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    Abensons and other retail stores

    Anybody here who worked in retail stores like Abenson,electroworld etc..
    I was scheduled for an interview for retail sales coordinator.Eto ba yung mga sales associate na naggtitinda sa mga stores?(like product demonstration,mang bola ng customers etc )

    ok ba yung ganitong work?parang stressful kasi. @_@
    any info about the company?

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    San yung 9th floor of Walter Mart Corporate Tower, Brgy. Verterans, EDSA QC.
    Nakikita ko yung waltermart dun kaso parang d naman aabot ng 9th floor >.<

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    this is a contractual job, 5-months and then endo ka na just like in department stores or fastfood outlets. The sweldo I think is minimum but I'm not so sure. Commissions are given depende if sales are good or not.
    I don't think na stressful and trabaho, maybe except the quota but since contractual lang naman, the worst that would happen if you don't hit the sales target eh mae-endo ka. You'll work mall hours, weekends and holidays.
    if you enjoy interacting with customers and you are interested in electronics eh you might want to give this a try.

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    Just got interviewed here last Saturday, and I commended them for having a VERY EFFICIENT process.

    1. HR gives biodata form
    2. Interview with the President (didn't know beforehand that he'll be the first one)
    3. Interview with the Marketing Manager
    4. HR gives aptitude exam
    5. HR gives psych schedule for Monday (3rd party examiner)
    6. Evaluation and waiting time which can lead to job offer already

    HR explains that the process is inverted compared to the usual. Simply because, if the owner/big boss doesn't like you, then there's no point in going through all the initial exams and interviews. Saves us both the time and effort. I couldn't agree more with them. I hope all companies can do this.

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