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    on Postpaid Plans: Globe, Smart, or Sun?

    which of these three networks has the best postpaid plan offers?

    i am planning on having a Globe postpaid plan. ano ba ang benefits nito over being on prepaid?? thanks in advance guys.

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    I have both postpaid plans in globe and smart. They're both good, had no problems whatsoever but if I had to pick one, I'd pick globe since most of my friends and family are using globe. Another reason I like globe is their unlimited plans which you can mix and match depending on your usage.

    Check it out here, it might help

    About the benefits...Well, one would be the less hassle of buying load or running out of load in the middle of a phone call or whatever. I can pay my bills online so I don't need to go out and personally pay. And there's also retention which can either get you a free phone or cut backs in your bill

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    yeah how does it go? yung rebates, you can choose any phone you want? how much is the cut backs sa bill?
    its actually a good promo, the globe my superplan. considering the amount na i spend on prepaid loads, much wiser nga siguro to get a plan especially if you are a heavy texter. plus most of my friends are on globe na.

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    I think Globe's MySuperUnli is the best plan available right now, assuming it has the same network quality, signal strength and ease of connection as 'normal' Globe plans.

    Smart Gold Lite is also quite bang for buck, with Smart to Smart calls at only P2.

    Sun's plan 350 is still a very strong candidate as well. My only problem with them is the numerous dead spots and the network quality. On my way to work, either nawawala-wala yung sound or napuputol ang connection ko with my gf (also using Sun) malapit sa Math Building ng UP, tapat ng Katips, sa first U-Turn slot sa Libis (tapat ng Unionbank, Starbucks), and sa loob ng Eastwood sa tapat nung bagong mall. Funny thing is, laging may signal naman.

    If they address their network issues, this plan is the best by far. Lowest rates, most value for your money.

    For now, I'm probably gonna try that Globe MySuperUnli.

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    I've been with Globe since 2005... Plan 500. After my contract expired, they offered a P250 monthly rebate for 24 months as Loyalty reward. Then this, 2009 they didn't offer any (free phone or rebate) . Call center said that they are not offering... okay . So, I switched to Smart. Got my free unit (Nokia 3120) which I sold immediately for 5K

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    My plans with globe are about to expire and I want to get newer phones. The phones that came with the plans are pretty beat up now. I'm contemplating of moving to smart if they can't offer new phones but I wanna keep my globe numbers. With the new plans they're offering I dont think the rebates would make sense anymore.

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    i used to have a globe line but decided to terminate it because their reward program sucked.

    so i got a new line..... from globe! hehehe. got an htc tattoo (switching package) for plan 1200.

    i was thinking of getting an htc magic from smart at plan 1800 (unlimited browsing). however, i dont need the extra minutes plus the htc magic does not have a 3.5mm audio input which i need.

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    i think Sun's plan 350 has the best offer so far since it is call and text unlimited with 250 free texts to other networks. kaso hindi ko din nasusulit since most of my friends are on Globe.

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    Globe user here. matipid since most of my contacts are on Globe--per second charging sa calls eh. :P

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    Kahit nga *** load tipid plans ng globe e sulit na sakin. Lalo dumami *** kakilala ko na nagshift sa globe kaya globe na lang ulit *** number ko at wala ng secondary fone.

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    i have a postpaid plan with Globe - GFlex. main reason is because of the iPhone. okay naman kasi it's consumable; i can use all of it for calls, text or web.

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    I used to be with Globe since almost all of my contacts are globe subscribers. But, I agree that their rewards program sucks big time. I was offered SuperDuo (good for 6 months) and the normal duo (1 year) and lock-in for 2 years, or rebate of P 105 every month (2 years lock). I was on plan 800. It took them months to come up with their offer. Originally, my plan was 500 then I upgraded it to 800 after a year. So, I am really expecting bigger I would get a higher rebate considering the upgrade from 500 to 800.

    I decided to cut it off through their customer service few days ago and the agent offered me P 280 rebate. So that's 35% off. I know of people getting rebates for almost 50% off so I did not bite it aside from the reason I already got the same plan from smart.

    So far, there's no much difference. What I enjoy though is when I use my phone as modem. Their HSDPA service is really fast and I can even download fast from torrents kaya sulit na sulit.

    I know of people din who were offered new phones even before the 2-year contract ends. So i think, SMART is good at this one.

    Another thing, wala nang forwarded messages from my contacts who usually flood me. hehe

    What's good with Globe though are their promos. That super plan is worth the buck. I am thinking of getting one for my siblings.

    On the other hand, Smart Gold Lite is good too with their P2 call rate to same network.

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    Globe Postpaid is good.. Haven't tried yet Smart or Sun though..

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    Ang maganda lang yata talaga sa smart e, meron lagi bago fone after two years. Sa daddy ko nakapostpaid siya dati sa globe and then lumipat sa smart. 3 years *** company nila sa globe at iisa lang yung fone na binigay sa kanila per subscriber. Pero nung nagsmart na sila, every now and then papalit palit sila ng fone. Sa globe maganda *** promos nila. at siguro kung paglalahatin mo na *** gastos, baka makabili ka rin ng fone na bago in the long run.

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    weird.the loyalty promos i got from globe were pretty okay.

    2006 - my rebate was for php1,300 monthly.and am on plan 800 sometimes, i dont get to pay a monthly bill

    when that expired in 2008, i got a samsung i780 - windows mobile phone for only php3000 which i still use now.iphone was pretty new then and they offered it too for php10k but since ive an iphone touch, i dont actually need it.

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    Cool New Smart Data Phones Postpaid Plans

    Attaching Smart's new data phones stuff here, might be useful!

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    best value pa din ang Sun. yun nga lang may mga dead spots. pero in total at P350 a month e pwede na.

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    im planning to give up my sun 350 postpaid for a globe postpaid plan. is it worth it guys? most of my contacts are on globe kasi.

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    I'm currently on G-flex plan 800. I just hate it because globe's system right now seems to be down. I cannot get an updated account of how many texts or calls have I made already. I so hate it!

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    im on sun postpaid 350. it's pretty ok, improved signal ang network coverage.

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