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    Masama ba sa buntis ang pagko computer?

    i am posting this for my cousin, sabi daw ng doctor niya, hindi daw masama ang nakaharap siya sa pc, pero gusto niya ng opinion ninyo kasi gusto niya makasigurado. Okay lang ba na nakaharap siya sa pc sa loob ng 9 mos. niyang pagbubuntis? Salamat.

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    Oo, masama kasi may radiation ang pc, kawawa yung bata sa sinapupunan mo.

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    Radiation due to computer usage will make the baby grow extra limbs ... prolly to a DOZEN.

    Other hazardous objects which emit radiation: microwave oven, flourescent lamps and most especially THE SUN ITSELF. Exposure to the moon is okay.

    My two cents.

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    I'd yield to the doctor's opinion... most PCs now are okay and most people now are in front of the PC all the time...

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    if bawal sa buntis ang computer, paano na ko? i am currently working in a call center and magdamag 5 days a week ako nakaharap sa computer...

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    Minimal. LOL.

    Unless you're using a super computer that's generated by nuclear fission LOL.

    You're baby is worse off you eating fish than using the computer.

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    no, hindi masama ang pagstay sa harap na computer. Ang dami dami ko na kilala call center agent na within 9 months nasa harap sila ng computer for 8-9 hours a day normal and healthy baby nila. and nowadays offices rarely use crt monitors puro lcd na lang.

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    ^Even if it were that long and if it wereCRT's the exposure isn't that bad. It's not like you're getting a CAT scan.

    The air pollution in cities are far more dangerous. The non-druggie mother, should be more worried about 1. smokers 2. what she puts in her stomach or drinks. And no just because it isn't alcoholic, but make sure you eat healthy.

    And don't use the "I'm pregnant" to let go. Eat healthily and exercise.

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    Dito sa China merong nabibili na dress na pinapatong sa ordinary office clothes. It blocks daw the radiation. Bumili nga ako nung buntis ako sa bunso ko. I dunno if it works though, kasi sa panganay ko wala akong ginamit na ganun. My eldest came out very healthy and hindi sakitin.

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    nasa harap ng PC
    Di naman siguro.. Nung preggy ako, nagpatuloy pa rin ako magwork sa call center. Nung malapit na ko manganak saka ako nag maternity leave. Laging babad sa computer pero okay naman yung baby ko. Ang healthy nga eh.

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    I'd be more concerned about the pregnant woman's posture while sitting in front of the computer. Improper posture could lead to back problems.

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    Radiation coming from a computer should be the least of your cousin's concerns. What's more dangerous is deep vein thrombosis, which develops if one (not just pregnant women) just keeps sitting for extended periods of time. To avoid DVT, all you have to do stand up and walk around for a few minutes.

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