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    To greet or not to greet your ex on his birthday...

    It's been 2 months of no communication between me and my ex boyfriend.He never initiated any contact with me,I was always the first one to text him because he said that we should keep in touch..Until I grew tired of it. Obviously, he fooled me by saying that we should keep in touch.

    I think that it was never his intention to stay in touch with me.It's so sad but I am still not over him.

    His birthday is fast approaching and part of me wants to greet him on that day but I can't help but think about the reality that he does not want to stay in contact with me anymore.

    Should I greet him or not? I even thought of asking my cousin to text him on that day because I am in Australia right now.At least the text won't come directly from me.I know that it kinda sounds lame and silly.Please don't laugh at me.I am having such a difficult time erasing him from my mind and heart.Please enlighten me before I make a huge mistake. Thanks everyone.

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    I think if the reason of your break-up is mutual decision and you had a good closure.Then, it is very hard to move on considering love is still in ones heart.The only reason i think that he insisted that both of you needs to keep in touch is to preserve friendship- at least or just in case his new relationship fails. The last reason, is very selfish.
    It is very obvious that he doesn't care about you why care for him!?don't be a martyr, even if you love him so much.It's time to move on!Be brave and put some pride in for yourself.You still have your friends and family to be with you in times of loneliness.Pray hard, for the right guy for you will come.

    You know we're in the same situation before, but know i have moved on and i am very happy!gudluck TS...and pls.don't text him.If he wants and loves you deeply, he'll make an effort to be with you!let go of him and start your beautiful and joyous life ahead.

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    In your situation I would clearly say: do not greet him.
    You can do that next year maybe when you are over him (or in 2 or 3 years).
    For now it will just prolong your suffering.

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    Nah. People in the past aren't worth saying hello to, unless they're still your friends. If he doesn't communicate means you don't mean sh!t to him; most times they say 'let's keep in touch' for formalities sake. I personally don't like or can be friends with exes. Plus you'd look desperate.

    It's gone it's over move on baby. Sure there are much much more sausages in the meat department.

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    Don't greet him.

    The more you keep distance from your ex, the faster your 'healing' would be. Don't even ask your cousin to do it for you. Or anyone else for that matter.

    Been there, done that and it sucked big time. But you'll survive. Dont cha worry.

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    Thank you so much to those who replied and gave me good advice.You've all saved me from making a huge mistake that I will surely regret.Thank you is not enough.

    Instead of thinking about him I will just focus on being the best nurse that I can be.I know that he will be migrating to Australia soon.Thank God we are from different states.He's not worth my tears.I will strive to be my cheerful self again from now on.

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    my ex didnt greet me last feb 19, my bday. Her father and me have the same birthday yet she didnt even remember me. I was waiting for her to greet me but there was nothing even just a text. sigh

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    if you just want to greet him because you wish him well on his birthday then go ahead.

    but if you only intend to greet him to "break the ice" or try to reach out and hope for some sort of response whatsoever wag na lang. baka kasi mag aantay ka lang ng response at masaktan uli just in case hindi niya ma acknowledge. or kung mag acknowledge man iisipin mo na may chance na uli or mabuhayan ka jan ng loob.

    i dunno what's up with people having dilemmas on their exes birthdays, yung mga tipong babatiin ko ba? or pupunta ba ako sa party?

    parang nagagamit na lang kasi ang okasyon eh hehehe...

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    Quote Originally Posted by McHeart View Post
    It's been 2 months of no communication between me and my ex boyfriend.He never initiated any contact with me...

    His birthday is fast approaching and part of me wants to greet him on that day but...

    Should I greet him or not?.

    huwag kang hunghang na batiin siya dahil lalo mo laang saktan o
    dagdagan ng kirot ang iyong puso. ika nga, eh, keep your distance.

    ako ang babati sa kanya ng hapi birtdey at sa akin mo na laang
    ibigay ang birtdey gift niya. akin as in maging akin. now na!



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    you're no longer obliged to greet him... okay lang start your move on that day (his b-day)... cut your connection with him... he has moved on and so must you!!!

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    TS: it depends on your situation. If both of you have moved on and have decided to remain friends then do greet him on his birthday.

    But if you parted painfully or you still have feelings for him, then you are only hurting yourself by greeting him. By greeting him, you are effectively opening an old wound.


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    Heartfelt thanks to everyone who replied. I have made up my mind, I won't greet him. It might cause me more pain if I do it. And besides, his ego is already bloated so thinking about him is a complete waste of time. He has hurt me enough. I have finally reached my saturation point.

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    wag mo na lang batiin. ok sana kung friends na kayu eh mukhang hindi pa. move on girl

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    Dont greet him kung hindi ka pa nakakamove-on. Ikaw kasi ang magsusuffer e. Ang payo ko lang, if you're good friends or at least civil with your ex, you have the option naamn to greet him or not. HOWEVER, IT IS NOT EXPECTED FROM YOU TO GREET YOUR EX. Lalo na kung di ka pa moved on.

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    Don't greet him, tapos na sa inyo ang lahat. So no point in keeping the communication open anymore.

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    NO WAY!! forget pa nga ang name niya eh
    birthday pa kaya?

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    naku, nakarelate naman ako kay TS...
    ako din malapit na bday ko and still hoping na batiin sana ako ni ex, heheh!
    pero hayun nga TS kung hindi pa naman kayo friends ulit, wag nalang...
    kasi for sure, todo todo expect ka lang na pag binati mo siya eh may positive outcome from him, panu kung wala... ouch na naman yun

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    wag na lang. tapos na ang lahat sa inyo.

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    greet ko siya...wala namang masama diba?! kasi ganun din siya, greet niya din ako every birth day ko..

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    if your friends, then its ok. but if your still bitter, dont. masakit yun pag di ka niya na replayan.

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