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    Hello Fellow pexers!

    Gusto ko lang malaman kung saan kayo nabili ng payong at kung anong brand (if ever meron) yung highly recommended niyo .
    Mahilig kasi ako dati bumili ng p50 worth na payong sa tabi2, pero hindi na rin practical kasi madaling masira. Kaya balak ko na lang na bumili ng matibay at pangmatagalang payong.

    so ano kaya ang mairerecommend niyo?

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    buy fibrella sa may SM Dept Store

    usually 400+ ang prices nila... pero its all worth it kasi matibay talaga.

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    ang batang kuan edfaj33's Avatar
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    Oct 2005
    nasa world
    ^agree with fibrella...di na siya masyado mahal kung iisipin mo naman yung quality

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    True Salingpusa! lneliouchiora's Avatar
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    Nov 2008
    Yuch Lobby/SPS 3rd
    Grosser Schatten. It's kinda pricey but it's nice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by edfaj33 View Post
    ^agree with fibrella...di na siya masyado mahal kung iisipin mo naman yung quality
    I'm eyeing that brand already.
    Any more suggestions? How about *** umbrellas sa watsons? Matibay ba yun?

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    yung hydro techno brand? maganda ba yun.?

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    I have a couple of dual-canopy Gustbuster clones. They're huge and look like golf umbrellas. They work very well and I think they will last.

    But what I really want is a Brigg with a solid wooden shaft. Unfortunately I can't bring myself to spend $350+ on an umbrella (yet).

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    ^^ mukha talaga siyang matibay infairness, pero gusto ko sana eh yung foldable.

    “Let us forget about the election if we'll base everything on survey,”-Gordon


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    Quote Originally Posted by camisha View Post
    yung hydro techno brand? maganda ba yun.?
    tumutulo kapag umuulan, i have one, hydro techno

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    Grosser Schatten, i bought one in trinoma so far, so good mas matibay sya kesa sa payong ko before na fibrella

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    guys, magkano naman yung Grosser Schatten na umbrella??

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    Roots yung umbrella ko. Gusto ko siya kasi matibay kahit maliit lang.

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    i agree sa Grosser Schatten... more than 1 year na siya sa aken...

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    Pwede paedit nung posts...super laki talaga ng pics, di kinaya ng widescreen kong monitor.

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    no regrets.. tsokolat's Avatar
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    Jul 2002
    in the heart of..
    yung brand na super, yung payong ko 4 years before ko pinalitan not because nasira pero nagsawa na lang ako

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    +1 sa super matibay na mura pa, mabilis pa naman akong makawala ng payong kaya hindi pwede sakin yung mga fibrella or any P400+ umbrellas.

    kapag nasira pwedeng ipaayos sa palengke o bumili nalang ng bago

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    I just bought a 4-fold grosser Schatten pink umbrella. Really small and light (fits in my small bags!). Got it for only P380 in Landmark Trinoma. I really like it. It's so easy to open and close too. You just tug at the pole and it closes easily.

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    first time ko bumili ng fibrella.. okay naman.. ingat na ingat nga lang ako kasi mahal sya.. mahirap na mawalan ng mahal na payong..

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    I also have this kind of experience. I used to buy cheap umbrella before but I notice it was not definitely a practical choice because it easily get broken. There are a number of things to consider before you purchase an umbrella like its size, shape, color, and design. These factors can can help you choose the umbrella that can fit your personal tastes and can serve you well.

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