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    How To Pretend That You Are Not Hurt?

    Did you ever wonder why most of the time you pretend to be happy where in fact you are in total pain??? And why you need to laugh even you are feeling empty???

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    Quote Originally Posted by miviajera View Post
    Did you ever wonder why most of the time you pretend to be happy where in fact you are in total pain??? And why you need to laugh even you are feeling empty???
    I don't know either... I just dont want other people to see me down or sad... I want them to see me as a strong woman who can still smile despite of pain and see the brighter side of things.

    (that's all, thank you!

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    i do know what you mean. i think it's because you don't want to see pity in other peoples' eyes. you want them to think everything is all right with you even if it isn't. masyado ka lang din sigurong private na tao na sa piling piling tao lang nise-share ang tunay na nararamdaman gaya ko.

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    you can find a place that nobody knows you to relieve all your sorrow. travel a lot and meet different people, you will forget all the sorrow soon. then it is not neccessary for u to pretend. all the best to u.

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    its easier than explaining all the reason why you're not happy..

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    if you find yourself pretending that you are not hurt, you are only fooling yourself and not getting over the situation.

    i think its alright for people to see you hurt because you are and it's part of the healing process. just don't over do it or just keep it to your close friends.

    pretending or bottling things up will only make things worse.

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    ang bitter naman ng thread na 'to, huhuhu !!!

    ako naman, in man's emotion....

    of course at first, matatahimik then mag-oobserve..
    iisipin ko agad 'what went wrong?'...

    tapos pag di ko nahanap sagot ko ibo-bote ko lang mag-isa since loner naman ako at it is really hard for me to confess or tell my pains to anyone including my bestfriend...
    kaya tuloy iniisip nila may strong personality ako....
    deep inside, isa na akong ruins, waaaahhhh !!!

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    We can not pretend that we are not hurt. It will always show in our actions, in our eyes that we are deeply hurt. You can't hide it.

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    me,,, i can hide the pain... lalo na alam kong mas masasaktan ko lang siya kung ipapakita kong pagod na ako talaga... i know he loves me ,, at enough na tong reason para kayanin ko lahat ng sakit.

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    the only way to move on is to acknowledge the hurt and pain. learning comes from acceptance. moving forward comes from the learning that you have.

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    pag masaya, tumawa....
    pag nagmamahal, iparamdam....
    pag nasaktan, umiyak....
    at pag nasaktan ka na nga tapos meron ka pang naririnig na ekek at eklat, magalit ka na! lintek!!!! ano ba pakialam ng iba?

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    Madali lang mag pretend. Pero di mo mapipigilan at one point yung lungkot. Tatamaan ka nalang bigla pag napadaan ka sa isang memorable place sa inyo.

    Parang nangyari sa akin lately. I thought I was over this girl because I'm dating and meeting other girls na rin. Pero when I was in this place where it meant a lot to us, bumalik lahat ng lungkot at sakit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mihyuljang View Post
    the only way to move on is to acknowledge the hurt and pain. learning comes from acceptance. moving forward comes from the learning that you have.
    totoo ito, kaya there's no need to pretend...

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    ako naman sometimes, you have to pretend that you're happy and fine...until you realize that all your pretensions has become your strength to move on!

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    its our defense mechanism.
    syempre there are people who dont want to be pitied.
    others project themselves as adolf hitler, pero in pain sa katotohanan. human nature i guess. trying to be nonchalant.. mahirap rin kase mag-dwell sa pain, mas lalo ka lang masasaktan.

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    you can't pretend. it will still show kahit anong gawin mo. May makakakita't makakakita pa rin kung ano'ng nararamdaman mo pag hindi ka aware na nakatingin sila sa'yo.

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    just smile... and pray....

    easier to pretend because you do not want to burden others of your own problems, and who knows who you can actually trust... they might just use your vulnerable moments against you

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    sometimes you have to put up masks especially when you can't lean on anyone. true, it's a defense mechanism but it's not easy to be vulnerable especially when you're hurting too much and you're too sensitive. for me, i'm just learning to share with family and friends and i'm already 31.. i'm usually the one they run to when they need to talk, and when you're used to listening.. it's hard to switch sides and suddenly be the one spilling.. there might be people out there who are like me, the main reason why i have a hard time sharing how i feel is because i don't want to bother people.. maybe this comes from childhood trauma or hang ups.. but once you get used to keeping everything bottled in, it takes an unbelievable circumstance before we can let go and just release.. scary lang cos sometimes it comes out in anger, rage, resentment..

    i might just be babbling here..

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    Kayang kaya ko to haha.. I've done this a lot of times. But just make sure that you only do this in front of the person whom you want to set up the show. Cause remember that you need to release whatever angst you have or pain you have for you to be able to forgive someone.

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