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    Anne Curtis & Erwan Heussaff : [The Real One] “I’m Hiding”

    Welcome to Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff thread
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    Chronicle of Erwan Heussaff and Anne Curtis-Smith

    December 2008

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    January 2009

    Erwan’s Bday

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    Europe Vacation – May 2009

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    June 2009 – Ruffa’s Bday
    Image not available

    Random Sightings

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    Tagaytay – August 2009 – Lunch

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    August 2009 - Solenne’s Bday

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    January 2010

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    February 2010
    Georgina’s Birthday Picture not available
    Liz’s Birthday – Picture not available

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    February 22, 2010

    Father James Birthday

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    Im officially openning this house

    Mga invaders sa kabilang thread,lumipat na kayo... Dito welcome ang topic na Anne & Erwan.

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    April 2010

    Holy Week – Bangkok Trip – Photo not available now
    Source : (@iamtimyap)

    Coachella - LA – April 15-20, 2010 – Photo not available now
    Source : On Wednesday 21st April 2010, @annecurtissmith said:

    Missing the Coachella group! Everyone come home na! @mondgutierrez @nicoleandersson @solennheussaff @erwanheussaff @martinecajucom @quarklovesyou @miguellugtu

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    February 2010

    Liz Uy Birthday

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    Quote Originally Posted by justthinking11 View Post
    Europe Vacation – May 2009
    I dont know even though this guy looks cute but sometimes he looks like bading and have wrinkled face he gets it from smoking, drinking and staying under the sun too much...He is only 23 but he looks like 30 years old..Anne curtis is the same way looking wrinkled from worshiping the sun too much plus smoking & drinking by the time they reach 30 they will look like 40 years old..I hope Anne curtis is thinking about cancer when she gets her tan, smoke & drink alcohol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by justthinking11 View Post
    February 2010

    Liz Uy Birthday
    They look drunk & happy on this picture..they have so much in common alcohol & cigarette..what a good example for Jasmine.

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    Erwan tweets after the BORA incident of ANNE

    There is nothing that touches our imagination so much as a beautiful woman in a plain dress.
    5:20 PM Mar 24th via web


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    thank you for the photos

    it looks like there is 'SOMETHING" indeed between him and anne

    they looked good together anyway

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    I think they're a couple naman talaga, clear naman sa mga latest sightings at pictures & true rin pala yung sighting sa kanila sa Bora last 2008 kasi may evidence na sa pictures and sa latest inetview yata kay Richard G. he was qouted saying na she's dating this non showbiz guy so huwag na rin maging nega yung iba kung ma link man si S** sa ibang girls kasi he's free & ready to mingle. SO MOVED ON NA DAPAT LAHAT

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    bagay naman sila ni anne at ang guy na to

    let us let them be happy

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    kakashock i was living in a dream world pala

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