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    yung per sqm ba na price applies to both the enclosed and semi enclosed area of the the house. ex. garage, balcony, patio etc. wala naman walls on some sides. safe ba to use as a guide price x half of semi enclosed area? thanks

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    Cost of Basic Construction / Finishing Materials

    In order to help you compare the prices of finishing you can use in your home and assist you in shopping for the best buys in basic construction materials. The following are the list of basic construction materials as well as finishing materials.


    corrugated G.I roofing sheets

    Prices vary according to the different (thickness or gauges) of the sheets. Government controlled cost about P45.00 per linear foot.

    for long term economy and beauty, there is COlorsheet prepainted corrugated G.I sheets which cost about P188.57 per linear. That is painted both on the top side and underside making it more resistant to corrosion. Another features is that it is made of annealed steel that is tempered for flexibility. This means that the sheet will not crack even if walked on or mishandled during installation. Colorsheet is available 8ft., 10ft. and 12ft., lengths.

    Long Span Roofing Sheets

    these come in standard corrugation and in special rib and loop design to suit residential and commercial needs. Material cost about P195.57 LF of P232.87 to P296.04 per linear meter. Actually hardly any maintenance is needed plus they come painted and t size as per specifications.

    Asbestos roofing either shingles of sheets

    these can be used to cover most shapes in houses. They are incombustible, rust and cool due to its high thermal insulation quality. Cost about P750.00 to P900.00 per sq.m

    Clay Tile

    these come in choice of brown, blue and green glazed. Like the Era Industries, Inc., Riviera Filipina, Inc. New Kawara, Ondurra Clay Roof Tiles. also available in unglazed natural color. Cost about P61.60 per sq.m (unglazed to P71.00). The clay tile has a high resistance to climatic conditions.

    Concrete Roof Tiles

    a perfect weather covering for greater strength of tile like the CPAC Monier, ELABANA Bold roll concrete roof tiles and the Prestige Flat concrete roof tiles. Materials cost about P235.00 per sq.m and above. Tiles in this material are cheaper than clay tiles due to the avoidance of the expensive resembling sandface and locally come in various monotone and two-tone.

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    The month-on-month growth rate of the Construction Materials Wholesale Price Index (CMWPI) in the National Capital Region (NCR) decelerated to 0.3 percent in June from 1.4 percent in May as prices of fuels and lubricants further decreased to -2.8 percent from -0.5 percent.

    In addition, slower price adjustments were posted in the indexes of the following commodity groups:
    lumber (1.0% from 3.1%);
    hardware and metal pipes (0.1% from 1.4% and 1.3%, respectively);
    paints and reinforcing steel (0.2% from 1.0% and 0.9%, respectively);
    G.I. sheets (0.6% from 1.5%);
    interior electrical fixtures and devices and electrical rough-in materials (0.3% from 0.8% and 1.4%, respectively).

    However, a higher price increment was recorded in the index of cement at 2.8 percent from 2.1 percent. Price movements in the rest of the commodity groups were generally stable during the month.

    ***source NSO***

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    Grabe tholits ang dami ko natutunan sayo.

    yung post mo about asbestos roofing sabi cancerous daw yan?

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    Quote Originally Posted by latundan View Post
    Grabe tholits ang dami ko natutunan sayo.
    yung post mo about asbestos roofing sabi cancerous daw yan?
    salamat at least may na share ako sa inyo kahit papaano..

    regarding asbestos roofing choice na yun ng house owner kung ganun material ang gusto niya, pero sa green building design hindi na talaga ginagamit ang asbestos

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    Cost of Basic Construction Materials

    Each 40kg bag or regular cement cost from.00 to P215.00 to P230.00 to government controlled price. Each 40kg bag of white cement (used for tiles in bathroom and kitchens) cost from P550.00 to P580.00 a bag depending on the brand. One bag of white cement is usually more than enough for a house.

    The most readily available type for lumber is tanguile and apitong that cost around P37.00 rough to P50.00 S4S per board foot.

    • Plywood
    The price starts P200.00 for 1/8”, P450.00 for Ό” plyboard and P750.00 for Ό” plywood.

    • Gypsum Board
    Primarily for ceiling and wall partitions. Gypsum Board is non-combustible has thermal and acoustic insulating properties is asbestos-free and does not wrap. The price for 9mm x 4” x 8” is P220.00 to P61 0.00 SRP per piece and 12mm x 4” x 8” is P235.00 to P900.00 SRP per piece.

    • Fiber Cement Board
    Hardillex life” is the newest member of the Hard if lex family that is deal [or ceiling applications. Lightweight but extremely durable Hardiflex lite is tough against the elements ater-resistant, Fire-resistant, Termite-proof and has no asbestos). Products size 3.5mm x 4ff. x 8ff. SRP P400.00.

    • Particle Board
    With its quality and with size being the same as plywood (4” x 8”). Particle has now gained wide acceptance as superior substitute for plywood. And more importantly, it is cheaper than plywood. Unit price are as follows:
    6mm (1/4”) is P260.00;
    9mm (3/8”) is P400.00;
    12mm (1/2”) is P480.00;
    15mm (5/8”) is P550.00;
    18mm (3/4”) is P650.00 and
    25mm (1”) is P780.00.

    • Hollow Blocks
    For the walling of the house "Allied Concrete Hollow Blocks" are used. Each 3 core stretcher block 150mm x 200mm x 400mm, LB-700 cost about P11,400.00.

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    Magkano kaya ang rough estimate magpagawa ng bakuran as in hollow blocks tapos gate sa laking ng lote 80sqm tapos may taas ng 4ft ang bakod?

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    • Quartz Vinyl Tiles
    They come in plain colored and multi-colored
    designs. Cost about P110.75 per sq m. or P15.00 per piece and up.

    •Parquet Wood Tiles
    Parquet flooring are available from P72.00 up to P320.00 per sq.m. They are made from selected head species.

    • Pebble Washout
    Black pebble washout is the cheapest at
    P95,00 per sack. Boracay shall washout is
    P330.00 per sack.

    • Clay Brick Tiles
    Available usually in 1” x 2’ x 9” is P235 per piece. The cost for square meter P225.00 up.

    • Ceramic Tiles
    The plainest white 4” x 4” ceramic tile cost P2.50 per piece. The price of the colored tiles with design vary from P4.00 up per piece. To cover an area of one square meter you need about 86 pieces

    • Marble Tiles
    They usually come in tiles with the size of 0,20m x 0.40m. marble tile cost around P220.00 per square meter. Italian marble and other high quality marble tiles start at P900,00 per square meter. Crazy cut marble tiles are the least costly
    version at P220.00 per square meter.

    • Granolithic
    Granolithic is a combination of marble chips with a plus copper lining and last as long as marble. Cost start at P325.00 per square meter including installation.

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    Pero tholits hindi pa pala ban dito ang asbestos ah. Sa ibang bansa banned na ata yan.

    Medyo OT. Ano tawag doon sa pang display sa bahay na waterfalls. Dekuryente tapos may usok na lumalabas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by latundan View Post
    Medyo OT. Ano tawag doon sa pang display sa bahay na waterfalls. Dekuryente tapos may usok na lumalabas.
    Table top waterfalls
    Table top fountain

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    • Regular Panel Type Door
    Are available in models with prices from P2,880.00 to P3,200.00 to P10,000.00 up depending on wood type and design.

    • Flush Type Door
    With standard or tempered skins cost from P1,340.00 up to P1,500.00 per door. Available in 1 3/8” and 1” thickness. With ribbon grain design skins at P1.440.00 up door ready to install.

    • Aluminum Sliding Door
    Such a door usually consists of a aluminum frame with 1/8” thick glass panels. The approximate cost of a 0.80m x 210 panel is P12,01 2.00

    • Lock Sets
    Entrance locksets with key cost P400.00 and up, depending on the type and brand.
    Bedroom and bathroom lockset cost much less, main door lock set of more expensive brand (Hongkong)-P3,200.00 (Japan)- P25,000.00 (Germany).

    • Door jambs
    Standard models to choose from to satisfy even the most discriminating tastes. like the door jambs. Can be obtain at around P1,224.00 a set to much more.

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    Alam mo saan marami choices mabibili yan waterfalls and fountain?

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    This is a very informative thread. Thanks a lot. BTW what is a hollow core door?

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    Quote Originally Posted by krystalle View Post
    This is a very informative thread. Thanks a lot. BTW what is a hollow core door?
    A hollow core door is an interior door without solid materials in its frame. These doors are lightweight and used in many types of buildings. Hollow core doors don't buffer sound well, but are an affordable alternative to solid core wood doors.

    Scrap woods and artificial wood finishes are typically used for hollow core doors. The lower cost materials help keep the price of these lightweight interior doors inexpensive. The hollow core door is considered quite environmentally friendly because manufacturers can use up wood products that would otherwise be wasted. Before the manufacturing of hollow core doors, scrap woods were routinely discarded as waste.

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    I attended architectexpo exhibit in Thailand last April and saw this hollow core door, manufactured by Formica Thailand...

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    boss tholits1224 ask lang, we're planning na ipaconcrete slab *** 2nd floor ng bahay namin, 46sqm lang sya, parang sa mga ordinaring townhouse in cavite ang style ng bahay much kaya aabutin?we dont have any idea of how much it would cost. we dont have any contractors yet..also how much kaya ang pagpapadesign sa architect?is it better na may architect?do you know any contractors here in dasma cavite n pde namin macontact?

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    A bit of OT but here's a link where discussions on construction can also be seen.More than 140 pages of discussion on construction:

    (Get your cup of coffee and read on!)

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    For the professional fee how much should be given to the consultants: acoustic, civil, electrical, mechanical, plumbing and sanitary and etc?

    And, what is the margin of profit of the contractor base on the basic estimate?


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    Great thread! Thanks Tholits.

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