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    omnipresent :P

    Pinaka-nakakatakot na Horror story na narinig mo noong bata ka pa

    Hi there, share niyo naman ang pinaka-nakkakatakot na narinig niyo noong bata pa kayo at super pina-niwalaan niyo.
    Mine was: noong bata pa ako sabi ng lola ko ang mga batang pagala-gala pa sa kalaye pag gabi na kini-kidnap nung mga gumagawa ng tulay at ginigilitan ng leeg. yung dugo daw pampatigas ng semento para tumibay yung tulay. Yung lamang loob, binebenta sa palengke at ginagawang bopis, yung buto, binebenta daw sa Ajinomotto at ginigiling para gawing vetsin...

    grabe takot na takot ako diyan nung bata ako

    kayo? anong kwento niyo?

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    Hey badoooooooops!
    This isn't even a real ghost story as in no names or scary locations like Balete Drive that I can attach any kind of credibility to but it scared me nonetheless.

    Some businessman fronted up at this hotel looking to stay there. They were fully booked but the manager said if you really want to stay there there was one room he could stay in but he had to follow one rule. No going out of the room until daybreak. The businessman said ok. They go up to the floor and to the room. It seemed he was the only one on that floor as it was completely silent. It seemed ok though so he wasn't worried. He went to bed as normal but he woke up because he felt like there was someone at his door. He creeps up to look on the hole in the door. He doesn't see anything but this red light.

    The next morning he checks out of the place and the manager asks him about his stay. He says it was ok then asks the manager why it seemed he was the only one on that floor. The manager says that floor is haunted by a ghost and no one wants to stay there. The businessman asks what this ghost looks like and the manager says "it's always a woman in black and she has red eyes".

    Hanggang ngayon tuloy takot ako sa ilaw sa radyo ko dahil lang sa kwento na yan.

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