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    Mister International 2010

    * Great Britain - Ryan Terry

    1st runner-up

    * Brazil - Gaio Lucius Ribeiro

    2nd runner-up

    * Spain - Luis Alberto Maicas

    3rd runner-up

    * Indonesia - Thomas Sebastian

    4th runner-up

    * Greece - Leonides Sulai

    Top 10

    * Bosnia and Herzegovina - Adis Topalović
    * Chile - Gustavo Garcia
    * France - Jordan Haag
    * Namibia - Barnabas Weyulu
    * Turkey - Efecan Dianzenza

    Top 15

    * Austria - Jürgen Aschauer
    * Belgium - Tuur Roels
    * Bolivia - Marco Antonio Rogriguez
    * Philippines - Raphael Carlos
    * Venezuela - Francisco Sánchez

    Special Awards

    * Mister Photogenic: Singapullige Yasitha Dilshan Perera (Sri Lanka)
    * Mister Congeniality: Maynor Sandoval (Honduras)
    * Best National Costume: Thomas Sebastian (Indonesia)
    * Best Body: Ryan Terry (Great Britain)

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    Manhunt International 2010 results
    WINNER - SLOVAKIA, Peter Meňky
    1st Runner-up - GIBRALTAR Bogdan Brasoveanu
    2nd Runner-up - BRAZIL Marlon De Gregori
    3rd Runner-up - USA Daniel Guerra
    4th Runner-up - TAIWAN Jerry Chang

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    The road to Las Vegas.

    Miss Pennsylvania USA 2011 will be crowned on November 28 at Pittsburgh International Airport in Pittsburgh, PA.

    WINNER will represent PA in Miss USA 2011 pageant.

    Click here to meet the contestants.

    My favorites:

    Sheena Monnin (1RU 2010, NF TX USA 09, NF TX USA 08, T16 TX USA 07, NF FL USA 06, T15 FL USA 05)

    Amber-Joi Watkins (3RU 2010, 1RU 2007)

    Valerie Compeggie (T15 2010, T15 2009, T15 2008, T15 2007)

    Jenna Berardino

    Courtesy of Miss PA USA

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    The road to Las Vegas.

    Miss Georgia USA 2011 - Kaylin Reque

    1st Runner-up - Jessie Lysiak
    2nd Runner-up - Brittany Sharp
    3rd Runner-up - Jamie Kelton
    4th Runner-up - Lubov Patouga

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    The road to Las Vegas.

    Miss South Carolina USA 2011 - Courtney Turner

    TOP 5: Brittany Price, Valarie Kobrovsky, Olivia Olvera, Danielle Wilson.

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    MISS EARTH 2010 updates



    The Top 5:
    Venezuela, Norway, Czech Republic, Ecuador

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    Quote Originally Posted by ilovebeauty56 View Post

    24-year-old Nicola Mimnagh of Scotland was officially crowned Miss United Kingdom 2010 yesterday.

    She will represent the UK in Miss International 2011 pageant.

    Courtesy of The Sun
    Or it's a horrible photoshop or she has horrible figure.

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    May California pick the right girl tonight!!

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    The new Miss and Teen South Carolina winners are beautiful!!!

    The new Miss GA USA

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    Quote Originally Posted by ilovebeauty56 View Post

    Fourteenth Annual Best Buddies Miami Gala: Celebrating Fifty Nations - Cocktail Party 3DEF32E5E45107F0E30A760B0D811297

    MIAMI - NOVEMBER 19: Miss Florida Teen USA Mikyle Crockett, Miss Florida USA Lissette Garcia and Miss Teen USA Kamie Crawford attend the Fourteenth Annual Best Buddies Miami Gala: Celebrating Fifty Nations on November 19, 2010 in Miami, Florida.

    (Photo by Alexander Tamargo/WireImage)
    More photos from this event.

    Courtesy of Miss Florida USA

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    The beautiful Miss VA USA winners.

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    Miss Illinois USA 2011

    Winner: Angela Sparrow
    1st runner up: Monet Stunson
    2nd runner up: Charde Moore
    3rd runner up: Brittany Fletcher
    4th runner up: Sara Douad

    Miss California USA 2011

    Winner: Nana Meriweather
    1st runner up: Sundai Love
    2nd runner up: Brittany McGowan
    3rd runner up: Alyssa Campanella
    4th runner up: Katherine Blair

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    Miss California results.

    Winner: Alyssa Campanella
    1st runner-up: Katherine Blair
    2nd runner-up: Lindsay Sporrer
    3rd runner-up: Coleen Hunter
    4th runner-up: Nana Merriwether

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    ^ Click here to watch the crowning moment of Alyssa.

    CA TEEN was Alexis Swanstrom.

    Great winners!!! CALIFORNIA rocks!!!

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    The road to Las Vegas.

    Miss California USA 2011 Alyssa Campanella

    Courtesy of Miss CA USA

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    The road to Las Vegas.

    Miss California USA 2011 Alyssa Campanella

    21-year-old Alyssa will represent CA in Miss USA 2011 pageant.

    Courtesy of Miss CA USA

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    The road to Las Vegas.

    Miss Arizona USA 2011 Brittany Dawn Brannon

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    The road to Las Vegas.

    Miss Illinois USA 2011 Angela Sparrow

    25-year-old Angela will represent IL in Miss USA 2011 pageant.

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    The road to Las Vegas.

    Miss North Dakota USA 2011 Brandi Schoenberg

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    Miss USA 2011 will be a competitive year!!!

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