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    36th PBA Season Team Uniforms

    My personal favorites from best to worst

    1. TNT - Nice simple look. I like that they placed the TNT product logo instead of the team logo in front. I hope the rest of the teams follow.
    2. Meralco - Like the orange
    3. Air21 - Cool and Clean
    4. Alaska - Still looks cartoonish but still ok. It would have been better if they placed the actual Alaska logo instead in front.
    5. BMEG - Average. Still like the Purefoods name though
    6. Barako Bull - Nice sides but worst front design ever
    7. Powerade - Too dark. You could hardly see the powerade logo.
    8. Rain or Shine - Dull and Boring
    9. SMB *
    10. Ginebra *

    * - Di na nagbago ang design for 10 years na. And their uniforms arent even nice to begin with. Same with the team itself, ayaw magbago nang core. Both teams are becoming like the Boston Celtics with so many oldies. The core from their early 2000 teams (especially SMB) are still there. Time to rebuild guys!

    Im not really a fan of of putting the entire team logo in front of the jersey. Except for the Warriors, All NBA teams just put the team name in front of their jerseys.

    Since the PBA is a commercial league, it would make more sense that teams make their product brands more visible in their uniform. Just because they have team logos does not mean they have to put in their uniforms.

    I still like the old PBA jerseys better. Kudos to Talk N Text for introducing a new trend.

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    LOL @ SMB jersey. since 2000 pa pala. wow! its so old man!

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    Kanto Tinio
    I hope BGK goes back to these uniforms



    http://openbanana.com/fkxwc.php?hei3FX1EkKNHdy5yTaAOHQ=nNlrRuyl3IQ2RAQbCkl1C%2Frro4q6YkY9eg4pzOdXawIRyzn5hvHsZnskB%2B8l6%2 FRQVlHdtcHL2lHgSDXXK%2BVgM7jqp8TQLB0Ng9xpKMasofj9jVos%2BUqfnqtRjeB5Jkr6vBzNc5nNQuwDxt0Coz2kK0lN31bhs kiOmQXwjxwKxoItCBjdh%2BE1CGr6h3tuu1m9

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    Quote Originally Posted by vindicatedxd View Post
    LOL @ SMB jersey. since 2000 pa pala. wow! its so old man!
    Nagpalit lang sila ng jersey nung naging Magnolia Beverage Masters sila.

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    Glad to have a thread like this, naalala ko sa NBA noon late 1990s, naging maarte din ang mga jerseys and floor designs sa homecourt, Houston Rockets, Detroit Pistons, pero binago nila lahat at naging simple na ang mga jerseys now.

    In the PBA, there are other ways to attract fans, one is to make jerseys simple and kitang kita ang team name, buti pa UAAP and NCAA, TNT already made changes and a headstart, agree ako dapat product ang i promote, Meralco and Powerade, nice colors but di makita ang team name.

    ROS jersey is as bad as it gets, and as the TS mentioned, I guess the people running the SMB and Ginebra team would rather prefer dull moments.

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    yep. dapat mga product logos ang nandoon. parang mga soccer jerseys.

    as much as possible nga yung mga woodcuts (see the lakers uniform).

    sa mga PBA old jerseys pinakamaganda ang old SMB jerseys during the atom bomb days.

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    smb's old green jersey is way better than the red and black coloring book they're wearing right now. that and the old blue and red toyota jersey, are the only pba jerseys in my closet.

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    ako lang ba nagandahan sa SMB jersey circa 97... yung cursive yung apelido sa likod? yun and yung nagblack jersey na ganun din...
    one time lang ata nila ginamit yun kasi tinambakan sila ata for that game e

    and yung isang may stripes na jersey nila... yung jersey nung kakatrade lang kay Asaytono and Alvarez

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    Worst jersey in 36th season is POWERADE's it was overly designed.

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    Thank god, a thread like this fianlly camr out.

    I find the uniforms okay, except for Ginebra and San Miguel. Can't they change their jersey designs to something new? If they can pay millions and millions on superstar players ,why can't they pay for a re-designed jerseys?

    Unbiased, B-MEG's jersey looks nice for me.[color]

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    palitan na yung jersey ng SMB, ang pangit, ibalik na lang yung dating design. simple lang

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    ^ Love the TJ Hotdogs jersey, especially the 'balzing hotdog' logo.

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    OT lang...yung sa NY knicks na jersey tagal na nilang gamit..yun pa rin.

    back to topic: Aces' jersey is good din naman.
    Powerade: can't see the logo...maganda na sana kung blue lang, kaya lang medyo OA.
    ROS: bad design.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paralusi View Post
    smb's old green jersey is way better than the red and black coloring book they're wearing right now. that and the old blue and red toyota jersey, are the only pba jerseys in my closet.
    di ko ma Google pix na ito ..nakita ko ito noon maganda .(samboy's era).pero sa IBA league ata lang nila ginamit ito import nila si Bobby parks ...correct me if im wrong

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    OK sana unis ng powerade pero may logo

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    ok na sa akin tong SMB jersey ni samboy...

    pang retro PBA talaga

    yan at eto



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    i like the purefoods jersey when they won the philippine cup last season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YoonJay18 View Post
    ^ Love the TJ Hotdogs jersey, especially the 'balzing hotdog' logo.
    How about the Coney Island jersey??

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    TS posting without pictures
    this thread is USELESS

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    Quote Originally Posted by bonzieknight45 View Post
    i like the purefoods jersey when they won the philippine cup last season.
    Me too.

    Blue is really the color for Purefoods.

    First things first, bring back the Purefoods name. PLEASE.

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