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    car aircon problem!

    ask ko lang po, napansin ko sa aircon ng car ko eh di siya lumalamig, parang naka fan lang po. ano po kaya ang prob? tia

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    Im not much of a mechanic but the most probable causes are:

    1. Leaking evaporator/condenser
    2. Compressor is not working properly
    3. Deffective expansion valve
    4. Low freon inside the system
    5. Broken drive belt.
    6. Maybe some loose connection/fuses etc.


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    In other words, lots of probable causes so try first to get an opinion or two from your suking a/c shops.

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    kung malakas naman ang fan, try adding some coolant then pag lumamig na.. check mo ilang days/weeks itatagal. pag saglit lang.. like weeks lang, baka may butas na *** sa aircon kaya mabilis na magfan nalang sha.

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    baka bukas ang bintana kaya di lumalamig...

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    Quote Originally Posted by pau034 View Post
    ask ko lang po, napansin ko sa aircon ng car ko eh di siya lumalamig, parang naka fan lang po. ano po kaya ang prob? tia
    ang problema ay di siya lumalamig.

    lolz, just kidding dude. as some posters said, maraming reasons kung bakit ganun. try searching here or in tsikot dot com kung saan ok na pagawaan.

    its important to research your shop kasi maraming manlolokong shop.

    i recently had my aircon fixed in cool attack in meralco ave. service and price are topnotch! one month has passed and so far so good.

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    1.) Start mo aircon then observe if the magnetic clutch behind the compressor pulley will engage lets say every 30 seconds.

    2.) If the magnetic clutch is not engaging the compressor pulley connect the compound guage (Blue guage) to LOW side service line, it should have a reading of 30 up 45 psi for an ambient temperature of 80 degree F. If the pressure is below that reading you will need to charge refrigerant (most pinoy called Freon). May pressure sensor kasi car ac kapag below mga 30- 20 psi ang charge refrigerant ng aircon hindi na mag eengage yung magnetic clutch so wala ng lamig yung aircon mo.

    3.) If ever na nag eengage (dumidikit) naman yung magnetic clutch sa pulley and the Low and Hi side pressure is ok then the problem might be an electrical connection in the compressor, a defective thermostat or automatic expansion valve.

    4.) Try mo din leak test the whole system including the evaporator bago ka mag charge ng refrigerant it will be a waste charging refrigerant if there's a leak in your system. Hope this will help.

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