko isa pa lang ang palpak

    wireles adapter na may malaking antenna okay naman

    digital clock - ok naman 1 month palang sa akin

    headphone - ok naman for the price

    hdmi cable - gumagana naman siya

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