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    Ang Volleyball Team ng Bayan: The UST Tigresses (Thread No. 3)

    New lair for our beloved Spiking Tigresses!

    Thread 1

    Thread 2

    Black Gold! Black White!
    Viva Santo Tomas!

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    nagkaroon nga pala ng tune up last saturday against unknown gays. hehe peace! lamang sila ng isang set (2-1) nung tinigil yung laban. pero lamang yung kalaban nila ng 2 points (16-14) sa tinigil na set. yun lang!

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    sa gym ng ust. may ibang magpa-practice ata kaya natigil.

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    Patapak sa bagong tahanan ng UST WVT! Hehe.

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    Too short.

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    Wow! Thread 3! Nice. Hehhehehehe. ONE FOR UST!!!!!!!

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    patapak sa bagong bahay... 5 days to go...
    cant wait to wear my yellow shirt sa arena

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    GO USTE!!!!!

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    goodluck UST.... especially kay Kapitana Maizo

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    I'm so excited to see Kapitana. Sana matibay na ang court para di yayanig ang Arena pagpapalo na si MAIZO

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    grabe sa office mas excited pa sila sa akin na thomasian. And yes,mas kabisado pa nila ang ust team kaysa sa akin. ( they are from ceu, feu and dlsu) and yet they all cheer for ust womens volleyball team. Sila na talaga ang volleyball team ng bayan.

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    Pexpex mo!
    vahket madameng bohbah sa ustero laloh nah players netoh nyahahaha amffangt pa ng hetchura nyahahahahha!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElectricLambo View Post UST

    patapak sa bagong bahay... 5 days to go...
    cant wait to wear my yellow shirt sa arena
    yow lambo sama mo naman ako.. hehehe...

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    One for UST WVT!
    Go for Back to back.

    Rhea, Aiza, Maika, Maru, Judy, Val, Jane, Kat, Dancel, Loren, Lhea, Ver and Mia. Kaya pa nang Team ni Coach Shaq, kayang-kaya, konting sipag at determination lang.

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    congrats sa new thread ng UST wvt

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    Congratulations Volleyball Team ng Bayan Fans! Thread 3 na!

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    dito sa kwarto ko
    All the best, Tigresses!

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    MAIZO, Aiza- Utility Spiker (Captain)
    DIMACULANGAN, Rhea Katrina- Setter
    ORTIZ, Maika Angela- Middle Blocker/Quicker
    CABALLEJO, Judy Ann- Open Spiker
    BANATICLA, Maruja- Open Spiker
    HIROTSUJI, Midori- Middle Blocker
    CARANGAN, Katrina- Libero

    GONZALES, Sarah Jane-Setter
    AMAR, Valerie Jen- Open Spiker
    BERNAL, Verlyn- Open Spiker
    LANTIN, Loren- Setter
    DUSARAN, Dancel- Libero
    ESPIRITU, Leah Angelica- Utility Spiker

    HEAD COACH: Cesael Delos Santos
    ASSISTANT COACH: Vilet Ponce De Leon
    TRAINER: Ian Fernandez

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