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    Quote Originally Posted by sallytott View Post
    aylabyu samuel! supportive ever ka talaga sa aming munting anghel

    thank you thank you jaja!

    welcome, welcome sally!

    ang kyot kyot naman talaga kasi ng samgel.....they really show their support for each other

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    Quote Originally Posted by janel25 View Post
    Sam Milby and Angel Locsin for the Folded and Hung Holiday!


    We are now on the Holiday Season! We're already on the second Ber month, the month of October. And less than two months to go, we will celebrating Christmas time!

    So, inline with the holiday season, Folded and Hung just recently launched their special holiday collection featuring Ms. Angel Locsin and Mr. Sam Milby!

    This is a sample of their separate billboards. This is found on the main page of their website!

    As you can see, Angel and Sam were perfect! They two were really good looking! They look like foreigners. They were really perfect to be the Folded and Hung Holiday endorsers.

    I love how they look! Angel Locsin having a brown hair is really beautiful! Sam Milby with his simple outfit looks so gorgeously handsome!


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    WHEW... I'm sooooooo bored about sam-angel movie/project,,, I'm starting to hate ABS-CBN management... They're so unfair to the fans!!! Angel-JLC= NO CHEMISTRY AT ALL.

    JLC is super corny...

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    Quote Originally Posted by sallytott View Post

    check out fnh's site featuring bts of sam and angel's pictorial

    Eto ang perfect tandem... Di bagay si JLC kay Angel... Nakakapiss-off na talaga ang management ng ABS-CBN

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinkcobra140 View Post
    WHEW... I'm sooooooo bored about sam-angel movie/project,,, I'm starting to hate ABS-CBN management... They're so unfair to the fans!!! Angel-JLC= NO CHEMISTRY AT ALL.

    JLC is super corny...
    i agree

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    Korek!!! lol sana *** news about Sam na may movie daw sia next year di pa nila alam kung sino sana si ANGEL LOCSIN NA YUN! hehe :P

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    talaga? sana nga si Angel na yun.... sana talaga ...

  8. Oct 22, 2010
    Spam, OT

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    I Also Like Angel For Sam's Partner For Next Year Movie.... Guys Please Send An Email To Abs For Request

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    Quote Originally Posted by primadonita View Post

    pinkcobra140, Bad_Romance & blackberrylove = IISA!!!!!!!!!!!!

    next time kung gagawa ng alternick yung hindi halata ineng!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    tama!!! isama pa dyan ang mga usernames na chuchay825, goodmike's bf, carissa_oivilos, grace303, etc... (more to come, pretty sure!)

    pinkcobra140 = Bad_Romance = blackberrylove = chuchay825 = goodmike = goodmike's bf = carissa_oivilos = grace303 = IISA

    Quote Originally Posted by pinkcobra140 View Post

    hoy #@!* ka! hindi ako si bad romance, kaaway naming mga Angel fans yan! basher yan ni Angel, istupida! Wala ka nang sapat na ebidensya para magconclude agad.... Paano mo nasabing ako si Bad Romance? dahil ba pareho kaming may crush kay Chad at kay Sam??? di ba pwedeng mangyari yon???

    Si blackberrylove ibang tao din yan, friend ko yan galit sa thread ni Angel at Sam!!! engot ka, pag ba pareho ng type ibig sabihin iisang tao na agad??? isaksak mo yan sa karampot mong utak!

    ^ haha, bistado na ang isa dito.....mag 'SAMsunglove' or better yet mag 'endlesslove' username ka na lang kase no!

    Quote Originally Posted by primadonita View Post

    lokohin mong lelong mong panot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by annalizaballest View Post

    palibhasa pangarap mo lang maging balimbing.....

    sus, kala ko tapos na ang showing ng impostor [a.k.a. ==> balimbing]....yun pala evolving 'endlessly' pa! imortal na rin pala ang dakilang impostor......walang katigil-tigil itong dakilang tagasubaybay ni MR na ito, grabeng mag-effort sa paggawa ng kung anu-no....mapagkunwaring angel fan kuno! hmmmm

    i bet you 50 bucks...the more na magta-tambay na naman ito sa thread ni angel under various old/existing/newly-created usernames with all the 'fake' praises, picture posts (not the very good ones) who's pretending to be an avid supporter of gel.

    sus, how pathetic naman ng nilalang na to!!!
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    * Add your name if you support Sam Milby-Angel Locsin tandem!



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    P.S. Please post this on every page. Thank you.

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    Joinage Please

    Aaminin ko di ko napanood lahat ang Only you pero bagay talaga silang dalawa...super fan ako ni Angel tas nakyu-cutan ako sa kanila.

    At nalaman ko pa na parang may sariling mundo daw sila off-cam kahit na parehas silang taken halos nung mga panahong yun, hehe...

    Sana talaga si Gel na yung partner ni Sam sa movie nya next year, sayang yung momentum noon. Bakante din naman si Gel noon, ewan ko ba!

    Kainis talaga! Dapat tumutupad sila sa kontrata. Sana rin if ever matuloy eh medyo gandahan naman nila yung concept at hindi CORNY.

    Seryoso dapat at pangmasa, I mean parang yung one more chance...Di ko yon napanood Pero halos lahat ng kakilala kong napanood yon maganda ang review...

    Hanap sila ng idea galing sa ibang korean movie, eyecandy, maganda ang story at nakakadala talaga yung drama.

    Hindi naman sa manggaya sila.

  16. Oct 27, 2010

  17. Oct 27, 2010

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    Hello to all Samgelians! Wish ko rin na magkaroon sila ng movie project... sana early next year na yun!!

    For the meantime, pls. support SAM's 2nd indie film - THIRD WORLD HAPPY under Cinema One Originals showing on Nov. 10-16, 2010 at Shangri-la Mall in Ortigas. Here's the YT link for the trailer =


    Baka daw pumunta dun si Sam sa Nov. 11, 2010, kaya please let's support Sam and let's all watch this film.

    Thanks sa space Samgelians!!

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    Sam Milby on Marie Digby: "We decided to just be friends."
    Philippine Entertainment Portal
    Jocelyn Dimaculangan
    Tuesday, October 26, 2010
    07:44 PM

    For his second indie film, Sam Milby will be playing a balikbayan for the 6th Cinema One Originals' entry Third World Happy. Sam's first indie film is the action-suspense film Cul de Sac.

    Directed by Edward James or EJ Salcedo, Third World Happy stars Sam with Jodi Sta. Maria. The latter plays the girlfriend left behind in the Philippines when Sam's character decides to go to the United States.

    Sam describes his character Wesley as someone who is "manhid" and who has not moved on with his life after the death of his parents.

    Sam graced the press conference for the seven entries of the Cinema One digital film fest, which was held earlier today, October 26, at the 9501 restaurant located in the ABS-CBN complex in Quezon City.

    JUST FRIENDS. Sam mentioned that he might see Marie Digby, the international singer being linked to him, when he goes to Japan this week for the Heartthrobs and Friends tour.

    "Actually, may tour kami sa Japan this Thursday and Friday. She's actually there now for an album that she's doing so baka magkita kami.

    "But, actually, we're just friends. We decided to just be friends," he revealed.

    Sam added, "Before, we were dating. But ngayon, we decided to be friends kasi mahirap ang long-distance...

    "We had hopes it would work out. Hindi naman MU [mutual understanding], pero we have hopes na baka puwedeng mangyari. But mahirap talaga."

    Did he feel hurt because of this decision?

    "That's something I understood... Four times pa lang naman kami nagkita."

    PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) asked Sam what he likes most about Marie and he disclosed, "She's honest and trustworthy. Kung sino ang boyfriend niya, wala kang duda. You will not have any doubts na may iba...

    "Very truthful and very honest. Ang bait-bait sa lahat ng tao. She's one of the nicest people I ever met. She's someone I can rely on."

    When it comes to matters of the heart, Sam has this philosophy: "Finding a perfect love is not about finding the perfect person. It's about loving an imperfect person perfectly."

    NOT IN LOVE AGAIN. When asked why he hasn't had a love life recently, Sam Milby quipped, "All the good ones are taken... Joke! Ngayon lang natapos ang iDOL and I've been taping. So, walang time para makakilala ng ibang tao.

    "Ngayon may time na, it's not something that I'm looking for. If it happens, it happens. If there's a spark with somebody, there's a spark with somebody."

    Did he feel this so-called spark with Sarah Geronimo, his leading lady in iDOL?

    "With Sarah, you get kilig naman while working with her," he replied.

    Is he open to having a girlfriend who is also from the entertainment industry?

    "I don't see why not. Lalo na sa business na ito, ang daming magaganda at ang daming mababait. I will admit that if you do have a showbiz relationship, mahirap.

    "Sometimes you think, mas madali siguro pag non-showbiz na girlfriend. Gusto ko talaga non-showbiz girlfriend. But the fact is, I work with people in the industry. When you spend so much time with them, you can't help but fall in love with them."

    If he does become involved with someone from showbiz, Sam said he won't keep it a secret.

    "I think if it's from someone in showbiz, malalaman rin yun. And of course, the girl would want the guy to acknowledge her," said the matinee idol before leaving the venue to attend to a fan's day scheduled that afternoon.

    * * *

    Luis surrender in courting Angel
    Journal Online
    by Chan-Chan Torres
    Wednesday, 27 October 2010 18:29

    TULUYAN na bang nawa-lan ng pag-asa si Luis Manzano na maayos ang relas-yon nila ni Angel Locsin?

    Sa kabila ng pahayag ni Luis na sinisikap pa rin nila ni Angel na maayos ang lamat sa pagitan nila bilang magkaibigan, mukhang ma-labo na itong mangyari.

    Usap-usapan ngayon na sumuko na raw si Luis sa pagsuyo kay Angel. Napag-usapan din ito ng hosts sa The Buzz. Binanggit sa nasabing talk show ang naging post ni Angel sa isang social networking site saying: “Girls mag-ingat sa mga manloloko!”

    Nu’ng kinuha ng The Buzz ang panig ni Angel tungkol dito, malinaw ang kanyang mensaheng wala umano siyang pinatatamaan sa sinabi niya. ‘Yun lang daw talaga ang nais niyang iparating sa sinumang ma-kakabasa ng post niya.

    Agad namang binanggit ni Toni Gonzaga, host ng The Buzz, na maging si Luis ay may sarili ring post sa kan-yang account sa isang social networking page na may mensaheng “abangan ang bagong Luis Manzano.”

    From there, nagkaroon na ng iba’t ibang opinyon na kesyo nagpapakita ito na tuluyan nang tinuldukan nina Angel at Luis ang posibilidad na maayos ang kanilang samahan.

    Sa panayam namin kay Luis kailan lang, itinanong namin sa TV host/ actor ang tungkol sa pagkaka-link ni Angel sa vocalist ng Parokya ni Edgar na si Chito Miranda.

    Agad sinabi ni Luis na hindi naman daw niya kinu-kumpirmang may ligawang nagaganap kina Chito at Angel. Ang alam daw niya, magkaibigan lang ang dalawa.

    Well, siguro nga panahon na para mag-move on na silang pareho. Komento pa ng ilang tumutok sa love story na ito nina Luis at Angel, mahaba na rin ang panahong ibinigay ni Luis sa pag-asang maaayos pa nila ni Angel ang kanilang friendship, pero tila hanggang doon na nga lang ang lahat.

    But wait, ano kaya ang dapat nating abangang pagbabago kay Luis?

    * * *

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    Sam ilang beses niloko ng mga babae
    First Posted 07:30:00 10/28/2010

    NAKA-RELATE si Sam Milby sa role niya bilang balikbayan artist as Wesley sa bago niyang indie film na “Third World Happy” para sa 6th Cinema One Originals Film Festival na magbubukas sa Shang Cineplex, Edsa Shangri-La mall sa Nov. 10 hanggang 16. Kasama niya sa movie si Jodi Santamaria, Richard Quan, Melissa Mendez, Archie Alemania, Archie Adamos and Raul Morit.

    Pero baka ‘di pa nakabalik sa Pilipinas si Sam kapag nagsimula nang ipalabas ang “Third World Happy.” May show kasi siya sa Japan at Europe para sa “Heartthrobs” tour. Sa Japan nakatakdang magkita si Sam at ang natsitsismis na girlfriend niyang si Marie Digby.

    “I’ll be there Thursday (Nov. 4) and Friday (Nov. 5). She’s actually there right now for the album she’s doing, so, baka magkita kami. But actually, we’re just friends. I mean, before we were like dating. Dating kasi para pwedeng ano (maging magsyota), until we both decided na friends na lang. Kasi mahirap, mahirap ang long-distance relationship,” lahad ni Sam.

    Nagsabi na rin daw si Marie sa kanya na manonood siya ng concert nina Sam sa Japan. Diretsahang sinabi ni Sam na ‘di sila umabot ni Marie sa pagiging more than friends.

    “We did have ano parang hope na pwedeng mag-workout. Hindi naman MU but we had the hopes na baka pwedeng mangyari. But you know, mahirap talaga, e. But it’s something of course, I understand. I said four times lang kami nagkita so, hindi kami ganu’n ka-attached. I said before she’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Someone I know I can count on kahit malayo siya,” sabi ni Sam.

    Maraming qualities si Marie na nagustuhan ni Sam. “Ah, honest. You know, she’s trustworthy na kung sino ang boyfriend niya, wala kang duda. Wala siyang duda na may iba or something like that. Very truthful, very honest, ang bait-bait sa lahat ng tao,” tila may laman na pahayag ni Sam.

    Tinanong din namin si Sam kung in his past relationships ba, e nagkaroon siya ng girlfriend na nakipag-date sa ibang guys. “Oo, there was ano, in my past,” pag-amin ni Sam.

    Inamin pa ni Sam na nasaktan siya kaya naman nakipag-split siya doon sa girl. Kaya kung mai-in love raw siya, e, magiging very careful na siya sa babaeng mamahalin niya.

    “Hindi naman perfect na perfect. You know, finding a perfect love is not about finding a perfect person. It’s about loving an imperfect person perfectly, ‘di ba? You’re not gonna find a perfect person. Only God is perfect,” bonggang statement ni Sam.

    Na-miss naman ni Sam Milby ang launching ng album na pinrodyus niya for a good friend at mahusay na rap artist na si Quest or Jose Villanueva III na dating music director ng Victory Christian Fellowship. Hindi pa siya kumakanta professionally pero lagi siyang ini-encouraged ng mga friends niya na naniniwala sa kanya na pwede siyang mag-pursue ng recording career.

    Kaya naman nu’ng 2008 nag-resign siya sa posisyon niya sa church nila para finally i-pursue ang kanyang musical career. Si Quest ang gumastos sa pagre-record ng album niya out of his savings with Jumbo de Belen ng Flip Music pero si Sam ang nag-produce at tutulong sa pagma-market ng album. Parehong uma-attend sa Victory ang dalawa. Sad to say hindi nakapunta si Sam sa grand album launch ni Quest sa Eastwood City last Oct. 21.

    “First time ko mag-produce ng album. Siyempre kaibigan ko siya. Gusto ko siyang tulungan kasi magaling talaga siya. Si Kuya Gary (Valenciano) pumunta, si Echo (Jericho Rosales), si Gab (Valenciano), si Billy Crawford. Si Kuya Gary sabi niya, ‘Grabe, na-bless ako.’ I knew na magiging ganu’n ang reaksyon nila because he’s really very, very good. Kahit paano I’m able to help him out. Give him a stardom. Magaling naman talaga siya,” sey ni Sam.

    Ang title nga pala ng album ni Quest ay “Revolution” at may 13 cuts ito kasama na ang carrier single na ‘Back to Love.’

    * * *
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    Sam Milby says he and Marie Digby are just going to be friends
    Wed Oct 27 2010 07:02 AM
    by: Rhea Manila P. Santos



    After reports surfaced earlier this year that he was dating international singer Marié Digby, Sam Milby quickly quashed the relationship rumors, although they both later admitted they were dating. Sam admitted it was hard for him and the Japanese-American singer to really date because Marie is based in California. This Halloween, the two singers just might end up crossing paths when Sam goes to Japan. “Actually may tour kami sa Japan. I’ll be flying to there on Thursday and Friday. Marie is already there for an album she’s doing and other gigs,” he said.

    Sam said he invited the pretty singer to catch the Heartthrobs show if she has the time. But he clarified that their relationship has gone from dating to purely platonic now. “Baka magkita kami but actually we’re just friends. We decided na friends lang. Before we were dating, na baka puwede. Pero ngayon we decided na mahirap. It’s not going to be very often na ako pupunta sa Japan. Hindi rin naman siya palagi sa Japan. Mas madalas siya sa L.A. so it’s hard. She said she might watch the concert,” he shared.

    Sam said that even though he and Marie got along really well, she has now become one of the people he considers as a very good friend. After spending his birthday with her in Boracay this year, Sam said he is looking forward to seeing Marie again. “Like I said, we decided na friends lang. I mean, we became really good friends naman kahit papaano. I got a really good friend out of that. We did have hopes that it might work out. Hindi naman M.U. pero we had hopes na baka puwedeng mangyari pero mahirap talaga eh. But you know she’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met and someone I know I can count on kahit malayo siya. I can count on her,” he said. Two years after his last relationship, Sam says he is more focused on work than in dating at the moment. He just finished work on Idol which had its finale last week.

    Now that the series has finished, Sam said he is not closing his doors on love yet for the year. “We’ll see. Ngayon lang natapos ang Idol. It’s something that I’m not looking for, if it happens, it happens. ‘Pag may spark with somebody, then there’s a spark with somebody,” he said.

    Sam is slated to star in the upcoming indie film Third World Happy which is part of the sixth Cinema One Originals Film Festival at the Shang Cineplex from November 10 to 16. This marks Sam’s second foray into independent films after doing Cul-de-Sac in 2008.

    * * *

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    Wink Hello..

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    Quote Originally Posted by manaygie View Post
    Hello to all Samgelians! Wish ko rin na magkaroon sila ng movie project... sana early next year na yun!!

    For the meantime, pls. support SAM's 2nd indie film - THIRD WORLD HAPPY under Cinema One Originals showing on Nov. 10-16, 2010 at Shangri-la Mall in Ortigas. Here's the YT link for the trailer =


    Baka daw pumunta dun si Sam sa Nov. 11, 2010, kaya please let's support Sam and let's all watch this film.

    Thanks sa space Samgelians!!
    i miss you samuel!
    goodluck goodluck sa indie film... saw the trailer! aylabet!

    long time no post... miss you all! sorry just been busy

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