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    guys, take it easy on the nsync fan. everybody has mental lapses, some just last a little longer than everybody else. http://www.pinoyexchange.com/lol.gif

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    Of course, that's what I meant! Duh!!! I'm really sorry about that. I didn't get the chance to proofread it before I sent it.

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    pansin ko, mukhang nag-iinit na mga tao dito ah!!!...stay cool guys!!!

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    It's going to get even hotter. BOY BANDS SUCK.

    People = Sheep

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    wag na kyong mag-fight pwede?!

    if the question is BSB vs NSYNC...then ill choose NSYNC. they dance better than BSB, and they have better songs esp. in their new album...and they're younger.

    however, if you'll ask me to name the most decent boyband, then ill say 98 degrees.

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    Backstreet Boys. My sister like them and then i started liking them too but not that much . N'Sync's Bye,Bye,Bye is a really great song. The only song i like from them.

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    SaintofKillers, I know you despise boy bands as many other people undoubtedly do as well. And there's no denying the fact that these groups are manufactured (I'm sure there's a factory for them hidden somewhere) but leave them be. If their music (although not technically "theirs" most of the time) makes teeny boppers happy, I say all is well.

    Music is supposed to be for the enjoyment of the general populace anyway. If people choose to be ignorant of the fact that behind those charming (?) smiles and groovy (double ??) dance moves, boy bands are usually devoid of any song writing talent, let them be. At least the music makes them happy and entertains them.

    Don't be a bubble burster (I used to be one, but tired of the pessimism and cynicism soon enough). Besides, all that negative energy will shorten your lifespan, lighten up.

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    I am not bursting anyones bubble, and I am not forcing anyone to listen to any kind of music. I am telling everyone what I think about boy bands and that's it. You can scan all my threads one by one, and you won't see a single post where I said "People should listen to this music because it's better."

    People = Sheep

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    Is this for real? I'm gonna agree with SOK??? I know we usually have opposing views on things, but I have to agree with SOK on this one!!!! To be honest with you dagny, I enjoy reading what SOK has to say cause it's raw. And though, he might prefer a certain type of music over the other, I never really heard him forcing anyone to listen to something just because he said so! It's still about personal musical preferences, right SOK???

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    I never said SOK forced anyone to listen to his kind of music (where that came from, I have no idea). I just said to lighten up, you've already said you dislike boy bands so leave it at that. It's getting old.

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    This forum is all about respecting each other's opinions, folks. Keeping a cool head is essential.

    As much as I hate to intrude on other people's discussions, if you can't respect their opinions, expect an edit, or a ban.

    SaintOfKillers and NSyncPinayLovr have their points, and so does dagny. But cyber-anger taken to the point of expletives will no longer be tolerated. One will always be able to express him/herself without having to resort to cuss words.

    So go ahead! Speak Your Minds! Remember that the quality of the discussion deteriorates when expletives come in and people take offense. But on this forum, we're still keeping things clean.

    If you want to go to a completely unmoderated forum where you can blast anything you hate, from boy bands to Erap, using as many cuss words and exclamation points and caps, go ahead. There are several out there.

    I hope I've made myself clear.

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    I'd like to believe that PExers in general don't want to have anything to get away with, SaintOfKillers. Any lack of moderators on other boards is no concern of mine. The no-holds-barred situation over there is not conducive to productive discussion.

    If you wish to debate this further, I suggest you email or ICQ me. This thread has had enough digressions.

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    "oh, i'm too good for pex".....

    if you can't abide by the rules, then get the hell outta here.....

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    tama ba namang pinag awayan ang BSB at nsync?

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    http://www.pinoyexchange.com/snooze.gif Huh?! What was that again?! Oh yeah... Have to get some popcorn!

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    hahahahaha grabe nakakatawa kayo!!!

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    hahahaha bakit, may sinabi ba ko??? mukhang guilty

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    [email protected]_row

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