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    Quote Originally Posted by pigpen View Post
    Haha may bekimon translator na! may text to speech pa.

    panalong panalo!

    winnie monsod itey!

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    Keri lang teh. Betchikola ko ang bagong gay lingo na Bekimon. Acceptable sha sa mga educators ng UP ha ha ha! I wrote a blog about this Bekimon stuff check it out

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    teka medyeklavu navaon ang thread ha....vuhayin nating muliski mgatchi vaklatchi

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    pa enter the dragon ditey. kalurx gumamit ng bekimon translator, na-aanik lang aketch. ang charot charot naman.

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    Print ko na nga lang yung adeektionary.Tinatamad akong balikan para lang may maipost.

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    ang taray jedi anne....gora sa pag print at ng makabog mo ang lahat ng mga becky ditey

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    di ba ang "bongga" salitang bakla nung 70's pero ngayon parang parte na ng wikang Filipino

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    Slumdog Billionaire akosilester's Avatar
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    major, major!

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    ching charot, wakaranai kangkinay lang kawti shulaga ever..

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    Royal Princess of Pabebe PrincessAndi's Avatar
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    Aug 2010

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    very predictable na nung ma up ang thread eh "major major" ang chacharusin na word ditey

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    Quote Originally Posted by deviant_man View Post
    isa lang ang kilala kong may karapatang magsabi lagi ng Char! Char! na yan...


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    anitchng thread itechi chenelin? pureklavu kabaklaan

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    cutie_woman kirat03's Avatar
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    down south baby
    laveeettt!!! naglipanatchi mga bekimon!!! hahaha!!!

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    reading her mind :) jandeaux's Avatar
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    Yesterday for yes, gayspeak!

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    nakakairita naman yung mga salitang yan..... CHAR!!!! hahaha!

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    Anong klaseng thread ito? hahaha
    Nakakatuwa nga yung si Bekimon sa YouTube.


    anitchng klaseng thread itechi chenelin? hahaha
    nakakatuwa ngatchi yung si bekimon sa sokawtube. : chenelin)

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    "Charrrr"? Ano yan , bading na pirate?

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    ...pił bella di mille sogni
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    juhayin natin ang thread na itech

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