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    slowmo tribe

    JADE/JAEVON ♥James Reid & Devon Seron♥ LOOKING 4WARD 2 A NEW LT 2011-PEP [GEMS 64]

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    JAEVON James Reid & Devon Seron
    James grew up in Australia, where he was surrounded by Caucasians all the time. So when he joined Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash 2010 and met Devon, she stood out in his eyes because of her coffee-colored skin. James has said more than once that he likes dark-skinned girls. Both fans and showbiz insiders have noted that he and Devon would look good together on camera because James ‘s white-boy good looks complement Devon’s morena beauty. And when you’re part of a loveteam, one of the most important things you should have with your partner is chemistry. Looking good together is an important part of chemistry-and since Devon and James have that in the bag already, it’s safe to say that they’re well on their way to success.

    Kilig moment at the shoot:
    James and Devon clowned around with each other while waiting for the others to finish. Devon borrowed a pair of oversized sunglasses James brought and put them on. James pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and started taking pictures of her. When she noticed what James was doing, Devon struck pose after pose. Their mini-photoshoot lasted for 10 minutes, which left us wondering: How many photos of Devon did James take and what does he plan to do with them?

    Why fans love them:
    “Jaevon is the bomb! Masa (Devon) meets sosyal (James) equals a match made in heaven!”- Kathrina Quintero

    Their future as a loveteam:
    “Masa si Devon. Para siyang si Judy Ann Santos nung Mara Clara days. Si James naman parang Sam Milby. Puwedeng hilahin ni Devon si James because of that element na pagiging masa.”- Direck Rahyan Carlos


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    A pleasant good evening to everybody. We welcome each and everyone in this special and glorious occasion. It's Christmas and it's a time to be merry and have fun. The past months have been a roller coaster ride to us Jaevon. From the moment that both James and Devon stepped out of the house of Kuya, we have been on our toes testing the water.
    All we wanted that time is for us to be heard and for James and Devon to be acknowleged as an artist may it be as individual or as a team up.

    So much has had happend but we know that we still got a long long way to go. I would like to acknowledge and thank the presence of James and Devon. From the moment that we set our eyes on you both inside the PBB house and how much your friendship grew in front of our very own eyes, we learned to love you both in our own special way.

    James, you are one mysterious and intriguing young man. You may have that I don't kehr attitude but we feel the goodness of your heart. Thank you for letting the jaevon gems enter your world and show you that we are here to support you and love you without asking anything in return. We stand by you no matter what.

    Devon, you are one lovely and inspiring lady. Your bubbly and very positive outlook in life makes you more endearing. Though there have been times that people bash you and think of you indifferently and wishes ill of you, you remain that strong and brave. Not even once I heard you say something that is not nice about your detractors. You always maintain that GOOD VIBES attitude. You shrug it off and just smile. You just leave everything to the Lord and I commend you on that thats why you are truly blessed .

    Rest assured that we Jaevon Gems will do in our power to support you both in any way that we can and to be with you both in your journey in this crazy world of showbizness. Your battles will be ours too. Both of you will never be alone.

    We would like to thank your respective families Reids, and Seron as well as Ate Tina for sharing you both with us. We greatly appreciate that. We promise to protect, support and not to harm you guys.

    To Star Magic management , to Ms. Kate and Ms. Smile, thank you for allowing James and Devon to spend their precious time with us. It is indeed a Christmas gift to each one.

    Let me take this opportunity to thank the Jaevon Gems . From Purple Pirate, Hugo, LJ, Biteme to Mardy and the rest of the past or previous officers may it be local or global. Without the help of each one we won't be where we are now, on a much stable ground.

    To the LOCAL GEMS who has been very visible in ABS and all the mall shows namely R.A., Molie, Mhy, Daiana and the MC Babes, to our 2 kambals Jayrel, Jaycel, Jay Ann, Joy Ann, Rhia, Boj, Girlie, Kazel, Ate Nora and the rest of the Devonairs and Kehrbears thank you for your time and undying support .

    To our JAEVON MEDIA family Jho, Jay Ann, Cef, Chaz we thank you for your artworks and your creativity. Because of you guys we have beautiful artworks for our PEX community, Facebook as well as for our tarps. Your creativity should really be seen on TV.

    To the Jaevon Scribes Biteme, Lav, Amership, Acheena, Rojudensy, Jho and the rest of the team thank you. Your stories keeps us afloat. Please do continue to make beautiful stories for us.

    To our resident MV makers, JadeUSA, Caren and regular YouTube uploaders thank you. Here's hoping for more.

    To Joric, I cannot thank you enough for being available to my call 24/7. For all the ngaragness that I give you I am so sorry for that. I know how much you love both James and Devon and will fight tooth and nail for them. You are like our knight and shining
    armour. Thank you and never break that trust we have given you.

    To Cha and Mari and Chin, I and the whole ohana family would like to thank you for your undying love to both james and devon. I know you are also busy with your respective lives but you still gave us your precious time. No matter how short notice I sometimes tell you guys you still accommodate me and do whatever needs to be done. You guys have been Devon's big sisters and she can count on you anytime.

    Both James and Devon seems so near to us Globals because of you guys.

    To our PEX family and Twitter friends like Lav, Tesla, Bebetazz, Grazie, Sam, Mylabs, Bula Marissa, Ate Red, Zeth, Axell, Ate Rhem, Vampi, Lurdezz, Steff, Ken and all nearly 1000 members of local and global; thank you for taking time out to be on the thread, Facebook and Twitter. Because of you guys we are being heard by many. Special mention to Jaevonblast, Cybercebuto , Sacripicial, for you make us proud of not being like you. You guys have been our reality check. To Hinayupak the resident taga pagtanggol of Devon, thank you. We get our strength on you too.

    To All our sponsors we thank you. If not for you guys I don't know how far we will be able to go. Rest assured that every single penny is well looked at. Wag Po kayong magsasawa.

    To Sir Lorens, Devons voice teacher thanks for helping her out and finding her voice

    To Paul thank you for making Devon beautiful and making her feel beautiful. It makes
    a big big difference. James you can count on Paul too.

    To Bobbie I am greatful for your help. Come 2011 I hope that you will be hands on to our
    babies. Pressure pressure!

    Lastly to my Co-OHANA family namely Taray, Cacay, Roan, Lola J, Anette, Bon, Izz, Cha, Mari and Chin and to our new member who doesn't want to be mentioned, thank you for the time, money and effort. We maybe like in a warzone sometimes due to different opinions but still we end up listening and laughing it off. Our daily mind searching for better ways to help our babies though brain storming is at least paying off. I love you guys dearly!

    We are all in this, we are one big happy family. ONE OHANA. Lets live by our mantra LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE, RESPECT GOOD VIBES!

    Merry Christmas to one and all!

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    Reality shows often produce loveteams. Two random people getting paired up either by natural circumstances or by producers, has become a staple in a show such as PBB. It is therefore not surprising that as soon as the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash edition began, viewers and fan groups almost immediately started scrambling in search for potential pairs for their early favorites. The pairing is often called in TV language as a ship.

    This is the story of a boy and a girl, and the ship that they inspired.

    We first met the girl as a member of the Villa Housemates, the disadvantaged kids; the ones who grew up at the wrong side of the track.

    She was the Bubbly Promdi, a friendly, naive young lady with a ready smile and a generous laugh. People fell in love with her simplicity and kindness.

    When the Villa was merged with the rich Apartment teens, her fans excitedly hoped that a particular male housemate from the other group would get to know their beloved girl. He was handsome, kind and gentle and as their paths crossed, people squealed and eagerly waited for the tandem to be officially identified as a pair. "Asaness" they called themselves which in English means "hopefuls".

    But as fate would have it, a third set of housemates was introduced to the competition - the Teenternationals. That’s when the viewers first laid eyes on the Dashing Dude from Australia. Audience members were enthralled with his striking good looks, quiet dignity and sexy accent. The addition of his team to the set of mix, changed the dynamics of the game, and to a great extent the set of pairs and loveteams.

    Strange as it may seem, even before the two groups would meet each other, several people were already saying how great it would be if the gorgeous lad from down under would meet the dusky beauty from the south.

    This would be the time that the term Jaevon would first be used to refer to the group that would ship Dashing Dude with Bubbly Promdi.

    The Jaevon ship remained at the dock, quietly, patiently awaiting for the right time to sail. And as it looked to begin its journey on the day of the backpackers’ task, the day the two were set to meet, the ship encountered its first adversity, because the brief meeting was not what the fans had hoped for.

    And even as the two houses were consolidated, it didn’t seem that the ship that a few good supporters were trying to keep afloat was bound to get anywhere at all. It appeared to be doomed even before it could sail on.

    But in what is to be a a common occurrence in this group, just as when things were looking down, something happens that turns things around. While the ship was looking to be forever docked and forgotten, fate took a strange twist; and as the season was drawing to a close, the two individuals to whom the ship was dedicated, grew closer and closer and closer.

    And this is what sets the story of the boy and the girl apart from the rest.

    While several fan groups formed and grew in large numbers after they decided who they wanted paired up with their bets; as producers prodded certain housemates to the direction of preferred "ka-loveteam" through encouragement and set up situations ; as prime time viewers were given the impression that this and that particular housemate liked each other though one of them couldn’t stand the other; while people were waiting for "kilig" moments from other housemates and looking at a different direction, boy and girl were at the background, getting to know each other without the benefit of a close up shot, without prime time exposure, without people even realizing it.

    Unbeknownst to him, two big ships were already warring against each other, trying to beat the other in the race of who would be his official loveteam after the show was over.

    Unbeknownst to her, she had gotten into a you-and-me against the world situation.

    But life moves in mysterious ways. Even when the large audience were often denied the chance to see the real stories inside the house, the forces of the universe always finds a way to reveal them.

    When the boy left due to his illness, and returned just in the nick of time, it was the lingering hugs and the girl's instinctive discovery of his return that made people take notice.

    It reminded the audience of the audition for the Big Goal concert, wherein not only did boy and girl performed as duet partners, they were also the stand outs in the dance auditions. And while most viewers were surprised at the unlikely pair, many became curious.

    So while they were continued to be denied prime time exposure, the people started searching for clues, and they soon found out that indeed cyber people had long discovered the team up and were in fact organizing themselves in the Pinoy Exchange Boards as well as different networking sites.

    The ship's thread started moving. It was three weeks before the Big Night, and more than a month after the other ships had began. The others had a good head start, but as the boy and the girl's friendship grew stronger, the Jaevon members grew in number.

    Our hearts were set aflutter as we watched the practice sessions for the Big Goal concert, the random conversations, the playful banters at the poolside, the massage sessions, and the scene that had the LS viewers and PEX people coming out of lurkdom - the unforgettable blindfold-prisoner task where the boy and the girl exchanged funny and cute conversations, kisay kisay can-I-lean-on-you-moment, hilarious scratching requests along with a little singing session.

    As far as the PBB crowd was concerned, the JAEVON ship had arrived.

    New members of the group came in droves, by this time the Jaevon, which was also knows as the Jade Gems had become the fastest growing group.

    We gathered around every night, from our respective homes, all waiting for the one thing which had become the trademark of this ship - the power hugs.

    During the final stretch of the season, fans became witness to the sweet, squirm worthy embraces that accompanied every greeting of goodnights.

    In their innocent, playful, somewhat sexy but none offensive way, boy and girl provided us power hugs that became a rallying point for supporters. No two hugs were ever the same. The succeeding ones always outdoing the precedents.

    The power hug during Jenny’s last night had everyone talking the next day. And why not? Who wouldn’t talk about a hug which was followed by such lines as:

    "One more hug.
    Honestly, really kiss me.
    I’m being serious, come back!"

    People began calling that the best ever hug. We thought, “that’s prime time worthy!”

    Unfortunately we didn’t get to see that on prime time.

    But as often proven in this ship, human decisions and discretions are no match for the forces of the universe. The following day, a quick, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment happened at the Confession room. They got a minor, perhaps accidental, prime time moment. Though it was short, more and more people began appearing from everywhere, curious as to what was going on between the Teenternational boy who placed his arm around the Pinoy girl while they were all gathered in the Confession room. “What was that?” TV audience asked.

    And as other people began boarding the ship, they joined us in waiting for the hug that we thought would be hard press to beat the one that took place a couple of nights ago.

    But here comes the boy and the girl surprising us again.

    After the disastrous coffee experience of the two other female housemates, LS viewers saw the tender moment of a concerned boy laying his head on the girl’s lap and asking her over and over again, “Are you ok?”

    And as the night drew to a close, and the standard goodnight hugs were given away, boy lying in bed, reached out and pulled surprised girl towards him, for a hug that had everyone of us screaming “Oh my God!” followed by posts after posts of Waaaaaaa in our PEX thread.

    It had all the elements of a power hug. It was sweet, sexy, unpredictable and even had Ivan providing a theme song:

    And I don’t want the world to see me
    Coz I don’t think that they’d understand
    When everything’s made to be broken
    I just want you to know who I am.

    Even Kuya was caught off guard, hence the appearance of the infamous PBB Logo that made all of us scream with frustration.

    That had to be the best hug, we all agreed.

    But again we were wrong,

    The night before the final eviction day, we say boy and girl fighting again and again. Like young kids hurting each other during play, we heard boy angrily declare “I will never ever touch you again!”

    We saw girl trying to reason her way out but failing, and then blurting “I hate you!” before turning around and leaving.

    “Oh no!” we all said. “What about the good night hug? “

    And as we waited and waited, wondering if we will be treated to another one of their anticipated good night hugs, we got our answer. We got our hug. And not just one, but two.

    There was the intriguing back hug, which we first saw at the mirror, followed by the tight, knee weakening embrace.

    We thought we had seen it all. Surely nothing can top that. But of course, boy and girl were not to disappoint.

    During their final night as housemates, with the time fast winding down, everyone thought there were no more hugs to see, that we had seen the last one. But again we were wrong.

    Just as everyone were about to give up, we saw two figures in a tight, quiet embrace in the dark kitchen area, so intimately saying goodnight that we felt like we were intruding.

    At that point we all felt a mixture of emotions. All wondering what tomorrow would bring for the two of them and for the ship which we all had gotten attached to.

    BUt such apprehension was quickly replaced by hope and positive anticipation when we saw the greatest hug of all. Girl running towards the waiting arms of the boy, followed by a beautiful spin reminiscent of a movie slow mo scene.

    And as they hugged, we watched in awe. Joyed by the moment we were witnessing, sad by the coming end, but relieved by the hope it gave all of us.

    While they embraced for the final goodnight as housemates, questions were running through our head, uncertainties were unavoidable, but boy said something that had all of us touched and rejoicing.

    he whispered

    We knew then that the ship’s journey was nowhere near the end...

    And so here we are .

    The Jaevon, the Jade Gems, the Jaders. Whatever name we fall under, we support the same ship. And even though the PBBTC season had come to a close, our numbers continue to rise. Our membership continue to grow. Some people are only recently discovering the the events that took place inside the house. Jaevon was PBB’s best kept secret. Their story was deprived of prime time exposure, and in the process, the viewers were deprived of the chance to know of this heartwarming story. One that was against the odds, against the tide. It was totally unexpected, but beautiful nonetheless.

    But thanks to the forces of the universe, even though we hardly ever were treated to a prime time exposure during the run of the season, we were given a parting gift. As boy was declared the Big Winner, as people rushed to the stage to congratulate and hug him, he reserved the best hug for her. Girl approached boy to greet him, and right in front of the entire crowd, right in front of all the fans and the other love team ships, boy and girl engaged in a tight embrace for all the world to see.

    We finally got the biggest prime time moment of all. And it couldn't have happened at a better time.

    People were surprised, but we weren’t. After all, if there is anything we have learned in this ship we have all grown to love as a family, we should expect the unexpected. Just as Jaevon was something that happened right when people weren’t looking, right when no one expected it.

    And that is why it is so special. It defies the script of the powers-that-be, it follows no specific formula, it is simply what it is - a tandem that grew naturally; a pairing blessed with genuine laughter and endless smiles; a partnership strengthened by an undeniable chemistry and connection; a team that is brightened not by mere sparks, but fireworks.

    And most of all, it is a ship built on a solid rock of friendship and mutual respect between the boy, Robert James Reid, and the girl, Devon May Seron.

    by PurplePirate
    Jaevon President
    (Local Gems)

    All rights reserved.
    July 27 2010.)

    THE KISS....
    all pictures are owned by me and Mr Joel H. Garcia. please do not remove tag/watermarks.Credit to Bretzie Bunnies Zim de Vera
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    James' MV TRIBUTE

    It's as equally heartfelt as that of Devon's Video... But this time it's about James...
    Kudos to @jadeusa23 for creating such awesome videos depicting the personalities of our two babies,

    And here is Devon's MV Tribute

    all pics are owned by me and Mr Joel Garcia. please dont take out tags/watermarks
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    Thread 1: "James and Devon thread"
    Thread 2: "The Massage Lovers Continue"
    Thread 3: "You Can Move Out and Live With Me"
    Thread 4: "Honestly, Really, Seriously, Comeback..Kiss Me!"
    Thread 5: "PowerHugs 'Till Big Night"
    Thread 6: "Pbb's Best Kept Secret"
    Thread 7: "Nakalubog Man, Submarine Naman"
    Thread 8: "I Really Love Dark Skinned FILIPINA"
    Thread 9: "We’re Getting TO Know Each Other"
    Thread 10: "Akala.Nyo.Lang.Wala.Pero..MERON MERON!"
    Thread 11: "Devon Of Corz! Of Corz, JamesReid!"
    Thread 12: "BODY LANGUAGE RULES...Waaaaaaaaaah"
    Thread 13: "BaKit Ang SWEET Natin..Di Daw Naman TAYO"
    Thread 14:"I AM FINE AND SO IS DEVON"
    Thread 15:"You Have No Idea How Much It Hurts-James"
    Thread 16:"She's not upset, I'll make sure.-James"
    Thread 17:"Meet & Greet Na! Hate That I Love It!"
    Thread 18:"(Devon?)..anywhere in the world-James"
    Thread 19:"Dont Even Get Fair! Leave it! -James"
    Thread 20:"He's Lazy - Devon She's Strong - James"
    Thread 21:"The soon-to-be screen partners-PEP"
    Thread 22:"Where's Devon?"-JAmes
    Thread 23:"Where Are You Going?-James"
    Thread 24:"Status of UR relationship-SECRET"-James
    Thread 25:"Can I Call You MM-James"
    Thread 26:" U HAVE NO CHOICE, I'M SO SORRY-James"
    Thread 27:" NO MAAM, IT'S OK. I LIKE THE PAIN-James"
    Thread 28:" Davao Fiasco:She handled it well-James"
    Thread 29:"2 POWERHUGS is Better Than 1"
    Thread 30:
    "I'm going with Devon anyway-James"
    Thread 31:"I'M VERY EXCITED (SMB)-James"
    Thread 32:"Slow down Devon,Enjoy the scenery-James"
    Thread 33:"Short But Sweet (SMB)-James"
    Thread 34:"I'll BABY CARRY You - James"
    Thread 35:"DOES YOUR BACK HURTS?-James"
    Thread 36:"GOOD VIBES All the Way"
    Thread 37:"Another GOOD VIBES On The Way"
    Thread 38:" One Love + One Heart- OHANA"
    Thread 39:"Loving You From A Distance."
    Thread 40:" So Near, Yet So Far."
    Thread 42:" Journey Through Ups & Down -OHANA-"
    Thread 43:" Back In Each Others Arms- JAEVON"
    Thread 44:" ~Mate-Soulmate~Ohana"
    Thread 45:" I KNOW, SHE'S STRONG- JAMES"
    Thread 46:" DANCE TILL YOU DROP- GV"
    Thread 47:"CRAWL BACK TO L♥VE - JAEVON"
    Thread 48:"Shout Out: It's OFFICIAL -JaeVon"
    Thread 50:"LUCKY,WE'RE BETTER TOGETHER-Jaevon"
    Thread 51:"COOL (James)+SWAGGER(Devon)= D'BEST"
    Thread 52:"VERY GOOD- DIREK"
    Thread 53:"Bringing Out D' Best from EACH OTHER"
    Thread 54:"SHOUTOUT Ang Official Jaevon Tambayan"
    Thread 55:"EXPECT MORE KILIG
    Thread 57:"I LOVE YOU TOO!(GEMS)"
    Thread 58:"I'll put a Flower in your Hair-JAMES"
    Thread 60:"The Newest Teen Sensation- US GIRLS"
    Thread 61:"THE ART OF LOVE- JAEVON"
    Thread 63:"R u Hapi? YeS! SeE MY SmILE?-JAMES"

    all pictures are owned by me(chinkyeyes) and Mr Joel H. Garcia. please dont take out the watermarks/tag
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    News and Write Ups

    The PBB teen housemates choose their Big 6

    Six final questions for the Big Six

    Unite at the Big Night

    Spotlight on the Teen Big 6 – James, Ryan, Devon, Fretzie, Ivan & Bret


    Pinoy Big Brother Teen Big Winner James Reid is not after fame and money

    After PBB, on to the next level?

    Will the Big Six of PBB Teen Clash of 2010 enter showbiz?

    PBB Teen Big 6 ready to take on showbiz

    Young and free

    PBB's James Reid and Devon Seron, the next hot teen love team?

    NEWBIES: PBB Teen Clash love team James Reid and Devon Seron are both fans of Kimerald
    cr:M.Molina of FB

    Credits to PEP..

    Family Keeps Devon Going
    By Vanessa A. Balbuena (The Freeman)

    CEBU, Philippines - While this Cebuana can't be accused of being another Kim Chiu clone as she's not chinita, Devon Seron has a high chance of being a popular teen idol just like the first-ever Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Teen big winner. She has the Pinay looks, the charisma, an inspiring family backstory, and of course, the often customary half-foreigner heartthrob for a screen partner.
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    * The Epic Last Night Hug and Kiss
    * Morning Hug
    * No More Massage Power Hug
    * Honestly, Kiss Me Epic Power Hug
    * Power Hug after the I won't touch anymore
    * June 16 Dance Hug
    * June 15 Hug and Kiss
    * James Carried Devon (Ryan's Party)
    * The Legend Of Two Pillows
    * James Hospital Farewell
    * Guys Reaction to Devon Wushu
    * Joe and Pat Elimination
    * Devon and Ivan Talking
    * Devon Dance Audition
    * Eviction Night Hand Massage
    * Singing 'Baby' To James
    * James Staring at Devon
    * Post Concert Hug

    Credits to: OfficialJadeChannel and Sweetmoonriver
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    James' kiLig Lines to Devon

    1. Carson's kiss was nothing! It doesnt count
    2. Come to Australia and I will take you to a Party
    3. You can move out and Live with Me.
    4. i love dark skin...
    5. Kiss me!!
    6. Gudnight Devon, One more hug, Honestly, Really, I'm being Serious, Kiss me, Comeback......
    7. Are you okey?
    8. You have a nice back
    9. Your eyes compliments your smile
    10. You have a nice smile
    11. Dark skin makes you stand out
    12. You have a god's like hand
    13. Dark skin and white teeth is really cute
    14. You have a nice forehead
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    Jade Official Fan List

    Global Jade Official Fan List


    Click the BANNER official fan page of JaeVon and JaDe

    Global gems officers

    Gemsters' Official Languages List
    01. Tagalog
    02. English
    03. Bisaya
    04. Ilocano
    05. Spanish
    06. Japanese
    07. Hebrew
    08. Ilonggo
    09. Korean
    10. French
    11. Pangasinense
    12. Arabic
    13. Bicolano
    14. Cantonese
    16. Mandarin
    17. Fookien
    18. Kapampangan
    19. EEMON
    20. BYBYMON
    21. CONYOTICS- Among RO

    Guys, don't forget the email/tweet brigade for jade


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    More Pictures From The First Jaevon Christmas Party



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    We Just Love Tuesdays
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